How Israeli photography creates a world without Palestinians

Mar 17 8:52am +972 Magazine
The myth of the land of Mandate Palestine as an untapped oasis waiting for Jewish habitation is still thriving on both sides of the Green Line. Photographs are a key tool for perpetuating — and challenging — that myth. David Rubinger, Israel’s most famous photographer, died on 1 March at the age of 92. His […]...
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Kafe Knesset for March 17

Mar 17 8:46am Jewish Insider
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Syrian army fired missiles at Israel following IDF airstrikes overnight

Mar 17 7:04am Behold Israel
Missiles fired from Syria into Israel; Israel’s Arrow missile defense system downs one of rockets fired at Israel; IAF carried out airstrikes in Syria overnight; Syria claims it downed Israeli jet- Israel denies reports; Syrian army vows to respond directly … Continue reading →...
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U.S. Signaling Intention to Roll Back Iranian Influence, in Syria and Elsewhere

Mar 17 1:00am Daily News Alert from Israel - COP/JCPA
(Christian Science Monitor) Nicholas Blanford - Having successfully propped up the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for more than six years, Iran appears to be preparing the ground for a long-term presence in the country, causing rising alarm in neighboring Israel and garnering the attention of Washington. Iran has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buttress Syria's economy, oversees a multi-national Shiite militia force to bolster Assad's flagging army, and trains Syrian militia networks based on Iran's Basij paramilitary volunteer force. But Iran's expanding reach into Syria has made the country potentially a key arena if the U.S. wants to undermine Iran's regional stance, analysts say. As a consequence, President Trump's administration has signaled an intention to roll back the Islamic Republic's influence, not only in Syria but elsewhere in the region. The best strategy to roll back Iranian influence is to weaken it in Syria by denying it the resources it has invested in through the Assad regime, said Randa Slim, an expert on Hizbullah at the Washington-based Middle East Institute. Syria anchors the Iran-Syria-Iraq-Hizbullah axis. Denying Iran that anchor will roll back its influence not only in Lebanon and weaken Hizbullah but in the whole region. ...
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Meet The Republican Congressman Who Calls for a Settlement Freeze

Mar 17 12:00am Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – In many ways, Representative Walter Jones (R-NC), is a staunch conservative. He blasted former President Barack Obama’s “burdensome” environmental regulations as “completely out of touch with...
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Joe Lieberman: Amb. Friedman Will Perform Above Expectations

Mar 16 8:08pm Jewish Insider
Former Senator Joseph Lieberman assured opponents of David Friedman’s nomination as U.S. Ambassador to Israel that he will perform his duties satisfactorily even beyond expectations. “David, who I...
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Juan Thompson, suspect behind several Jewish center bomb threats, charged with cyberstalking

Mar 16 5:13pm
Juan Thompson is accused of phoning in bomb threats to at least eight Jewish sites, though 100 others remain unaccounted for.
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American liberals fear climate change more than ISIS with weapons of mass destruction, finds new poll. [Rush Limbaugh discusses poll on air.]

Mar 16 3:59pm Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
(New York City) — A stunning finding in the new poll we released today: almost two-out-of-three liberals believe climate change poses a greater threat to the American people than Iran and the Islamic State obtaining nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons. This is just one of several intriguing if sobering findings in a national survey we […]...
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In Israel, even Palestinian journalists are guilty until proven innocent

Mar 16 1:15pm +972 Magazine
The suspension of a Palestinian journalist by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation is a reminder that even the most liberal media outlets still view Arabs with suspicion. Samah Wattad, a Palestinian citizen of Israel and journalist who works for the newly-formed Israeli Broadcast Corporation (IBC), was suspended Thursday after she retweeted an article that expressed support for […]...
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Exclusive Poll: Are we winning or losing the war with ISIS? Do Americans fear attacks inside the homeland? Are we at war with all of Islam, or just the forces of radical Islam? Here are the full results, plus my new column for Fox News.

