Meet the Democrats Who Declined to Sign Two-State Letter

Mar 30 1:20am Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – Amidst the showers of praise for Israel at this week’s AIPAC Policy Conference, one speaker departed slightly from the party line. Speaking before thousands of pro-Israel...
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Iconic ad agency renames itself after Jewish founders

Mar 29 7:33pm
Grey Global Group’s original partners, Lawrence Valenstein and Arthur Fatt, chose firm’s Waspy name due to anti-Semitism.
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Abbas: Arab Peace Initiative of 2002 with no amendments only option for peace

Mar 29 2:50pm Behold Israel
During Arab League Summit, PA does not deliver new peace initiative despite reports, insists on 2002 Arab Peace Initiative with no amendments; King Abdullah II of Jordan claims Israeli settlement growth ruining option for two-state solution   Speaking at the … Continue reading →...
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Jewish group releases blacklist of U.S. professors who back academic boycott of Israel

Mar 29 1:27pm
AMCHA's list, which includes hundreds of names, comes weeks after Israel barred entry to supporters of boycott. 'Knesset travel ban is toothless, unless there are lists,' professor says.
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How to make couscous from scratch (and two fish dishes to go with it)

Mar 29 1:24pm
With a bowl of her couscous, one grandmother taught me something 
about independence. The other taught 
me to make fish soup and fish patties 
that go so well with couscous.
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Noam Chomsky claims Trump may stage terrorist attacks to shore up support

Mar 29 12:43pm
President may resort to extreme measures in order to infringe on basic rights, Noam Chomsky claims.
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Russia rejects appeal, set to deport U.S. Chabad rabbi declared 'threat to national security'

Mar 29 12:30pm
Russian authorities have refused to divulge any details about the alleged threat posed by Rabbi Ari Edelkopf, citing laws on state secrets, according to a local Chabad leader.
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Why the whole region is looking at Palestines youth

Mar 29 11:11am +972 Magazine
Young Palestinians play an important role in the future of the region, and as their anger rises, so do the chances of renewed uprisings in the Arab world. By Ronit Marzan Approximately 1.4 million young people between the ages of 15-29 live in the West Bank and Gaza today, making up 30 percent of the […]...
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Daily Kickoff: Pence to swear in Friedman | Spotted at Senors Fauda | Selling Judaism | Rabbis who walk into bars | Ari Emanuel BDay

Mar 29 11:02am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends TOP TALKER: Kushner = Kissinger? — David Ignatius writes… “Kushner is apprenticing for the role of Trump’s Henry...
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First Read For March 29

Mar 29 11:00am Jewish WeekJewish Week
More anti-Semitism from Farrakhan: Israel, UAE take part in military exercises; Brexit blamed for rise in kosher food prices; Female Smurf absent from posters in charedi neighborhood; More...
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For Family Of Terror Victim, Extradition Fight Has Been Devastating

Mar 29 10:54am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Malki Roth’s parents on roller coaster of emotions as Jordan won’t turn over suicide bomber’s accomplice.
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Could Russian Jews end up as Putins hostages if Israel acts again in Syria?

Mar 29 9:34am
Israel may face an unexpected constraint to its attacks on Hezbollah weapons convoys: Fear of a backlash against Russia’s always potentially vulnerable Jewish community.
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For Millennials, Color War And Jewish Connection

Mar 29 9:11am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Adult camps opening this summer provide comfortable fit.
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AIPAC Tries To Reclaim The Center

Mar 29 9:03am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Focus on bipartisan support a tough sell; Haley steals the show at policy conference.
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New Bind For Jewish Democrats

Mar 29 8:59am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Search for common ground with administration on key community priorities?...
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For Israeli-Americans, There Is Fear In The Air

Mar 29 8:56am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Trump’s immigration policy causing jitters for visa holders.
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The AIPAC protests from a Palestinian perspective

Mar 29 8:21am +972 Magazine
My mother’s generation might have internalized the notion that AIPAC was all-powerful. But if the protests this week were a sign of anything, it is that America’s Israel lobby is not omnipotent. Watching the scenes from this week’s AIPAC protests, I was reminded of another, more amiable stand-off — this one with my Palestinian mother. […]...
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Harry Potter Haggadah hits #1 on Amazon's Judaism Best Sellers list

Mar 29 8:07am
The 'unofficial' Haggadah focuses on the shared themes of slavery, freedom, education and the number four.
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Kafe Knesset for March 29

Mar 29 7:45am Jewish Insider
Never-ending crisis mode: PM Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon met this morning for the fourth time this week, in an attempt to find an agreed-upon solution to...
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Oppose Trump, but don't inflate the anti-Semitism threat in America

Mar 29 7:03am
Having worked for the ADL, I know anti-Semitic incidents have long been a feature of American life. But our communal reaction, and the media’s, has verged on hysteria and lacks historical perspective.
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Hamas announces it has built advanced rockets

