American Jews must resist Trump and the occupation at the same time

Mar 25 10:38am +972 Magazine
Can American Jews’ relationship to Israel accommodate the truth that Palestinians deserve the same freedom and dignity that we want for ourselves as Jews and for our Muslim, immigrant, black and brown neighbors here in the United States? By Emily Mayer There is currently a surge of activism churning through the American Jewish community. Since […]...
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Jewish groups offer mixed responses to David Friedmans confirmation as Israel envoy

Mar 24 9:39pm
The Senate confirmed Friedman, a longtime lawyer of President Donald Trump who outraged some Jewish groups with his broadsides against liberal Jews.
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United Nations Human Rights Council passes five anti-Israel resolutions Friday

Mar 24 5:40pm Behold Israel
Ongoing anti-Israel efforts at the UNHRC as Council adopts 5 resolutions against Israel; Britain: We are putting the Human Rights Council on notice.   The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted five anti-Israel resolutions on Friday during its 34th … Continue reading →...
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U.S. Jewish groups beef up security after threats despite arrest

Mar 24 4:59pm
Executives at several Jewish organizations said the threats helped identify potential vulnerabilities that must be addressed.
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New York sex offender admits to groping sleeping woman on El Al flight

Mar 24 3:41pm
Yoel Oberlander, 36, is facing up to 10 years in prison for touching a woman on a Tel Aviv-Newark flight.
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WATCH: Police suppress ultra-Orthodox demo against arrest of IDF deserter

Mar 24 2:44pm +972 Magazine
Police arrest 15, use water cannons against hundreds of ultra-Orthodox demonstrators who hit the streets of Jerusalem to protest the jailing of an IDF deserter.  Text by Eli Bitan, photos by Oren Ziv / Hundreds of young ultra-Orthodox men protested Thursday night in Jerusalem against the jailing of ultra-Orthodox IDF deserters. The demonstration is part […]...
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Auschwitz shuts down after nude protesters slaughter sheep, chain selves to 'arbeit macht frei' gate

Mar 24 12:44pm
Protesters also lit a fire, threw banner reading 'love' on top of famous gate. Some reports suggest the protest is related to Ukraine conflict.
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As Israel delays their arrival, concerns rise for Ethiopia's stranded Jews

Mar 24 11:47am
Thousands of Falashmura are suffering from malnutrition and illness, an Israeli lawmaker says, castigating Israeli authorities for failing to implement a plan to bring them over.
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For first time in 13 years, IDF recognizes female refuser as conscientious objector

Mar 24 10:55am +972 Magazine
IDF releases Tamar Ze’evi after a total of 115 days in military prison, recognizing her as a ‘conscientious objector.’ By Yael Marom and Haggai Matar After spending a total of 115 days in military prison, the Israeli army decided to release Tamar Ze’evi on Thursday, after recognizing her as a conscientious objector. This is the […]...
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Daily Kickoff: President-in-law MIA in Aspen | Yaalon prepping campaign | Theo Epstein named top leader | Kentucky bourbon giving Rabbis headaches

Mar 24 10:36am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends DRIVING THE CONVERSATION: “Trump the Dealmaker Projects Bravado, but Behind the Scenes, Faces Rare Self-Doubt” by Glenn...
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Iranian President to meet with Putin next week in Moscow

Mar 24 10:35am Behold Israel
Rouhani and Zarif to travel to Moscow to meet with Putin; Private sector delegation to sign varied agreements as Iran and Russia increase economic cooperation   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will travel to Moscow next week to meet with Russian … Continue reading →...
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JCC Bomb Threat Suspect Used Bitcoin, Google Voice To Make Threats

Mar 24 9:01am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Michael Kaydar, the Israeli-American suspected of perpetrating more than 100 bomb threats, was arrested in Israel on Thursday.
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Israel Arrests Dual U.S.-Israeli Citizen Linked to Threats on U.S. Jewish Centers

Mar 24 1:00am Daily News Alert from Israel - COP/JCPA
(AP-Newsday) Josef Federman - Israeli police on Thursday arrested a 19-year-old Jewish man who holds dual Israeli and American citizenship, who they said was the main suspect in a wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers in the U.S., appearing to crack a case that has sent a chill through the American Jewish community. Israeli police described the suspect as a hacker. He's the guy who was behind the JCC threats, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. The man is also suspected of placing threatening phone calls to Australia, New Zealand and within Israel. Police also said he had disrupted a Delta Airlines flight at New York's JFK airport in 2015. Israel's national police chief Roni Alsheich said, This does not bring honor to the State of Israel, of course. But I think it does bring respect to Israel's police. ...
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U.S. Holocaust museum to award Germany's Merkel with its highest honor

Mar 23 10:05pm
Elie Wiesel Award will honor her work with organizations and groups promoting Holocaust remembrance and combating anti-Semitism.
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Bomb threat suspects identity embarrassing for Jews, but ultimately a relief

Mar 23 5:16pm
It may be a blow to Jewish pride and a political black eye to those who blamed the Trump camp for the JCC threats, but this means that a fearful Jewish community can finally exhale.
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Privacy Concerns Cited As Israel Plans Intl Database For Marriages

Mar 23 4:08pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
In newest front in Who is Jew wars, move to expedite marriages criticized as overreach with few safeguards.
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Senate Confirms Friedman

Mar 23 1:48pm Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – The Senate confirmed the nomination of David Friedman for U.S. Ambassador to Israel by a near party-line vote on Thursday afternoon. Almost all Senate Democrats voted...
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Senate Confirms Friedman by 52-46 Vote

Mar 23 1:48pm Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – The Senate confirmed the nomination of David Friedman for U.S. Ambassador to Israel by a near party-line vote (52-46) on Thursday afternoon. Almost all Senate Democrats...
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Will we ever know the truth about World Vision and Hamas?

