New Updates for Newsletter and EVALS

From VIX and More
January 22, 2013 - 1:47am

This is a quick update to let readers know that I have recently posted detailed updates for the VIX and More Subscriber Newsletter as well as for VIX and More – EVALS, which is essentially a model portfolio based on VIX exchange-traded products that complements the newsletter. Launched in March 2008, the VIX and More Subscriber Newsletter is published weekly and provides general market commentary, an asset class outlook and an explanation of my current investment thesis, as well as a more detailed analysis of market sentiment, volatility, the VIX futures term structure, and trading opportunities in the volatility space. Over the course of the past year or two, there has been an increased emphasis on various ways to trade the VIX ETPs, including the use of several proprietary indices to evaluate the timeliness of selected trading approaches. One feature that has been popular since the ...

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