Is Ransomware Really as Terrifying as You Think?

From MakeUseOf Directory
March 20, 2017 - 2:00pm
Ransomware is a regular nuisance. A ransomware infection takes your computer hostage, and demands payment for release. In some cases, a payment doesn’t secure your files. Personal photos, music, films, work, and more are destroyed. The ransomware infection rate continues to rise — unfortunately, we still haven’t reached the peak — and its complexity is increasing. There have been notable exceptions to this rule. In some cases, security researchers have cracked the ransomware encryption, allowing them to create a coveted decryption tool. These events are rare, usually arriving when a malicious botnet is taken down. However, not all ransomware is...Read the full article: Is Ransomware Really as Terrifying as You Think?

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