Luxury Investing? $COH, $KORS, $MOV, $TIF

From Fallond Stock Picks
February 3, 2013 - 5:47pm

Movado ($MOV) sits on the verge of a breakout and is showing good form.  You can read my 2 cents on the fundamentals.Michael Kors is a lead contributor to Coach's woes.  The stock is shaping a nice base with the August breakout gap confirmed.  The next move up could be substantial given the five month base (from the breakout).Honorable mention to Tiffany's.  It hasn't the same appeal as the aforementioned stocks, but a push above $66.18 will have to be respected.---Follow Me on TwitterDr. Declan Fallon is the Senior Market Technician and Community Director for You can read what others are saying about Zignals on ZIGNALS TODAY - IT'S FREE! Fallond Stock Picks

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