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Hip Has Been An Issue For Claude Giroux

From Kuklas Korner
March 19, 2017 - 5:40pm
from Mark Narducci of Philly.com, Giroux has never used injuries as an excuse, but when he was asked Sunday how difficult it was to get past the injury mentally and physically, he opened up somewhat. "When you try to make plays you used to make and can't really make them, it is frustrating and confusing," Giroux said. "When you start getting the confidence back, you know you can make those plays you just go out there and make it happen." The hip injury was more difficult to overcome. "I think when you don't think about that kind of stuff, you go out and play the game, but when it is in the back of your mind and you are really not thinking about the game and mostly thinking about your hip or whatever, I think it is important to kind of focus on the right things," he said. "Even if you don't feel good out there, you have to find the right way to be strong mentally." Giroux entered Sunday with 14 goals and 37 assists, with a minus-17 rating.  more

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