LINKS: Obama Gears Up For Carbon Tax Fight

From The Daily Bail
January 3, 2013 - 10:31pm

A new regular feature on the Bail, John provides a weekly update on corruption, graft and waste in the green energy sector. --- US Gears Up For Carbon Tax Fight A major battle will erupt in 2013 over whether the US should implement a national carbon tax, observers are warning.  “It’s unlikely to happen in the next few weeks, when the fiscal cliff needs to be dealt with,” Caperton said. “But they’re definitely going to work on it and people are going to be talking about it.”  Congress should direct the Department of Energy to determine the carbon price that will put the US on a path toward necessary greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution reductions, using $25 per tonne as a starting point for their analysis, he said.  The tax should be phased in on a pre-determined schedule along the lines of 25% of the target price in year one, 50% in year two,...

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