Marissa Mayer Lays Out Her Vision For The Future Of Technology And Yahoo.

January 25, 2013 - 8:34am

By BusinessInsiderEarlier today in Davos, Switzerland, Marissa Mayer gave her first televised interview since becoming Yahoo CEO.Bloomberg Television scored the scoop.We've emedded the 30 minute video below.First, highlights from the transcript, provided by Bloomberg:Mayer on arriving at Yahoo and what she has focused on over the last several months:"Overall, I was genuinely pleased and surprised. I knew there had to be great people at Yahoo the same way when you look at art, you can tell whether it was created by a nice person or not, a depressed person or not. When you feel Yahoo's products, you can tell there are very nice, really competent, pleasant people that have a great time. It is a great company overall that has a very fun culture. For my first few months, my focus was on people. I believe technology companies live and die by talent. That's why when people talk about the talent wars…when you see the best people migrating from one company to the next, it

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