Investor Fears Pivot to U.S. Deficit and Debt Ceiling Following Cliff Deal

From VIX and More
January 7, 2013 - 1:03pm

Just one week after Democrats and Republicans cobbled together a last-minute fiscal cliff deal, investors turned their focus to the next battleground in the fiscal crisis, tabbing the U.S. deficit and debt ceiling as their #1 concern in the VIX and More weekly fear poll. Fears associated with governments and politicians polled a distant second, while ongoing worries related to weak corporate earnings finished in third place, one day before Alcoa (AA) unofficially kicks of the Q4 earnings reporting season. The two issues that dominated the fear poll during the last quarter seem to have receded from the consciousness of most investors. While the legacy of the fiscal cliff lives on in the debt ceiling discussions, the immediate threat has passed. Meanwhile, in spite of warnings from the likes of Angela Merkel, concerns related to the European sovereign debt crisis remain at low levels an...

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