Legendary Short Seller Jim Chanos Likes Being Long Apple And Short Dell

From Seeking Alpha ETFs & Portfolio Strategy stocks
April 26, 2013 - 10:55am

By Devon Shire: One thing that I've learned, and luckily not learned the hard way is that short sellers need to be paid attention to.If a stock has a huge short interest I'm apt to avoid it.The reason is that I think more often than not, these short sellers are the "smartest money". They have to be, because they have a lot more to lose.If I make a terrible investment and a stock I own goes to zero I lose 100% of what I've invested. If a short seller makes a terrible investment decision the stock he or she has shorted can go up five or ten times and the short seller has a loss of 500% to 1000% of the initial amount involved.You would think that Apple (APPL) is one company that a short seller would love. (click to enlarge) Anyone short the company has made a lotComplete Story »

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