HOT LINKS: New Bill Requires Gold & Silver Registration

From The Daily Bail
January 29, 2013 - 11:36pm

Bundled up against the extreme cold, Julie Caruso of Akron, Ohio, waits in a long line for a tour of the White House on Inauguration Day. Morning reading. New Bill Requires Gold & Silver Registration With State Soros Says Interest Rates Will Spike This Year List Of Barack Obama's Bundlers | OpenSecrets RBS In New Controversy Over Bonus Payouts While 80% Owned By Taxpayers Billionaire John Paulson's Top Small-Cap Picks - MarketWatch PIMCO: Bill Gross On Money In Politics - Hedge Funs Win Again! Eunuchs Of The Universe: Tom Wolfe On Wall Street Today Squatter Occupies Bank Of America-Owned $2.5M Boca Raton Mansion Chris Matthews: Republicans Will Have To 'Rig Elections' To Win In Future Boeing Risks $5 Billion In Revenue On 787 Outcome - Bloomberg Google Makes $8 Million In Advertising From One Youtube Video The Business Cards Of The Rich, Famous, And Infamous Florida Police Use...

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