IRS Report: We Could Lower Tax Rates 44% Just By Closing Loopholes

From The Daily Bail
January 16, 2013 - 12:35am

IRS Ombudsman: We Could Lower Tax Rates By 44% Just By Closing Loopholes Woman Battles Bank Giants Over Faulty Foreclosure (Must Read) BILL GROSS: Bundesbank Gold Move Means Central Banks Don't Trust Each Other Pentagon Sponsors Parade, Football Games While Moaning Over Budget Cuts NRA: Membership Has Grown By 250,000 In One Month Pentagon Shifts Tactics On Sequestration Cuts - The Hill's DEFCON Fitch Reiterates Rating Threat On Debt Ceiling Bain Alumni Vie For Australia's Billabong Euro-Zone Bailout Fund Is TOO SMALL For Debt Crisis Feds Order J.P. Morgan To Improve Anti-Money Laundering Program Obama Considering Two Women For Top Spots At Treasury John McAfee: My Story in Belize Is Far From Over: Video - Bloomberg It's Official: Worst. Congress. Ever. Cockroaches, Colonoscopies And Nickelback - More Popular Than Congress Obama: 'I'm A Pretty Friendly Guy, I Like A Good Party' U.S...

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