10 Uncomfortable Signs Youre Actually In The Best Relationship Of Your Life

Apr 23 6:00pm Thought Catalog
You feel more vulnerable than you ever have before. But only because you’ve found someone who knows you and understands you more deeply and more profoundly than anyone else ever has.
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10 Ways Raising A Girl Or A Boy Isnt So Different At All

Apr 23 4:00pm Thought Catalog
I work hard, so hard, to raise my children absent the straightjacket of gender stereotypes, but there will inevitably be manifestations of them along the road. And that’s fine. The goal is not to remove gender from the equation altogether, it is to deny it such an overriding role.
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Why Underestimated Women Tend To Become The Most Successful

Apr 23 3:00pm Thought Catalog
The people you underestimate usually end up becoming super successful in the same way that the cool kids end up becoming complacent.
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Trying To Write Poetry In The Age Of Trump: A Manifesto For The Stubborn Optimist

Apr 23 2:00pm Thought Catalog
The road to hell is paved with good poems. The road to heaven is also probably paved with good poems.
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The Common Pill That Sadly Lowers Womens Wellbeing

Apr 23 1:20pm PsyBlog
Women reported lower mood, self-control and energy. • Click here for your free sample of Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebook The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic • Dr Dean is also the author of Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything.
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A Survivors Story: How 13 Reasons Why Got It Wrong

Apr 23 12:00pm Thought Catalog
I am not writing this piece because I want attention, pity, or remorse. I am writing for those who did not make it, for those people who didn’t have the support system I have.
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The Good, The Bad, The Lonely: The Truth About Being Single When You Wish You Werent

Apr 23 11:00am Thought Catalog
See, singleness is not a curse that is cast down upon the unworthy. It is a natural, normal stage and phase of life.
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This Is What Happens *After* You Find Success

Apr 23 10:30am Thought Catalog
As we concentrate on what is important to us, we radiate positive energy (sounds new age-y, but it is true).
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I Want To See You On Sunday

Apr 23 10:16am Thought Catalog
I want to recover over runny eggs and bacon and big stacks of pancakes. We'll sit in the corner booth, just like we did at the bar, but this time we'll be drinking coffee and talking about how much fun we had.
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Read This If You Dont Really Have An Eating Disorder, But Kind Of Do

Apr 23 10:14am Thought Catalog
We’ve long been slaves to that apex of tall, thin, white, blond perfection. That apex we’ve been climbing to since we were old enough to look in the mirror and hate what we saw.
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This Is How The Right Guy Will Love You

Apr 23 10:00am Thought Catalog
The right guy will prove to you just how much you mean to him every day. He won't make you wait around forever, he won't give you mixed signals, he won't play games with your head or your heart and he won't take advantage of how deeply you love.
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Circadian Body Temp May Hold Clues to Consciousness Levels in Brain Injury Patients

Apr 23 9:45am Psych Central News
The body’s circadian rhythm may play a crucial role in the recovery of consciousness in patients with severe brain injuries, according to a new study by researchers at the University […]...
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IDing Specific Foreign Accent Helps Brain Process Language

Apr 23 9:00am Psych Central News
Our brains process foreign-accented speech with greater accuracy if we can correctly identify the specific accent we are listening to, according to new neurocognitive research conducted at Pennsylvania State University. […]...
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The Good Morning Text She Needs From You, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Apr 23 9:00am Thought Catalog
There is nothing that will get a Gemini off more than knowing that their partner is equally obsessed with them.
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Men May Tell Sexist, Anti-Gay Jokes To Reaffirm Masculinity

Apr 23 8:15am Psych Central News
Why do some men tell sexist and anti-gay jokes or find them funny? According to new research, these disparaging jokes are a way for some men to reaffirm their shaky […]...
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31 Times When Listening To Ok Computer By Radiohead Is An Emotionally Bad Idea

Apr 23 8:00am Thought Catalog
14. When lying in bed remembering past embarrassments.
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Soda Linked to Faster Brain Aging

Apr 23 7:30am Psych Central News
A new study has found that people who frequently drink soda are more likely to have poorer memory, smaller overall brain volume, and a significantly smaller hippocampus, an area of […]...
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Healing, awakening: freedom from pharma

Apr 22 7:04pm Beyond Meds
This healing process is a vehicle to awakening. All of it can be put to good use and given what an ugly experience it often is, it's the silver lining. ...
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21 Fun Things You Can Do (While The Rest Of The World Is Getting Married And Making Babies)

