It Would Be Better If People Understood

Mar 22 11:00pm Thought Catalog
If they understood that I’m not pathetic or making things up, that I’m not faking it or exaggerating things, then it would be easier.
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Its Time To Stop Being The Beautiful Fool And Just Be Beautiful

Mar 22 10:00pm Thought Catalog
It’s time to stop falling and start standing. It’s time to get back up and keep walking. It’s time to heal.
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6 Cool Boats

Mar 22 9:07pm Thought Catalog
Can you imagine if you had the money to buy this boat? What would you do with it?...
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How You Would Hide The Body, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Mar 22 9:00pm Thought Catalog
Virgo: You would freak out and beg one of your most trusted friends to come rescue you, to tell you what to do next.
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Why Girls With Soft Hearts Are The Strongest Type Of Girls

Mar 22 8:00pm Thought Catalog
Why do we mistake emotion, kindness, soft natured characteristic for weakness?...
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The Best Relationships Are The Ones You Didnt Expect

Mar 22 7:00pm Thought Catalog
The best relationships are the ones that come as a surprise, when your feelings totally sneak attack you.
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how self care helps me manage my depression

Mar 22 6:12pm blog – blue light blue
this piece was just published on – click here to view it on their site. i especially love the custom images they designed to go with each of my ten self care pointers. happy reading! as someone with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder, i feel like i have been on a lifelong quest... Keep Reading The post how self care helps me manage my depression appeared first on blue light blue.
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This Is Why Girls Who Forgive Others Easily Have A Hard Time Forgiving Themselves

Mar 22 6:00pm Thought Catalog
The girl who forgives others easily can't forgive herself for not living up to her own standards.
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What I Learned About Fidel Castros Legacy When I Went To Cuba

Mar 22 5:00pm Thought Catalog
“We don’t hate our country. But we’ve never seen anything outside of it. ...
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COBRA This: Americas Best Insurance

Mar 22 4:30pm World of Psychology Depression
I am depressed. And it has nothing to do with Seattle’s gloomy weather or employment volatility.   As a mental health advocate and consumer, I am depressed — borderline apoplectic — about the GOP’s disdain toward the Affordable Care Act. And so should you — […]...
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The Dark Side Of Moving Abroad

Mar 22 4:00pm Thought Catalog
This time, you are not superficially passing by people’s life anymore. You make the conscious call on which bridges to build or which bridges to burn; decide that you are not obliged to burn out your own fire to light up someone else’s fire.
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Heres What Its Really Like To Be A Liability, Like Me

Mar 22 3:00pm Thought Catalog
The truth is, I’m just something people enjoy ‘til they get bored. When the lights turn off and the jokes stop rolling, I’m terrified you’ll see how damaged I really am—and leave.
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The Natural Foods That Decrease Stress Risk By 23%

Mar 22 2:20pm PsyBlog
One of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of stress and anxiety. • Click here for your free sample of Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebook The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic • Dr Dean is also the author of Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything.
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You Deserve The Kind Of Love I Could Never Give You

Mar 22 2:00pm Thought Catalog
You deserve the kind of love that isn't fleeting. That doesn't run. That doesn't leave. That doesn't go.
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5 Life Affirming Lessons I Learned After Hitting Rock Bottom

Mar 22 1:47pm Thought Catalog
I’ve recently been going through a period in my life where a lot of change has happened at once.
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An Open Letter To The Person Who Drugged Me

Mar 22 1:00pm Thought Catalog
I had suffered from an overdose, since the amount you put in my drink was enough to kill me.
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Just So You Know, Romantic Love Doesnt Determine Happiness

Mar 22 12:00pm Thought Catalog
Romantic love is not a measure of whether or not your life is full.
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I Stood With Standing Rock And Heres Why You Should Too

Mar 22 11:00am Thought Catalog
This is a battle and not an amusement parade.
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Why Youll Never Be Enough For Him

Mar 22 10:30am Thought Catalog
You could spend your entire life asking yourself what you did wrong, or what it was about you that wasn't good enough for him, what it was that other women had that you were missing.
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When You Struggle With Your Sexuality Because Of Your Religion

Mar 22 10:00am Thought Catalog
Why am I hanging onto these strange rules of sexuality because of ideologies from a book that I don’t adhere to?...
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This Is How We Say Goodbye Now

