How to Create Effective Calls to Actions for Video

From Maximize Social Business
March 9, 2017 - 8:05am
The first challenge, once your video has been completed, is getting people to watch it. The second challenge is getting the viewer to take the action in the video. Often, when I think about calls to action in a video, my mind instantly runs to all the annoying TV commercials that I have seen. “2 […] Author information Jayson Duncan This monthly Social Media and Video column is contributed by Jayson Duncan. Jayson is an Orange County, California filmmaker and owner of the video production company Miller Farm Media. In 2003, Jayson began using video to help others tell their stories through his video production company, Miller Farm Media. He has created videos for Fortune 50 companies. In his spare time Jayson enjoys playing his guitar, song writing, and spending time with his wife, Gretchin. | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | How to Create Effective Calls to Action

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