Krugman Joins The $1 Trillion Coin IDIOT Brigade

From The Daily Bail
January 8, 2013 - 1:36pm

Taking Krugman's insanity to its logical conclusion -- Why not just mint a hundred $1 trillion platinum coins and pay off the entire unfunded liability of the national debt? Krugman Joins The $1 Trillion Coin IDIOT Brigade Paul Krugman's Blog - Get Ready to Mint That Coin! White House Trillion Coin Petition Reaches 6,000 Signatures John Boehner To WSJ: 'I Need This Job Like I Need A Hole In The Head' Boehner: 'Get Ready For Monthly Debt Ceiling Bills' SEC Gives JP Morgan License to Manipulate Commodities WHOOPS -- Cash For Clunkers Actually HURT the Environment BofA Settles Claims Fraud With Fannie Mae For $12 Billion - Bloomberg Jobs Report - U6 Rate Holds at 14.4%, Actual Employment Falls to 58.6% DETAILS - Fiscal Cliff Deal Includes $68 Billion For Corporate Interests Irish Newspapers Charging BIG MONEY Just For Links SHERIFF: Inmates Using Newspaper's Gun Map to Threaten Prison Gua...

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