Mar 22 9:01am Thought Catalog
Maybe we're too scared. Scared of falling so hard that we forget how to breathe. Scared of loving too hard. Of wanting too much. Maybe we are all cowards. Cowards who say they believe in love, but run the second it comes our way.
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Insulin Resistance May Speed Cognitive Decline

Mar 22 8:45am Psych Central News
New research suggests insulin resistance, both among diabetic and non-diabetic individuals, increases cognitive decline in executive function and memory. Insulin resistance is caused in part by obesity and physical inactivity. […]...
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10 Ways Being Honest With Yourself Makes Your Love Life A Lot Easier

Mar 22 8:00am Thought Catalog
You eliminate the ones who are not on the same page. When you’re honest with yourself about what you’re looking for; whether you’re looking for something casual or serious, you become more aware of the types of relationships you get yourself into. You will not string someone along if they’re looking for something more and you won’t stick around when someone is not ready if you’re the one wanting more.
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Suicide Risk Significantly Higher Up To 1 Year After Attempt

Mar 22 8:00am Psych Central News
Adults who have engaged in self-harm are 37 times more likely to commit suicide during the 12 months following such an episode, and intensive intervention is needed, according to a new […]...
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Relationship Strategies for Parents of Autistic Children

Mar 22 7:15am Psych Central News
Maintaining relationship quality is a challenging task for many parents. The task becomes more daunting for couples who have a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A new study […]...
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Kids of Older Moms May Do Better in Psychosocial Areas

Mar 22 6:30am Psych Central News
New research from Denmark finds that waiting to have babies can be a good strategy for older women as their children have less behavioral, social, and emotional problems. Nevertheless, the […]...
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Five Signs You Need to Change Your Job

Mar 22 12:47am Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement
You're reading Five Signs You Need to Change Your Job, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. The Perils of a Career That Doesn't Fit Few things can be more unpleasant in this life than holding a job that's just not suited to you. Jobs can monopolize so much of your time and energy. People spend so much time at work every day. If you have a job that's simply not in line with your interests, passions and skills, that can make existence feel truly miserable. It can make waking up every morning feel practically unbearable as well. If you have a job that's just not appropriate for your personality and goals, these signs may be a true wake-up call for you. 1. You're Just Not a Natural at Your Job If you don't feel like a natural at your job, you should pay attention and reevaluate it. People who are holding jobs that are appropriate often can handle them with ease and confidence. If everything about your position seems awkward and difficult, that's likely a warning sign. It probably means that you should be doing something better with your time. If a job is a good fit for you, you'll probably be a natural at it. If everything seems forced and complicated all the time, you should look at other options. 2. You Regularly Receive Criticism People who excel at their jobs tend to receive consistent praise. Others take notice when professionals shine. They also notice, however, when professionals regularly fail. If you constantly hear bad things about your work performance, it may be time to assess your situation. It may be time to admit to yourself that your current position just isn't cutting it. If you keep a position that isn't a good match for you, you sell yourself short. You also sell your company short. No one wins in these situations. 3. All You Care About is Your Paycheque If your job is nothing more than a paycheque to you, that's a clear sign that your heart isn't in it. Your goal should be to find a calling in life. It should be about more than just survival and paying the bills. Maintaining a job that makes you feel bleak and unfulfilled is no way to live. You need to find a position that brings you joy. You need to find one that gives you a little spring in your step every morning. Otherwise you could be setting yourself up for an existence of...
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To The Girl He Loved Before Me, You Destroyed Him

Mar 21 11:00pm Thought Catalog
You sliced his heart open.
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To The Girl Hes Going To Love After Me

Mar 21 10:00pm Thought Catalog
You are going to be lucky. Because by the time you will have him, he’s gonna be a changed man.
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I Dont Like My Heart Right Now

Mar 21 9:00pm Thought Catalog
It’s tired. It’s tired of heartbreak. It’s tired of bruises and scratches, it’s tired of temporary homes, it’s tired of short vacations, it’s tired of ending things and losing people. It’s just tired. It needs a home. It needs life. It needs security.
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5 Things (3.21.17)

Mar 21 8:53pm Thought Catalog
I need a mental health specialist to help me recover from trying to find a mental health specialist.
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To The Man Who Has Stepped In To Be A Dad

Mar 21 8:00pm Thought Catalog
We would be loved and adored by someone that wasn’t obligated but wanted to be here. When you picked me, you picked us.
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PSA: You Can Hate Everything Tomi Lahren Stands For And Also Think Her Suspension Is Bullshit

Mar 21 7:24pm Thought Catalog
I will not lie, when I first saw The Daily Beast reporting that Tomi was suspended, I laughed.
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Do You Ever Miss My Postcard Mouth?

