5 Holiday Campaigns That Totally Missed the Mark in 2012

From HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
December 25, 2012 - 9:00am

Ah, the holidays. When all sorts of companies across every industry try to find a tie-in -- any tie-in -- between their product or service and a holiday theme. Okay, I'm being a little snarky, because I usually really love it when companies think outside the box to market themselves. After all, who cares if someone like Old Navy comes up with a cool holiday campaign? They have millions of dollars to spend, and everyone's going to hit them up for gifts of sweaters and socks, regardless. What's awesome is when you see a company unexpectedly nail it. But we've already covered the companies that conceived awesome holiday campaigns. So now, it's time to review the ones that totally missed the mark. Whether offensive, petty, or just plain ridiculous, check out five of the holiday campaigns that threw us for a loop. Lexus' 'A December to Remember' This year, Lexus is running its December to Re...

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