Mar 23 11:52am +972 Magazine
Australia says it found no evidence that its World Vision funds were diverted to Hamas, as Israel alleges. But can the Israeli legal process be trusted? The Australian foreign ministry has not found any evidence that the Gaza head of a major humanitarian organization funneled Australian funds to Hamas, Australia’s ABC news reported Wednesday. The […]...
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ADL Cautions Vigilance In Wake Of Bomb Threat Arrest

Mar 23 11:48am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Group praises law enforcement in apprehension of dual-citizenship teen; says anti-Semitism still ‘serious concern.’...
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Torah portion of the week: Where is God?

Mar 23 11:43am
Parashot Vayakhel-Pekudei.
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If the Messiah isn't here yet, does Israel belong to the Jews?

Mar 23 11:07am
Not all orthodox Jews believe they have a claim to the land of Israel here and now, but the few who do are politically very potent.
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Daily Kickoff: Tony Blair to address AIPAC | Greenblatt defends Lempert | Chelsea & Ivanka trade places | Adam Brauns mission to prevent college debt

Mar 23 10:51am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends SIREN: “Israel police arrest suspect in threats on US Jewish targets” by The Associated Press: “Israeli police say...
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Inclusion In Action At The Miles Nadal JCC

Mar 23 10:11am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Toronto JCC has created a range of opportunities and resources for people of all abilities...
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Teen Arrested In Israel On Suspicion Of Carrying Out More Than 100 JCC Bomb Threats

Mar 23 9:49am Jewish WeekJewish Week
The suspect, 19, has dual Israeli and American citizenship and was arrested by Israel’s anti-fraud squad.
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Palestinians to present peace plan during Arab League Summit next week

Mar 23 9:29am Behold Israel
PA to present plan as Arab League sets “Palestinian cause” as main agenda item   The Arab League announced that the Palestinian Authority would introduce a revised “peace plan” for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during the Arab League Summit next week. … Continue reading →...
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The Jewish Resistance comes to AIPAC

Mar 23 9:28am
I will be joining thousands of IfNotNow activists to protest AIPAC's shameful silence since Trump's election and its attempts to make the Israeli occupation permanent.
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In wake of London attack, President Trump should deliver major address to define radical Islamic terrorism, the ISIS threat, and his vision for victory.

Mar 23 9:08am Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
(Dallas, Texas) — Yesterday, the horrific attack in London underscored yet again the threat radical Islamic terrorism poses to our allies. We mourn for those murdered, killed and traumatized, and we pray for the Lord to comfort and heal. The attack on our British ally was also a stark reminder that such terror could strike […]...
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Ukraine's last shtetl gets ready for Passover

Mar 23 9:03am
Bershad, with a Jewish population of only 50, is a living testament to the Jewish community’s incredible story - one that has endured despite decades of communist repression, the Holocaust and the exodus of Russian-speaking Jews.
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LISTEN: This is one of the bomb threats allegedly made by Israeli-American teen against Jewish centers

Mar 23 8:12am
Recording obtained of a bomb threat made to a Jewish Community Center in January...
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House Hearing Highlights Rise in Anti-Semitism

Mar 23 8:05am Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – The House Foreign Affairs Committee convened a hearing on Wednesday to address the recent spike in anti-Semitism worldwide. Chairman of the Africa, Global Health, Global Human...
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Expelled from Hillel, LGBTQ Jews are out of the closet but into the cold

Mar 23 6:48am
By withdrawing support for B'nai Keshet, Hillel has effectively isolated queer Jews from Jewish campus life at Ohio State. Do gay Jews have no place in Hillel's donor-driven idea of Jewish diversity?...
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Previously deemed not kosher, Venezuelan Jews arrive in Israel

Mar 23 5:23am
Israel initially refused to accept the nine converts, whose remote Venezuela area suffers shortages of food and medicine.
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Feeling the strain of the Passover countdown? We've got you covered with this checklist

Mar 23 5:09am
The 30-day run up to Passover is never fun for those of us who need to prepare for the oft-dreaded seder night, but don't worry - you're not alone!...
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Islamist Terrorist Kills Three, Wounds 40 in Attack near Parliament in London

Mar 23 1:00am Daily News Alert from Israel - COP/JCPA
(BBC News) A single attacker drove a car over the sidewalk along the Westminster Bridge near the Houses of Parliament in central London on Wednesday, killing two pedestrians and injuring many more. The attacker then ran toward Parliament where he stabbed and killed an unarmed police officer before being shot dead by armed officers. Acting deputy police commissioner Mark Rowley said the working assumption was that the attacker was inspired by international terrorism and Islamist-related terrorism. The UK's threat level has been set at severe - meaning an attack is highly likely - for some time.
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What shocked Jessica Chastain most when she visited Auschwitz

Mar 22 7:25pm
The 'Zero Dark Thirty' star's research for her role in Holocaust drama ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ included touring the Nazi death camp. What happened next made her even more determined to make the movie, based on the true story of Antonina Zabinska.
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Israel Unveiled Volume 2 on DVD!

