Ambassador Ron Dermer's Yeshiva Commencement Address

May 26 6:26pm Jewish Current Issues
From Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer's Commencement Address to Yeshiva University this week (the video is here): In so many ways, you are the most blessed generation of Jews in over 2,000 years. I know that’s hard to accept because we...
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Iran confirms it has built third underground ballistic missile factory

May 26 1:21pm Behold Israel
Iran claims it continues to build its “defense” capabilities as it announces third underground ballistic missile factory   Iran announced ahead of the weekend that it has finished building its third underground ballistic missile factory. Head of Iran’s Guard’s airspace … Continue reading →...
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The Pope and Reform Judaism leader discuss refugees in rare Vatican meeting

May 26 12:58pm
'He blessed me in Italian and I blessed him in Hebrew,' Rabbi Rick Jacobs says of meeting in which inter-religious dialogue and Mideast peace were raised...
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Disability Advocacy In #36under36

May 26 12:24pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Two amazing leaders featured in The Jewish Week’s supplement highlighting Millennials changing the world...
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Daily Kickoff: Krauthammer calls Trumps inside-out strategy for peace delusional | Dr. Dermer makes Jewish mom proud | J.D. Vance vs. Josh Mandel?

May 26 10:55am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends KAFE KNESSET — What does Trump want? — by Tal Shalev and JPost’s Lahav Harkov: Whether Israelis are skeptical...
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The Israeli Left must show up to protest 50 years of occupation

May 26 10:47am +972 Magazine
After 50 years of a racist military regime, it’s time for the Israeli Left to go out and protest en masse — and, in the face of such an urgent task, to overlook our differences. Things can sometimes be very simple. Read, for example, the following invitation to the anti-occupation protest taking place in Tel […]...
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BREAKING NEWS: Terrorists massacre Christians in Egypt. 26 dead, 25 wounded. Please pray. Heres the latest.

May 26 9:43am Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
(Washington, D.C.) — Terribly sad news out of Egypt this morning: terrorists “attacked a bus carrying Coptic Christians in central Egypt, killing at least 26 people and wounding 25 others,” reports the BBC. I’ll post updates on Twitter as more news becomes available. In the meantime, please pray for the victims and their families. Please […]...
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Senate Committee Advances Iran Sanctions Bill

May 26 9:20am Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – In overwhelming fashion, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee advanced Iran sanctions legislation setting up a full floor wide vote. The measure, introduced on March 23 by...
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WATCH: Palestinians mark Nakba on both sides of Green Line

May 26 7:27am +972 Magazine
Both the March of Return in al-Kabri and a Nakba Day demonstration in Ramallah were held to mark 69 years since the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes. Read more: Mapping the Palestinian villages erased and replaced with Jewish towns How we learned to forget the villages we destroyed Fighting occupation […]...
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Iran Says It Has Built Third Underground Ballistic Missile Factory

May 26 1:00am Daily News Alert from Israel - COP/JCPA
(Reuters) Parisa Hafezi - Iran has built a third underground ballistic missile production factory and will keep developing its missile program, the Fars news agency reported, quoting Amirali Hajizadeh, head of the Revolutionary Guards airspace division.
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Meet The 2017 36 Under 36

May 25 6:19pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
In our 10th annual issue we find a group uniquely dedicated to protecting the vulnerable and strengthening the defenseless.
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Shira Berkovits

May 25 2:40pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Fighting Abuse with Policy...
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Sarah Labowitz

May 25 2:39pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Fighting for Human Rights...
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Congress Raises Questions About Saudi Arms Deal

May 25 2:38pm Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – As President Donald Trump visited Riyadh on Saturday, the White House signed a $350 billion arms sale deal with Saudi Arabia over the next 10 years,...
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Ora Fruchter

May 25 2:38pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
An Existential Puppeteer...
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Daneel Schaechter

May 25 2:36pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
A Ray of Light to Emerging Jewish Communities...
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Rachael Fried

May 25 2:33pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Fighting For Frum LGBTQ Youth...
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Daniel Terna