Mar 16 10:52am Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
(New York City) — Do Americans believe we are winning or losing the war against the Islamic State? Do they believe ISIS will launch terror attacks inside the homeland? Do they believe ISIS might even try to use weapons of mass destruction? And do they believe we are at war with the religion of Islam, or just a subset of […]...
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First Read For March 16

Mar 16 10:31am Jewish WeekJewish Week
3 new bomb threats hit JCCs; LA Jews unite in opposition to Trump; French rightist suspended for Holocaust-denial comments; More...
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Daily Kickoff: Dina Powell named deputy NSA, varied views from JIers | From Synagogue to Congress: Meet Jacky Rosen | Rappelling in Israels Makhtesh

Mar 16 10:24am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends TOP TALKER: “Dina Powell to be named Trump’s deputy national security adviser” by Tara Palmeri and Ben White:...
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Vice co-founder lists the '10 things he hates the most about Jews'

Mar 16 9:32am
After a visit to Israel, Gavin McInnes released a video called '10 Things I hate About Israelis,' but ended up listing his hatred of Jews instead.
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Kafe Knesset for March 16

Mar 16 9:07am Jewish Insider
War and peace: Another coalition crisis flamed out in less than one day, with multiple ministers going from a state of war against one another – to getting...
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An artist put up a 'Beware of Jews' sign in London - but didn't expect the backlash

Mar 16 8:47am
The context is important here: Anti-Semitic incidents in Britain rose by more than a third to record levels in 2016, leaving the local Jewish community on edge.
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From Synagogue President to Member of Congress

Mar 16 2:31am Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – As President of the Reform Synagogue Ner Tamid, Representative Jacky Rosen (D-NV) was largely unknown outside of the Jewish community in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. However,...
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Synagogue President Enters Congress

Mar 16 2:31am Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – As President of the Reform Synagogue Ner Tamid, Representative Jacky Rosen (D-NV) was largely unknown outside of the Jewish community in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. However,...
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Aaron David Miller on Greenblatts Israel Visit

Mar 16 2:17am Jewish Insider
Aaron David Miller shared his thoughts about Greenblatt’s Israel visit in a phone interview with Jewish Insider: “The real issue is not the man or woman in the...
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U.S. Demands UN Withdraw Report Branding Israel "Apartheid" State

Mar 16 1:00am Daily News Alert from Israel - COP/JCPA
(Fox News) Adam Shaw - A UN report co-authored by anti-Israel professor Richard Falk on Wednesday accused Israel of being guilty of the crime of apartheid - triggering a furious response from American UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who blasted the report as anti-Israel propaganda and demanded the UN withdraw the study. The United States stands with our ally Israel and will continue to oppose biased and anti-Israel actions across the UN system and around the world, Haley said. Falk, a former UN special rapporteur for the Palestinian territories, is known for harsh and often outlandish criticisms of both America and Israel. A spokeswoman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the report does not reflect his views.
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Schumer Announces Support for Federal Anti-BDS Bill

Mar 15 5:55pm Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) announced on Wednesday that he would co-sponsor the Combating BDS Act, a bill aimed to combat the BDS movement. The...
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WATCH: Bereaved Palestinians and Israelis mark Womens Day

Mar 15 5:18pm +972 Magazine
Israeli and Palestinian women commemorated International Women’s Day last week by destroying a mockup separation wall in the West Bank city of Beit Jala. The event, put on by the Bereaved Families Forum, included a vigil in memory of those who have lost their lives in the conflict. Among the speakers were Suha Abu Khdeir, the mother of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, […]...
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ADL Hoping For Tech Punch In Fight Against Cyberhate

Mar 15 4:34pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
In wake of over 150 bomb threats phoned into Jewish institutions in recent months, the ADL takes a three-pronged approach to cyberhate.
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UN report accuses Israel of imposing apartheid regime on the Palestinians

Mar 15 3:23pm Behold Israel
ESCWA report released Wednesday accuses Israel of imposing apartheid regime on the Palestinians, citing “evidence” and “scholarly inquiry” A branch of the United Nations released a report Wednesday accusing Israel of imposing an apartheid regime on the Palestinians in its … Continue reading →...
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New Salvo In Battle Over Upstate Chasidic Development

Mar 15 12:31pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
In wake of indictment against project’s developer, another court fight underway; did Shalom Lamm stack local planning board?...
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Daily Kickoff: Israels World Baseball Classic dream ends | A $1.6B Hoax | Tamir Pardos advice | Luxury hotel in lifeguard tower on Tel Aviv beach

Mar 15 10:45am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends FIRST LOOK: “The 1.6 Billion Dollar Hoax” by Ken Bensinger, Jason Leopold and Craig Silverman: “An elaborate hoax based on...
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For Jewish Feminists, New Set Of Minefields