Apr 22 6:00pm Thought Catalog
Meet people. Go on dates. Try new places. Eat new foods. Figure out what kind of person you’re into and what you really value in a relationship. Learn what things you can’t tolerate and what makes you giddy with excitement. Talk to people. Open up. Love wildly.
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Anxiety Makes Me Feel Like Im Still A Little Kid

Apr 22 4:00pm Thought Catalog
I don't like to go anywhere on my own. If I'm invited to a party, I want to drive there with a friend, so I don't have to walk through the door alone. I want someone that I can follow around like a puppy dog, someone that will make me feel a little more comfortable.
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Single Or Married: Which Is The Most Fulfilling Life?

Apr 22 2:20pm PsyBlog
Psychologist challenges the orthodox view with evidence from studies conducted over 30 years. • Click here for your free sample of Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebook The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic • Dr Dean is also the author of Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything.
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Less Excuses, More Learning To Say Yes

Apr 22 2:00pm Thought Catalog
When you start saying ‘yes’: that’s when you truly live.
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Where 13 Reasons Why Went Very, Very Wrong

Apr 22 12:00pm Thought Catalog
Here's why Hannah Baker herself deserved a damn tape.
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Love Isnt Going To Save You

Apr 22 10:00am Thought Catalog
Stop looking for love. Stop chasing it. Stop running for it. I know you're tired. I know you're lonely. But you're the only one who can fix that. You are the only one can learn to love yourself. You are the only one who can work on bettering yourself and becoming a better person.
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Pregnancy Warning Signs on Alcohol Tied to Reduced Drinking by Expectant Women

Apr 22 9:30am Psych Central News
Alcohol consumption among pregnant women has dropped 11 percent in states with point-of-sale warning signs, according to a new study conducted by a health economist at the University of Oregon. […]...
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Gender Difference Seen in Alcohols Effects on Brains Reward System

Apr 22 8:30am Psych Central News
A new study has found evidence suggesting that alcoholism may have different effects on the reward system in the brains of women than it does in men. Researchers from Massachusetts […]...
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Different Ways of Engaging With Nature Tied to Quality of Life

Apr 22 8:00am Psych Central News
Looking to improve your overall life satisfaction? Try regularly hiking in a forest or otherwise engaging with the natural environment. Then, for good measure, look for ways to build your […]...
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21 Small But Extremely Effective Ways To Help The Earth On Earth Day

Apr 22 8:00am Thought Catalog
Think beyond yourself for just a moment and think about the effect of your carbon footprint on the environment, then start making those changes today.
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Why Highly Successful People Are Prone to Depression and How They Recover

Apr 22 7:19am Therese Borchard
Austen Heinz was a science geek who turned a radical idea—a scientific approach to laser-print DNA–—into a successful company, Cambrian Genomics. A rising star in Silicon Valley, he was gaining media attention when the pressures of entrepreneurial life started a downhill spiral that ultimately led to his suicide at 31 years old. His story is […]...
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Risk of Cannabis-Induced Psychosis May Be Less Than First Feared

Apr 22 7:00am Psych Central News
The risk of experiencing cannabis-induced psychosis is small compared to the number of total users, according to a new study by researchers at the University of York in England. In […]...
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The Road doesnt go anywhere! How To Form Habits That Are Crucial For Long Term Self-Improvement

Apr 22 12:22am Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement
You're reading The Road doesn’t go anywhere! How To Form Habits That Are Crucial For Long Term Self-Improvement, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. To understand success, you need to know first that there is no road towards success. Ever saw a road moving? Probably not, as it’s the cars, trucks, bicycles and the pedestrians who move on it. The road is just a platform on which everything already is standing still, it’s the power to move that gets things going and make things reach point B from A. Similarly, everyone knows what success is and how to get there but the biggest differentiation comes in the form of the habits you are slave to. We have all heard of great stories of failure and how people overcame them to become utterly successful but it’s not about how much you fail or how you don’t give up after failing as it’s not about willpower, motivation, inspiration or anything else. A habit of doing something keeps you going on no matter if failures or dead ends come your way. Your habits make you push your way through. But rarely do we incorporate new and better habits into our self as we have a bad propensity to follow whatever habits we made by accident, pure chance or its just who we are. To push forwards towards success, you need habits, good ones and great ones both and forming them might be immensely difficult but don’t worry there is structured way to inculcate them gradually in your life. Grow rich slowly: To first form any great habit you must let go of one that destroys them all. The habit of instant gratification is your biggest enemy when it comes to doing something great. When we want fast rewards, we cannot settle down, work hard and commit ourselves towards things which take time. Growing rich overnight is a myth. It takes years of determination and perseverance to achieve something worthwhile. Nor was Rome built in a day neither did Facebook become the biggest social networking site overnight. Rome was great so is Facebook, but building them took time and steady work. So to first incorporate any new great habit, let go of the worst ever habit you can ever have i.e. wanting instant results from anything you do, if you don’t, you’ll start everything with unmatched zeal and passion only to fizzle out very soon...
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This Is The Version Of Your Twenties You Should Settle For