May 25 2:31pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Preserving Memory, and a Father’s Legacy...
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Coby Schoffman

May 25 2:29pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
From Volunteer to Nonprofit Founder...
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Karen Lander

May 25 2:27pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Enabling Teens Change the World...
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Irina Tsukerman

May 25 2:26pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Building Bridges of Understanding...
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Sam Verstandig

May 25 2:24pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Taking a Stand Against Bullying...
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Miri Berger

May 25 2:23pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Lending a Technologically Enhanced Hand...
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Orr Izkovich

May 25 2:17pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Advocating For Israel Through Art...
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Manny Dahari

May 25 2:16pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Fighting Global Anti-Semitism...
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Kayla Kirshenbaum

May 25 2:12pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
A Passion for Teaching, from Shul to Prison School...
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Melissa Weisz

May 25 2:11pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Offering a More Authentic Take on Chasidic Life...
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Rabbi Zvi Gluck

May 25 1:59pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Responding to Crisis...
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Rahel Bayar

May 25 1:58pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Warrior for Those Most Vulnerable...
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Yair Rosenberg

May 25 1:29pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Committed to Nuanced Reporting...
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Leah Gottfried

May 25 1:27pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Chronicler of Jewish Singlehood...
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Heather Day

May 25 1:27pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Helping The Next Generation...
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Cheri Srour

May 25 1:24pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
A Model Of Resilience...
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Meir Kalmanson

May 25 1:23pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Happiness Goes Viral...
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Arden Dressner Levy

May 25 1:23pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
The High School Activist...
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Jake Shulman-Ment

May 25 1:22pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
The Millennial Fiddler...
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A Palestinians first-class seat next to Naftali Bennett

May 25 1:10pm +972 Magazine
A free airline upgrade leaves a Palestinian sitting next to one of the Israeli government’s most right-wing nationalists — who went on to make some revealing comments about Trump, the peace process and his colleagues in the Knesset. By Jamil Dakwar Earlier this month, I was flying home to New York from Atlanta, Georgia after […]...
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Rare footage found of Raoul Wallenberg, who saved thousands of Jews from Nazis

May 25 1:05pm
The fate of the Swedish diplomat has been shrouded in mystery since he was captured in 1945...
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Dr. Dermer Makes His Jewish Mom Proud

May 25 12:47pm Jewish Insider
In front of thousands of graduates, their family members and friends, gathered in the Madison Square Garden Theater on Thursday, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer delivered...
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Donald Trump receiving criticism from alt-right leaders after Israel, Saudi Arabia visits

May 25 12:31pm
Trump's overtures to the Sunni Muslim world and worshipping at the Western Wall, in a gesture to Jews, irks white nationalists and the far-right in American politics...
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Daily Kickoff: Why was McMaster not invited to Trumps meeting with the Israelis | Tillerson embraces linkage | Ashkenazy to take over the Plaza?

May 25 11:21am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends KAFE KNESSET — McMaster left out of Bibi-Trump meeting — by Tal Shalev and JPost’s Lahav Harkov: The White...
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Don't be scared of Sheikh Jarrah: Six decades after a massacre

May 25 9:30am
Six decades after the infamous 1948 Arab ambush of a medical convoy, which left 73 doctors and nurses dead, I heard an eye-witness account of loss – and hope...
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Kafe Knesset for May 25

May 25 8:31am Jewish Insider
Sign up for the Daily Kickoff newsletter to read Kafe Knesset in your inbox each day...
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Israeli army jails conscientious objector for fourth time

May 25 7:25am +972 Magazine
Atalya Ben-Abba, 19, has already served 80 days in jail for refusing to enlist in the IDF and participate in the occupation. Israeli conscientious objector Atalya Ben-Abba, 19, was on Wednesday sentenced to a fourth stint in jail for refusing to enlist in the IDF. She has already spent 80 days in prison. [tmwinpost] Ben-Abba, […]...
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When Freud and Einstein tried to answer an age-old question: Why war?

