LINKS: Taxpayers Pay For Clinton's Cinemax, Jimmy Carter's DISH Network

From The Daily Bail
January 18, 2013 - 1:27am

Morning reading. Obama Issued $216 Billion In New Regulations Last Year - RegWatch Taxpayers Pay For Bill Clinton's Skinemax, Jimmy Carter's DISH Network TRUMP: If GOP Doesn't Hold Firm On Spending Cuts 'Country Will Go To Hell' FLASHBACK - Trump Scream "We're Just Printing Money" On CNBC (Hilarious) Ex-U.S. Attorney Mary White Said To Be Favorite For SEC Chairman A Case Of Goldman Sachs Greed Gone Too Far - CNN Fed’s Richard Fisher Unhappy With QE3 Impact - Calls To Split Up Mega-Banks Wall Street CEOs Feel (A Little) Bonus Pain (Laughable...) Jamie Dimon's Bonus Cut In Half To $10 Million The Battery That Grounded Boeing 60 Percent Of Young Americans Plan To Purchase Firearms, Study Reveals Obama Tweets 8-Year-Old's Gun Control Plea To Earn Sympathy | The Weekly Standard Boeing’s New And Improved 30,000-Pound Bunker-Busting Bomb - Bloomberg America's Hardest Hit...

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