Apr 21 9:00pm Thought Catalog
Settle for being just as proud of your failures as you are of your accomplishments, because failures are scars that say, “I’m someone who tries things.”...
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The Flowers Did Not Bear The Honey That You Are

Apr 21 8:00pm Thought Catalog
You love this world with a weight that is rare.
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10 Things People Dont Realize Youre Doing Because Your Parents Are Divorced

Apr 21 7:00pm Thought Catalog
Because of them, you aren't afraid to leave unhealthy relationships behind. You won't let anyone treat you like crap, because you know that walking away is always an option.
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You Dont Know Who Your Girlfriend Truly Is Until Shes Done These 8 Things

Apr 21 6:00pm Thought Catalog
When she lets you see her without all the add-ons she trusts and hopes that you'll appreciate the foundation of what is always there. She trusts you'll love her for who she really is.
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Im Seriously Sick Of How Long It Takes To Start A Relationship

Apr 21 5:00pm Thought Catalog
If we've been texting for months and are both attracted to each other and want to spend time together, then why the hell aren't we dating? Why aren't we even close? What are we waiting for?...
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7 Reasons You Might Want To Take A Break From Dating

Apr 21 4:00pm Thought Catalog
You're still hung up on an ex or someone from your past.
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Month-By-Month Travel: The Best Travel Destinations For Every Month Of The Year

Apr 21 3:01pm Thought Catalog
When planning the perfect vacation, it’s not just about where you go - it’s about when you go.
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What Its Really Like to Have a Bone Marrow Biopsy

Apr 21 3:00pm Thought Catalog
I found out I have cancer. Lymphoma, to be exact. I’m 24…what the fuck?...
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10 Things Extremely Charming People Do Differently

Apr 21 2:00pm Thought Catalog
They do not simply wait for their turn to talk, but actually listen to others. They know they can learn something from everyone, and everything fascinates them.
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This Natural Juice Helps Keep Your Brain Young

Apr 21 1:20pm PsyBlog
Older brains can perform like younger ones with this supplement. • Click here for your free sample of Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebook The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic • Dr Dean is also the author of Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything.
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I Hope You Love Like You Did When You Were Young

Apr 21 1:00pm Thought Catalog
When you were young, love was inherent and infinite.
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10 Things People Who Are Great At Relationships Do Differently

Apr 21 12:00pm Thought Catalog
Self-fulfilling prophecies will come true if you expect them to. Period. If you expect for your relationship to fail, then chances are it probably will.
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The Importance of 13 Reasons Why and Its Reflection of Teen Mental Health

Apr 21 11:45am World of Psychology Depression
Warning: This article does include spoilers for the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”. On March 31, 2017 Netflix released a new series titled, “13 Reasons Why”, based off the book by author Jay Asher. This series depicts a young man, Clay Jensen, and his journey […]...
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'Connshing syndrome' named as a new cause of high blood pressure

Apr 21 10:37am Mental Health Research News -- ScienceDaily
A new cause of high blood pressure has been identified by researchers, which could lead to major changes in managing the disease, say authors of a new report.
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The Melancholic Artist

Apr 21 10:00am Psych Central Depression
For many, the artist is an admirable, cultured poet, living above society, constantly assessing the human condition and nature. The artist is seen as the ultimate division from society, in […]...
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The Most Intelligent Girls Are Always Stressed Out

Apr 21 10:00am Thought Catalog
Secretly, she's lost. Confused. Unsure of what she should do with her life.
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Early Life Brain Stimulation Linked to Robust Mental Health as Senior

Apr 21 8:45am Psych Central News
New research discovers a key to mental agility in later life begins decades earlier. Specifically, participation in activities that challenge the brain also build resiliency helping the brain better handle […]...
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Drinking Beetroot Juice Before Exercise Helps Aging Brains Perform Better

