How your car will use online apps.

January 25, 2013 - 8:28am

By TechradarThe digital highway is here, but nobody is quite sure which direction it will take. Given that the first intelligent cars concentrate largely on navigation and destination assist, that's slightly ironic. But there's a big prize for whoever can figure out the connected car's killer app before someone else does.It's all about collecting data - and doing something with it via software - and that's exactly what reps from Ford, Nissan and Toyota gathered together to do at the Consumer Telematics Event in Las Vegas. Taking place on the fringes of CES 2013, this 'Driven by Data: The Internet of the Automobile' round table chewed over themes around the topic.So what does "The Internet of the Automobile" actually mean? "It's not going to be the same internet that we expect to see on our mobile devices or even at home," says Brian Inouye, national manager of advanced technologies at Toyota.

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