James Grant: 'Bernanke's Helicopter Needs A Bailout'

From The Daily Bail
February 1, 2013 - 4:15pm

Bennie and the Feds. 'Money in search of mischief, and it's likely to find it.' "The Fed's balance sheet is exploding.  They have added over $3 trillion in new securities since QE began.  Bernanke's money printing is counter-productive and is why the economy won't recover.  If it were as easy as printing money or creating credit to levitate an economy or to reactivate business activity the world would have been richer many generations ago." Jim Grant with Lauren Lyster yesterday on her new show.  Lyster and her producer Demetri Kofinas closed shop at Capital Account on RT a few weeks and  just popped up over at Yahoo Tech Ticker. Special bonus clip below of Lauren Lyster and a mini-skirt leg-kick. --- Yahoo Tech Ticker As expected, the Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it will continue its $85 billion monthly bond-buying stimulus program until the ec...

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