Apr 21 8:00am Psych Central News
Drinking a beetroot juice supplement before exercising allows the brains of older adults to perform more efficiently, essentially mirroring the mechanisms of younger brains, according to a new study at […]...
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This Is Why You Should Give A Fuck About Love Languages

Apr 21 8:00am Thought Catalog
When we pay attention to how people give and receive love, it allows us to make the people around us feel truly loved and seen, and cared about.
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Mindfulness Training Helps College Women Improve Mood, But Not Men

Apr 21 7:15am Psych Central News
A robust new research study on the effectiveness of mindfulness training suggests the practice, on average, significantly helped women overcome “negative affect,” but did not help men. “Negative effect” pertains […]...
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Brain Stimulation May Restore Memory Lapses

Apr 21 6:30am Psych Central News
Although early in the research cycle, a team of neuroscientists has shown that electrical stimulation delivered when memory is predicted to fail can improve memory function. Researchers at the University […]...
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Moderate-severe hot flashes significantly increase depression risk

Apr 21 3:00am Depression News From Medical News Today
A new study of more than 2,000 perimenopausal and menopausal women showed that moderate-severe vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes or night sweats) were an independent and significant risk factor for...
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Reduction of post-traumatic stress symptoms associated with noninvasive technology

Apr 21 3:00am Mental Health News From Medical News Today
A closed-loop acoustic stimulation brainwave technology significantly reduced symptoms in people suffering from post-traumatic stress in a small pilot study conducted at Wake Forest Baptist Medical...
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Weighted blankets for anxiety: Uses and benefits

Apr 21 3:00am Mental Health News From Medical News Today
There are many ways to manage anxiety, including medication, lifestyle changes, and complementary therapies. Learn about how weighted blankets may help.
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Introverts: How to Trump Over Our Social Anxiety

Apr 21 12:59am Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement
You're reading Introverts: How to Trump Over Our Social Anxiety, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” Albert Camus Not too long ago, I was assigned to lead a fairly large project at work. It involved heavy interactions with various departments, endless meetings, lots of brainstorming exercises, and more importantly—a need for a skillful and charismatic leader, who can build a good rapport with all types of groups and individuals. For many—especially extroverts—this opportunity will present an outright prospect to shine in the spotlight—a harbinger of future successes and recognition, and possibly a solid step toward the pinnacle of one’s career. Of course, it doesn’t mean—we all know this—that an introvert is not going to be up for the challenge, nor that we can’t excel or exhibit preeminent managerial skills and talents. We are equally suited for the job, but such a high-visibility position comes with some acute preparation. It will simply require more mental priming and longer time spent in our “restorative niches,” thus— making our quiet times outside of work a precious gem, worth savoring. But when we add another nuance to the situation above—if that introvert is also shy and suffers from social anxiety, things shift in a rather different perspective. Frequently, the ostensibly incompatible combination of introversion, shyness/ anxiety, and exemplar leadership can easily be foreseen as a recipe for a disaster. It’s a well established fact that not all introverts are shy, nor are they socially anxious. Although these states may be closely linked, they are distinct. But research also tells us that introverts are, on average, more likely to be shy than extroverts. The dynamics of the affair between introversion and shyness tend to exhibit a downward spiraling effect. That is, if one is shy and introvert, introversion intensifies our feelings of shyness, which—in turn—may lead to a further walk down the rabbit hole of social aversion and more acute craving of alone-time. Admittedly, in work settings, the combination is inherently unwelcome, as it often reveals a poignant tale of self-dissatisfaction and perceived unworthiness. Fo...
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My Relationship With Grocery Stores, In Four Parts

Apr 20 8:33pm Thought Catalog
We’d wander around the aisles at 10pm and almost always forget to buy the things he said he needed to get in the first place.
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Im Young, Impetuous, Gay, And American. This Is My Story.

Apr 20 7:48pm Thought Catalog
The woman who loves me lost both her parents. My mom lost a tooth when my father touched her with his fist, because the kitchen knife failed to hit her.
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These Women Celebrated 4/20 By Getting High And Telling Hilarious Herstory Stories

Apr 20 7:13pm Thought Catalog
Grab some green and get smart — trails aren't the only things we're blaz'n today...
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10 Pictures I Did Not Take Of You And Me

Apr 20 7:03pm Thought Catalog
This is a picture I did not take of you and me, fighting the last world war in our little room at 3rd floor.
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