Mar 29 2:30am Behold Israel
Hamas threatens Israel following assassination of Hamas terrorist Mazen Faqha; Announces it has developed advanced short-range rockets   Hamas has developed a more advanced short-range rocket capable of reaching 10 kilometers with stronger explosion capabilities. The terrorist organization boasted of … Continue reading →...
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UK Foreign Secretary: UN Criticism of Israel's Bombing of Hizbullah Is Absurd

Mar 29 1:00am Daily News Alert from Israel - COP/JCPA
(Guardian-UK) Patrick Wintour - Boris Johnson, the UK foreign secretary, has condemned the UN Human Rights Council criticism of Israeli bombing of Hizbullah positions in the Golan Heights as a profound absurdity. Johnson told MPs on Tuesday that it was absolutely preposterous that there should be a motion condemning Israel's policy in the Golan Heights when after all in that region of Syria we have seen the most appalling barbarity by the Assad regime. Johnson also said he opposed boycotts of goods produced in the territories, saying the choice should be left to consumers. The overall tone of the UK government approach to Israel has shifted since Donald Trump's election, leaving behind the previous enthusiastic support for harsh criticisms of Israel's conduct in the territories.
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Jewish Temple Mount activists plan Passover sacrifice near Western Wall in Jerusalem

Mar 28 10:14pm
The ceremony has been conducted annually for the past 15 years, but it began as a semi-underground event in which an animal was sacrificed a few days before Passover.
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Key Senators Non-Committal About New Iran Sanctions Bill

Mar 28 8:25pm Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – Influential Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee declined to take a position on the bill introduced last week to boost sanctions against Iran for its ballistic...
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Making The Seder Ever-More Personal

Mar 28 4:33pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
A guide to the new crop of Haggadahs.
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Whats Missing Here Is Plague Jokes

Mar 28 4:31pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Noted humor writer Dave Barry (and some friends) give the Haggadah a funny, irreverent spin. How about a fifth cup of wine for the Knicks?...
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Siona Benjamins Magic Carpet Ride

Mar 28 3:54pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
The Indian-Jewish artist reflects on the meaning of boundaries and homelands.
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Manhattan Jewish Experience Celebrated 18 Years of Accomplishments at Annual Dinner

Mar 28 3:51pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
A record 500+ registered guests celebrated, Including Special Guests and Honorees Dana & Matthew Hiltzik, Leigh & Daniel Waxman, Emily & Andrew Weiss, Heather Conn, and Troy Valberg.
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Left-wing Israeli lawmaker blasted by Israeli right for rallying against occupation at AIPAC

Mar 28 3:45pm
Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg was in the U.S. capital to participate on a panel at pro-Israel lobby AIPAC's annual conference.
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Cool And Meaningful Gifts For Passover

Mar 28 2:35pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
The Jewish Week’s annual gift guide for Passover.
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Menendez Signals Openness to Taylor Force Act

Mar 28 1:45pm Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – Democratic Senator Bob Menendez showed openness on Tuesday to consider backing the Taylor Force Act, a bill calling on the US to cut its financial assistance...
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Jewish Celebrities React To Legging-Gate

Mar 28 1:16pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen give United Airlines a piece of their minds for enforcing dress codes on passengers...
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Cheesy Zucchini And Olive Bread

Mar 28 1:09pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
This isn’t your ordinary zucchini bread.
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Sweet Potato Coconut Soup Recipe

Mar 28 1:07pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Perfect for Pesach, or year-round, this dairy-free sweet potato coconut soup is smooth, tasty and filling.
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Questions Over Narrative On U.S. Anti-Semitism

Mar 28 12:23pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Is Trump owed an apology after the JCC bomb threat arrest? Is anybody?...
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The Zookeepers Wife Lacks Bite

Mar 28 11:33am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Without enough atmosphere and texture, Shoah drama ends up as a wartime romantic suspense film.
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The cultural terrorism of Miri Regev

Mar 28 10:42am +972 Magazine
By threatening the livelihood of Palestinian theater workers, Regev is committing cultural terrorism: she is putting people’s livelihoods at risk — people whose only sin is holding different political principles than her. In an interview Monday morning, Culture Minister Miri Regev revealed her true intentions to Army Radio host Razi Barkai: she wishes to shut down Al-Midan, the […]...
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First Read For March 28

Mar 28 10:37am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Nikki Haley undisputed star at AIPAC; Joan Rivers’ seder plate to be auctioned off; Noted Holocaust refugee dies; Ancient Roman road discovered in Israel; Sabbath-observant traffic signal installed…...
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There's a word for Jewish resistance to Trump and Netanyahu: Daylight

Mar 28 10:22am
After all these years, resistance is the reason that there are still Jews in the world.
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Was Hitler inspired by racist American laws?

Mar 28 10:13am
'Hitler’s American Model,' by James Q. Whitman, contends that America's racist legislation served as a model for at least portions of Nazi Germany's Nuremberg Laws.
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American Jews, which side are you on?