Mar 21 7:07pm Thought Catalog
I throw love around like it's glitter confetti heart on my sleeve, in my hands yours for the taking whenever you want...
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Poetics And Politics: Ezra Pounds Influence On The Rise Of The Alt-Right

Mar 21 7:06pm Thought Catalog
You have to be willing to let your soul die to enter the areas of darkness necessary to pull the large fish swimming in the ocean of the political unconscious. ...
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Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Marcus Do Bots Really Need A Gender?

Mar 21 4:45pm Thought Catalog
Bots are designed by people, and therefore reflect the disproportionate gender representation in the tech industry, where women continue to form a minority in discussions on development and design.
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She Was The Calm To Your Wild

Mar 21 3:06pm Thought Catalog
She was the calm to your wild, the careful to your chaos.
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How To Understand Any Subject More Deeply

Mar 21 2:20pm PsyBlog
Study suggests way to achieve a more sophisticated understanding of any subject. • Click here for your free sample of Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebook The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic • Dr Dean is also the author of Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything.
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This Is How You Love A Sensitive Woman

Mar 21 1:55pm Thought Catalog
A sensitive woman does not need saving. Always remember, she doesn't need you. But she wants you. There's an important difference.
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Everything I Learned About Investing I Learned While Crying

Mar 21 1:22pm Thought Catalog
Every idea that moves the world forward seemed crazy the day before it became genius.
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Heat exposure associated with mental illness

Mar 21 12:36pm Mental Health Research News -- ScienceDaily
A mental hospital-based study in Hanoi, Vietnam looked at if there is a relationship between heat exposure and mental health problems. The results showed significant increase in hospital admissions for mental illnesses during periods of heatwaves, especially during longer periods of heat exposure.
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The Truth Is Im Strong But Im Tired

Mar 21 12:00pm Thought Catalog
I’m tired of carrying this weight on my shoulders from my past that haunts me.
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How to Find Accurate, Evidence-Based Information on Mood Disorders

Mar 21 11:45am World of Psychology Bipolar
If I had to choose just one piece of advice to give to the person disabled by depression or any mood disorder, it would be this: Work with the right professionals and seek out accurate, evidence-based information. In 2006, having spent years absorbing inaccurate information […]...
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Heres Everything Donald Trump Has Done To Screw The Middle Class

Mar 21 11:00am Thought Catalog
From this point on, nobody should begrudge anyone who voted for Donald Trump. We should, however, begrudge anyone who insists on continuing to walk around with their eyes and ears covered as President Donald J. Trump launches a war on the working class of America.
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Mouse study paves way for more effective antidepressant

Mar 21 11:00am Depression News From Medical News Today
A new mouse study tests the effect of an enzyme inhibitor on depression-like symptoms, and finds it to act more quickly than traditional antidepressants.
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This Is The Song Of Your Enneagram Type (So You Can Actually Figure Out Which One You Are)

Mar 21 10:00am Thought Catalog
Type Four - the Romantic. Fours can be a little...melodramatic. It’s not their fault Nobody understands them.
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Clinical interviews effective in predicting postpartum depression

Mar 21 9:27am Mental Health Research News -- ScienceDaily
For non-depressed, pregnant women with histories of major depressive disorder, preventive treatment with antidepressants may not necessarily protect against postpartum depression, according to new research. In addition, asking questions about daily activities -- especially work -- appears to be an effective screening tool for helping doctors identify women at risk of depression after they have their babies.
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This Is What Putting In Effort Actually Means Because Its More Than Just Sending Texts

Mar 21 9:00am Thought Catalog
Putting in effort means going out of his way to spend time with you. It's not texting you when it's convenient. It's not asking you to come over at the last second when he's bored and the rest of his friends are busy.
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Communication Issues Can Deter End-of-Life Planning