Mar 22 7:15pm Behold Israel
Israel Unveiled Volume 2 is available for purchase on DVD! Israel Unveiled is a journey through 4 different sites (Solomon’s Pillars, Elah Valley, The Red Sea, and Joppa) in the land of the Bible with Amir Tsarfati and includes four DVD’s. Check out … Continue reading →...
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Richard Gere on segregation in Hebron: Its exactly like the Old South

Mar 22 4:30pm +972 Magazine
‘It’s exactly what the Old South was in America. Blacks knew where they could go: they could drink from that fountain, they couldn’t go over there, they couldn’t eat in that place,’ the American actor tells an Israeli TV station during a tour of the segregated West Bank city. Richard Gere visited the West Bank […]...
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Man claiming to be Jewish charged with painting swastikas on his own NY home

Mar 22 4:25pm
King, who tried unsuccessfully to convert to Judaism in the past, denies the charge.
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Congress Introducing Legislation Ahead of AIPAC Week

Mar 22 3:49pm Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – Three days before the AIPAC Policy Conference commences, lawmakers in the Senate and House introduced bipartisan resolutions on Wednesday to strengthen US economic cooperation with Israel....
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House and Senate Members Introduce Resolutions Boosting US-Israel Economic Ties

Mar 22 3:49pm Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – Three days before the AIPAC Policy Conference commences, lawmakers in the Senate and House introduced bipartisan resolutions on Wednesday to strengthen US economic cooperation with Israel....
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Three Steps To Preserving Peoplehood: A Global Perspective

Mar 22 3:29pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
The Limmud experience has taught us that volunteerism is a powerful way to build a future together.
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BREAKING: Terror attack at UK Parliament four dead & 20 injured. A British ISIS supporter vowed that the black flag of Islam will one day fly high over 10 Downing Street. Was ISIS responsible for this? Developing.

Mar 22 1:59pm Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
UPDATED AT 3:00PM CENTRAL TIME: In 2014, an ISIS supporter in London vowed, “Our message is deadly, we are calling for world domination and for Shariah for the UK….This one’s actually the flag of the Islamic State, so one day  when the Sharia comes, you will see this black flag everywhere…. The black flag of Islam will one day […]...
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Faith, Companionship and Vulnerability

Mar 22 1:54pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
New ELI Talk Shares How to Stand With Families Who Have a Child With a Disability...
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As Bomb Threats Continue Against US Jews Police, DHS Offer Advice

Mar 22 12:50pm Israel News Agency
By Joel Leyden Israel News Agency New York — March 22, 2017 … With over 160 bomb threats made to Jewish organizations in the United States and Canada, many questions are now being raised as to how to respond. Yesterday, Temple Beth Shalom in Livingston, New Jersey was targeted. Police told the INA that the threat… Read More » The post As Bomb Threats Continue Against US Jews – Police, DHS Offer Advice appeared first on Israel News Agency.
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At Oxford, education proves no barrier to bigotry and anti-Semitism

Mar 22 10:54am
I’d assumed that Oxford's dreaming spires would provide some kind of immunity from – or at least skepticism towards – the bigotries animated by Brexit and the rise of populism.
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Daily Kickoff: Trump is mad at the Israeli government. Jules Trump that is | How Kushner got the UK to thwart the Obama admin | Wolf Blitzer BDay

Mar 22 10:50am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends SPOTLIGHT: “Another Trump hopes Israel can make ammonia great again” by Shoshanna Solomon: “Trump is mad at...
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In war against ISIS, the President is rightly reaching out to our Arab Muslim allies. Today, he is gathering 68 nations in D.C. to strengthen anti-ISIS coalition.

Mar 22 10:00am Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
(Dallas, Texas) — Just two months into the Trump-Pence administration, we are seeing a very aggressive and encouraging new approach to the war against the Islamic State. The President has asked the Pentagon for a comprehensive new strategy. Mr. Trump is telling Secretary Mattis and the generals that he doesn’t simply want to fight ISIS — he wants to […]...
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For Northeast Queens Ys, Stronger Together

Mar 22 9:30am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Flushing’s Central Queens Y and Little Neck’s Samuel Field Y to merge operations in bid for efficiency, expansion.
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Trump Reshaping Community, From Pulpit To Philanthropy

Mar 22 9:22am Jewish WeekJewish Week
At annual conference, funders urged to step up, ‘fill gaps in human needs.’...
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Israelis Now Forced To Consider The Putin Factor

Mar 22 9:17am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Is Russia no longer Israel’s security blanket in the Syrian civil war?...
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