Mar 15 9:53am Jewish WeekJewish Week
‘Intersectionality’ moves beyond the quad.
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Arts Groups Bracing For The Trump Axe

Mar 15 9:50am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Effects of federal budget cuts could be devastating to Jewish sector.
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First Read For March 15

Mar 15 9:48am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Father who inspired bone marrow search dies; Israel loses in Baseball Classic; Hitler photo album goes on auction; Israeli army trains female tank operators.
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New Shoah Art Law Gets First Court Test

Mar 15 9:44am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Should statutes of limitations apply to possibly looted art?...
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For Danae Elon, The Complications Of Home

Mar 15 9:26am Jewish WeekJewish Week
In ‘P.S. Jerusalem,’ finding a sense of belonging is excruciatingly complex.
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'Beware of Jews' sign hung in ultra-Orthodox London neighborhood

Mar 15 8:53am
The triangular-shaped sign with a red border that mimics an official road sign indicating a hazard, shows a silhouette of an ultra-Orthodox Jew with a fedora hat and side curls.
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Kafe Knesset for March 15

Mar 15 8:53am Jewish Insider
Greenblatt in Israel: In the age of “Twitt”plomacy, even Mideast peace mediation is now on Twitter. Notably, Jason Greenblatt has been tweeting every step of his Israeli-Palestinian tour....
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Detroit-area Walk for Israel's website hacked, peppered with anti-Semitic messages

Mar 15 8:22am
The messages appeared on the site’s home page for about three hours on Tuesday, according to local reports.
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If Trump makes peace, Israeli leftists will abandon American Jewish liberals

Mar 15 7:12am
Netanyahu ignored U.S. anti-Semitism to advance the right's agenda but what happens when the shoe is on the other foot?...
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NORPAC Passes On AIPAC Conference This Year

Mar 15 12:01am Jewish Insider
NORPAC, which calls itself the nation’s largest pro-Israel political action committee, is hosting a fundraiser for Senator Bob Menendez the same time as AIPAC’s annual Washington Policy Conference...
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Interfaith Solidarity In Wake Of Swastika Attack

Mar 14 7:56pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
In rededication ceremony at Fourth Universalist, the presence of its Jewish partner is felt.
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De Blasio Seen In Bind On Bris Ritual

Mar 14 7:50pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
New infant herpes cases suggest charedi community isn’t living up to its bargain on metitzah; city eyeing new regulations.
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Suddenly, Shuttle Diplomacys Back

Mar 14 7:43pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Uncertainties abound as Trump aide moves from Jerusalem to Ramallah.
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Simone Zimmerman on Israel's travel ban: 'Am I an enemy of the state?'

Mar 14 3:10pm
The Jewish American activist weighs in on the new law barring entry to foreigners who call for boycotting Israel or its settlements in the West Bank.
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The double oppression of Gazas women

Mar 14 12:20pm +972 Magazine
Women in Gaza face serious societal constrains at home, but also an ongoing siege that limits their freedom of movement and occupation and alarmingly increases the rate of violence against them. The untold price women pay for Israel’s closure policy. By Aya Zinatey Whenever the issue of Palestinian women in Gaza and the impact the […]...
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Germany drafting law to fine social media firms up to $53M over hate speech

Mar 14 12:13pm
Issue takes on urgency amid concern over spread of online racist content, often targeting migrants and members of the Jewish community.
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Without Warning launches today worldwide with two CBN interviews.

Mar 14 10:57am Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
(New York City) — It’s launch day, and with a good portion of the East Coast getting hit with the snow storm, it’s a perfect day to stay home with a pot of coffee and a pulse-pounding new thriller. Because Without Warning is available on Kindle, Nook and other e-book formats, people all over the world are getting the […]...
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Daily Kickoff: Palestinians say Trump to make historic offer to Abbas next month | Meet Josh Gottheimer | Shabbat dinners in Vogue | Matzo Makeover

Mar 14 10:43am Jewish Insider
Have our people email your people. Share this sign up link with your friends JI INTERVIEW — This Freshman says he ran for Congress so that Jewish Insider would interview him — by...
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Israels travel ban strikes Liberal Zionism at its core

Mar 14 10:34am +972 Magazine
Israel’s new anti-BDS law is antagonizing some of the state’s most loyal supporters, rewriting a decades-old relationship. Israel ramped up its fight against the global boycott movement last week, when the Knesset passed its own travel ban: a new law barring entry to any non-citizen or non–permanent resident who has publicly called for or pledged to support a […]...
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First Read For March 14

