My Theory on Manti Te'o

January 17, 2013 - 4:21pm

By Herloyalsons.comDisclaimer: THIS IS JUST MY THEORY. I know nothing. This is an outline of my impression of what happened based on the publicly available info I’ve reviewed the past 24 hours. No sources, no interviews, nothing proprietary informed this. I think I may be right, it’s my best guess.Short Version:1. Teo believed this was a real person. He was duped on that part. It’s sick and wrong and disturbing.2. Teo had a real relationship (to him), online and on the phone with this ‘person’. He became close with ‘her’.3. ‘She’ was never his girlfriend. Either he allowed the media to characterize in that way originally and ran with it, or he created that characterization for some reason. But ‘girlfriend’ in the literal sense was not true.4. This means that Teo is a victim yes, but not completely blameless either.Long Version:Never once did I believe that this person was actually Manti Teo’s girlfriend. Yeah, you might not believe it when I say it, but it’s very true. When he talked about her, and their relationship, when this all first started coming out in the media, it just never felt real in the literal sense of the word. The way he spoke about her, the attitude and the words, never really rung true for me. But honestly, I didn’t think it mattered all that much because she had just passed away. So Manti had a long-time, childhood (

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