2013 - Market Outlook & Economic Forecast

From Streettalk Daily X-Change
December 31, 2013 - 5:04pm

We can’t predict the future – if it was actually possible fortune tellers would all win the lottery.  They don’t, we can’t and we aren’t going to try to.  However, we can analyze what has happened in the past, weed through the noise of the present and try to discern the possible outcomes of the future.  So, it is now time for our annual prognostications, forecasts, guesses and expectations for 2013.   The good news is that we survived the end of the Mayan calendar and therefore, regardless of your expectations over the past year, 2012 counts as a win.  2013, however, is poised to be a year of opposing forces.  For every almost every positive tailwind there is an opposing headwind, and in the coming year, the political and economic decisions domestically, and globally, will define the coming landscape. Click Here For The Full Report

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