Mar 28 9:59am +972 Magazine
Rather than sit uncomfortably within the tired anti- or pro-Israel paradigm, we are building a reality in which American Jews who disagree with the occupation can take comfort in their Jewish identity. By Shira Yudkin Tiffany Rows of police demarcated the sides outside the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington D.C. Two human chains of protestors in matching t-shirts […]...
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Daily Kickoff: Schumer blasts UNSC res. 2334 | Haley 2020 or 2024? | Mark Cuban on Jewish heritage | Brooklyns Kosher Pizza War | Tevi Troy turns 5-0

Mar 28 9:56am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends QUOTE OF THE DAY — “Being Jewish has given me a foundation for everything I am and...
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Rouhani meets with Medvedev and Putin in Moscow, over a dozen agreements signed

Mar 28 9:42am Behold Israel
Iranian President on two-day tour in Russia, meets with PM and Putin; Medvedev: Moscow is determined to deepen ties with Tehran in all fields.   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Moscow on Monday for a two-day visit with Russian … Continue reading →...
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Kafe Knesset for March 28

Mar 28 8:14am Jewish Insider
Is the Temple Mount heating up again? The Temple Mount is back in the headlines, with Prime Minister Netanyahu saying he will no longer prohibit politicians from visiting...
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UN Envoy Nikki Haley: No More UN Resolutions Against Israel

Mar 28 1:00am Daily News Alert from Israel - COP/JCPA
(JTA) Ron Kampeas - The Trump administration will not allow a repeat of last year's UN Security Council Resolution condemning Israel for its settlements, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told AIPAC on Monday. The U.S. will never again do what we saw with Resolution 2334 and make anyone question our support for Israel, Haley said, as she received an extended standing ovation.
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Reform Jews fight Israel for excluding them from Jewish outreach efforts

Mar 27 10:50pm
Virtually all programs spearheaded by Religious Service Ministry's Jewish Identity Administration involve Orthodox partners, petitioners claim.
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Nikki Haley, rock star to the Jews and their knight in shining armor

Mar 27 10:42pm
AIPAC’s rapturous reception for the UN Ambassador marks her as a potential rival to Trump in 2020.
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At AIPAC, UN envoy Nikki Haley vows no more resolutions against Israel

Mar 27 7:00pm
'The days of Israel bashing are over,' Haley says to massive applause, notes U.S. intervention that thwarted former Palestinian PM's nomination as envoy to Libya.
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Westboro Baptist Church pickets Yeshiva University with 'Jews killed Jesus' signs

Mar 27 6:37pm
Small protest countered by university students, who hold up signs reading ' Love your neighbor as yourself.'...
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Netanyahu addresses AIPAC Policy Conference from Jerusalem

Mar 27 12:04pm Behold Israel
PM addresses US-Israel relations, ISIS, Iran, radical Islam, Israel as a light to the nations; Netanyahu: I am confident that the United States and Israel will stand together, shoulder to shoulder, to ensure that light triumphs over darkness and hope … Continue reading →...
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Reform Jews to fight Israel for excluding them from Jewish outreach efforts

Mar 27 10:39am
Virtually all programs spearheaded by Religious Service Ministry's Jewish Identity Administration involve Orthodox partners, petitioners claim.
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First Read For March 27

Mar 27 10:29am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Dallas JCC evacuated after threatening phone call; Egypt’s Jewish community is elderly, dwindling; NJ man changes his name to ‘Hitler’; More...
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Daily Kickoff: AIPAC highlights | Bibis blond highlights? | White House seeks to soothe Sheldon | Bannons man in Tel Aviv | Theodore Kushner turns 1

Mar 27 10:19am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends FIRST LOOK: “Trump taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas” by...
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Theres an opportunity to embed Palestine in the progressive agenda

Mar 27 9:10am +972 Magazine
A lot of smart people thought Barak Obama would be more sympathetic than his predecessors to the Palestinian cause, hopefully resulting in a more even-handed approach to the conflict. Obama, however, along with Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, failed to achieve peace and things on the ground in Israel/Palestine are measurably worse today than they […]...
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Pence: President Trump will never compromise the safety and security of the Jewish state of Israel.

Mar 27 8:55am Behold Israel
At AIPAC, VP speaks at length of strong US-Israel relations; Addresses Iran, ISIS, peace process; Pence: The United States of America will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.   United States Vice President Mike Pence delivered an address … Continue reading →...
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Kafe Knesset for March 27

Mar 27 7:45am Jewish Insider
The Netanyahu-Kahlon faceoff is still ongoing, as well as the looming coalition crisis over the future of Israeli public broadcasting. Yesterday, the PM and Finance Minister met twice,...
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Without Warning hits NYT bestseller list at #6. New political thriller about ISIS threat also lands on Publishers Weekly, USA Today & Washington Post lists.

Mar 27 7:07am Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
We just got the news that Without Warning has hit all four of the major U.S. best-seller lists — New York Times, Publishers Weekly, USA Today and the Washington Post — and landed significantly higher on the lists than my previous thriller, The First Hostage. Without Warning debuts at….. #5 on the Publishers Weekly hardcover fiction bestseller […]...
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In 'Antisemeeting,' Warsaw residents burn apparent Jewish effigy as distortion of spring tradition

Mar 27 5:10am
Video of incident removed from we as Polish prosecutor said to open investigation into traditional celebration of spring with seemingly anti-Semitic spin.
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