Mar 14 10:22am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Author of ‘Marry My Husband’ essay dies; Jewish player leads Princeton in NCAA playoffs; Intel buys Israeli high-tech-firm; French apology for anti-Semitic tweet.
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Female rabbi to lead Latin America's largest synagogue

Mar 14 9:05am
'Women can perform mitzvot and participate in an equal position in religious services,' Sao Paolo community president says.
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Medicaid Block Grants=Devastating For Disabilities

Mar 14 8:59am Jewish WeekJewish Week
Parents and Advocates are concerned about what the Republican proposal could mean for people with disabilities...
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Report: Russia deployed special forces to Egypt near Libyan border

Mar 14 8:45am Behold Israel
Both Russia and Egypt deny reports from US and Egyptian intelligence and diplomatic sources that claim Russia deployed special forces to Egypt 60 miles from Libyan border   Russia has reportedly deployed special forces to western Egypt near the border … Continue reading →...
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Kafe Knesset for March 14

Mar 14 8:44am Jewish Insider
Bibi and Sarah’s day in court: Dozens of journalists and cameramen gathered this morning outside the Tel Aviv Court to accompany the PM and his wife Sarah to...
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This Freshman Ran for Congress So That Jewish Insider Would Interview Him

Mar 14 8:30am Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – After President Donald Trump’s first Joint Congressional Address, many Democrats reacted with fury. “The President’s speech was utterly disconnected from the cruel reality of his conduct,”...
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House Members Urge Trump to Appoint Anti-Semitism Envoy

Mar 14 7:10am Jewish Insider
WASHINGTON – A bipartisan group of 167 Members of Congress are calling on President Donald Trump to keep the State Department’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism...
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From rooftop to salad bowl: Farming in Tel Aviv's urban jungle

Mar 14 7:08am
Three enterprising farmers use hydroponic methods 
to grow veggies atop Dizengoff Center in the heart of 
Tel Aviv and offer them freshly picked on a daily basis.
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Intel to purchase Mobileye in largest Israeli high-tech acquisition to date

Mar 14 6:16am Behold Israel
Deal worth $15.3 billion; Intel to move its automotive driving division to Israel- a major boost to Israel’s economy and standing as the high-tech and start-up center of the world Intel Corp announced it is buying Israel’s Mobileye, the autonomous … Continue reading →...
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Supporting BDS is enough to get detained by the cops in Israel these days

Mar 13 9:05pm +972 Magazine
Instead of simply announcing that it opposes BDS, which would be a perfectly legitimate stance, the Israeli government is criminalizing the movement and its advocates. The results won’t be pretty. Police near Jerusalem picked up an Israeli citizen who was just standing on the street Monday. He was not doing anything illegal. Someone who lived in the neighborhood […]...
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Amy Krouse Rosenthal, best-selling author, dies at 51 after battle with cancer

Mar 13 6:41pm
Rosenthal, who completed more than 30 books, made short films and gave TED talks, broke hearts when she wrote a dating profile for her husband for The New York Times.
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Arthur Miller And The Pasts Exacting Price

Mar 13 3:59pm Jewish WeekJewish Week
Revival of ‘The Price’ raises questions about betrayal, Jewish identity and the Old World’s pull on the present.
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At least seven Jewish centers received bomb threats on Purim

Mar 13 1:49pm
The threats, either called in or emailed, were reported Sunday at JCCs in Rochester, New York; Chicago; Indianapolis; Milwaukee; Cleveland; Houston, and Vancouver, British Columbia.
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President of the Philippines to make historic visit to Israel in coming months

Mar 13 11:47am Behold Israel
In his first major official visit to the West, Duterte chooses Israel; President reportedly excited to visit Jerusalem, to hold meetings centered on increasing ties in security and arms sales   The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, announced he … Continue reading →...
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Daily Kickoff: Largest ever Israeli tech acquisition Intel buys Mobileye for $15B | Trump advisor visits Israel | Team Israels first WBC loss

Mar 13 11:14am Jewish Insider
BIG DEAL: “Intel to Buy Jerusalem-based Mobileye for About $15 Billion in Car Tech Push” by Ian King: “Intel Corp. plans to buy Israel’s Mobileye NV for about $15...
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