Is Apple Making A Bigger iPhone?

January 25, 2013 - 8:30am

By LaptopMagLots of Apple watchers are throwing up their hands over the company’s stock slide after the announcement of record iPhone sales. We’re talking $13.1 billion in profit. And yet that wasn’t enough to satisfy investors, who have become accustomed toApple blowing past its own conservative estimates. While analysts projected Apple to move anywhere between 43 million and 63 million iPhones, the actual 47 million sold was on the lower end of that range. What Apple needs is not a cheaper iPhone but a bigger handset to battle the latest Android superphones — despite the CEO’s state of phablet denial.During Apple’s first-quarter earnings call, CEO Tim Cook was asked whether he would release a phone with a larger screen, but he dismissed the idea: “The iPhone 5 offers a new 4-inch Retina Display, which is the most advanced display in the industry,” Cook said. “It als

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