May 25 7:09am
Einstein and Freud, two genius 'godless Jew,' had a profound exchange that marked a turning point in the history of human thought...
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Don't be the one who says no to Trump

May 25 4:48am
The U.S. president has a fleeting moment of leverage to push Israeli and Palestinian leaders to a deal. He must make the costs of disappointing him high...
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Israel Aerospace Industries finalize $630 million arms deal with India

May 25 4:24am Behold Israel
Israel to provide India with arms, defense missile systems; Deal comes after $2 billion deal made between Israel and India in April. Israel announced this week that it has finalized a deal with India to provide missile defense systems. Israel … Continue reading →...
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Israel tears down anti-occupation encampment set up by North American Jews and Palestinians in West Bank

May 25 3:39am
Activists erected the tents in the South Hebron Hills a week ago to mark the 50th anniversary of the Israeli occupation; one Canadian has been detained...
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Report: Trump proposed using Arab peace Initiative, but switching order

May 25 3:30am Behold Israel
US President reportedly calls for Arab states and Palestinians to first normalize relations with Israel as part of peace process; Reports come from senior Palestinian official   During meetings with Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia and with the Palestinian Authority, … Continue reading →...
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Facebook's Holocaust denial policy: Delete posts in countries where it can be sued

May 25 1:30am
According to leaked company guidelines, moderators are instructed to take down flagged posts in Israel, Germany, France and Austria, where laws against Holocaust denial are enforced...
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UK Finds More Bomb-Making Materials in Hunt for Terror Network

May 25 1:00am Daily News Alert from Israel - COP/JCPA
(Independent-UK) Kim Sengupta - UK police and security services have found bomb-making materials which could be primed for imminent attacks in the extensive raids following the Manchester suicide bombing. One suspect device was blown up in a controlled explosion. Crime scene photos of shrapnel, a battery pack and the detonator used in the attack were published by the New York Times in a suspected intelligence leak, condemned by UK officials.
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Tillerson Embraces Middle East Linkage Theory

May 24 7:01pm Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – Aboard Air Force One on Wednesday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to embrace the linkage theory of Middle East peace, as he explained President Trump’s...
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Higher education in Israel set to become more segregated

May 24 5:03pm
New five-year program will pilot segregated classes on existing campuses and broaden definition of who can apply for segregated studies...
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IDF Promotes Manelis As Spokesperson, Conricus To Head Foreign Media

May 24 12:48pm Israel News Agency
Brigadier-General Ronen Manelis now responsible for the IDF’s domestic and global image. By Joel Leyden Israel News Agency Jerusalem, Israel — May 24, 2017 … The Israel Defense Forces have promoted Col. Ronen Manelis to the rank of brigadier-general as he took up the post of IDF Spokesperson at a ceremony at the Kirya military headquarters… Read More » The post IDF Promotes Manelis As Spokesperson, Conricus To Head Foreign Media appeared first on Israel News Agency.
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Jared and Ivankas rabbis dont know who gave them permission to fly on Shabbat

May 24 12:16pm
Flying in an airplane is one of many activities prohibited on Shabbat by Jewish law...
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Daily Kickoff: Lieberman no longer being considered for FBI Director | Huckabee disappointed with Trumps Israel trip | Ubers legal battle in Israel

May 24 10:55am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends NO DIRECTOR JOE — “Trump administration hits reset in FBI director search” by Sara Murray and Eugene Scott: “The team tasked by...
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Jerusalem Day: W. Jlm businesses shutter in solidarity with Palestinians

May 24 10:53am +972 Magazine
Each year on Jerusalem Day, Palestinian businesses located along the route of the March of the Flags are ordered by police to shut up shop during the parade. This year, Jewish business owners in West Jerusalem closed up early in solidarity. By Yael Marom On Wednesday afternoon, as on every Jerusalem Day, Palestinians in and […]...
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Talk-Show Hosts Spoof Trumps Israel Visit

May 24 10:19am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Late-night TV hosts in the U.S. and Israel took aim at President Trump’s visit to Israel, highlighting some of the less delicate moments of the trip.
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