Mar 21 8:45am Psych Central News
Although most would agree that planning ahead for end-of-life medical decisions is prudent, researchers are finding that even the best-laid plans are often far from ideal. But too few older adults […]...
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Matching Depression Treatment to Individual Needs

Mar 21 8:00am Psych Central News
New research takes a common sense look at the way depression is treated. Depression is often a challenging diagnosis as it is different in every person. Many patients get treatment […]...
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Success Might Not Be What Youre Really Looking For

Mar 21 8:00am Thought Catalog
Successful people are the ones who have fought a thousand different times and have failed a thousand more.
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New Method Predicts Lithium Response with 92 Percent Accuracy

Mar 21 7:15am Psych Central News
Long a first-line treatment for bipolar disorder, lithium is nonetheless effective for only about one-third of patients with the illness, and it can sometimes take up to a year to […]...
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Lingering Sex Afterglow Helps to Bond Partners

Mar 21 6:30am Psych Central News
New research discovers that sexual satisfaction remains elevated 48 hours after sex and that this “afterglow” influences relationship quality over the long run. Sex obviously plays a central role in […]...
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Bye Boy You Dont Get To Come Back When Its Convenient For You

Mar 21 6:00am Thought Catalog
You had your chance, you had plenty of chances for that matter and you just kept pushing and pushing her further away until she remembered how to walk on her own without you. And she did. She said goodbye and now you can't accept the fact you lost the best thing in your life.
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The Science of Behavioral Change: 3 Critical Steps to Make New Habits Stick for Years

Mar 21 12:41am Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement
You're reading The Science of Behavioral Change: 3 Critical Steps to Make New Habits Stick for Years, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” – Warren Buffet It’s incredibly frustrating, isn’t it? You’ve invested time and energy into building this new habit. You’ve kept it up for weeks now, maybe even months. Slowly but surely, changes are beginning to happen in your life, and you start to wonder just how good things could get if you kept this up all year. What if you kept it up for five years? Or ten? And then it happens again. Life gets in the way. You skip a gym session, you eat a piece of chocolate, you forget to journal in the morning or do your Spanish homework. Either way, one slip turns into two, which turns into three, and suddenly…you’re back where you started. Which reveals an uncomfortable truth, the kind of truth that most people don’t like to admit. Habit change is hard, really hard. And most people are simply not going to keep up with our new habits for longer than a couple of months. To be honest, that used to be the case with me all the time. I’d be great at starting new habits, but three months in I would let the ball slip. And this happened over, and over, and over again. Fortunately, over the years I’ve learned a few tricks that allowed me to keep these new habits until they became unconscious and stuck. While I still slip up from time to time, I’m far more effective than I used to be. In fact, by keeping the following principles in mind, in 2016 I was able to both journal and meditate for 180 days straight. So without further ado, here are 3 critical steps to make sure that your habits stick for years! Know when it’s appropriate to set unrealistic goals When you are setting goals based on your new habits there are two things to keep in mind. Make your short-term goals realistic. These need to be broken down into bite-sized chunks that are manageable every day. For example, don’t start off by attempting to meditate for an hour a day, you’ll just burn out – start with ten minutes and add 30 seconds a day till you reach an hour. Make your long-term goals unrealistic. If your long-term goals aren’t big enough, th...
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Finding The Ground Again

Mar 20 8:00pm Thought Catalog
Sometimes I still fall, maybe I always will.
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This Is What Unconditional Love Tastes Like

Mar 20 7:00pm Thought Catalog
Some soulmates are not here for a lifetime, they are here for a season or a reason.
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I Wish I Could Tell You More Than I Miss You

Mar 20 6:00pm Thought Catalog
i was so used to this, to me reminding myself that i shouldn't say too much...
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All The Reasons Why You Should (Suck It Up And) Workout Today

Mar 20 4:01pm Thought Catalog
You might inspire someone else. Without even realising it, you might be a role model for a friend or colleague.
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9 Reasons Dating A Pisces Is Pretty Darn Magical

Mar 20 3:00pm Thought Catalog
They will introduce you to new ways of thinking and viewing the world.
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