Niche of the Week: Parenting Advice Affiliate Programs

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April 13, 2017 - 11:32am
Being the mother of two young girls, I know from firsthand experience that children can drive their parents crazy. It starts from infancy and continues on through your child's adulthood. Children will do things that can irk, annoy and exasperate you. They can also make you laugh with their antics and see the world in fresh, new way. Being a parent brings on the pressure of making sure you're raising your child well, and issues that come with child-rearing can oftentimes drive parents up the wall. Some parents find a good piece of advice, whether from other parents or professionals, can really make a big difference. An infographic by the Frugal Dad talks about "America's Billion Dollar Baby Scam." It points out how willing parents are to spend on their children, and how the baby advice industry has grown since the 1970s. Judging by the number of parenting advice sites and books on the Internet, there is a high demand and plenty of competition in the parenting niche. "Parent" Keywords It's ap-parent what some of your target keywords should be. But do they all need to include "parent"? "Parenting advice" is a good keyword to target, but there are a lot of other keywords you can target and use in this niche. Most of the keywords you'll find are "crisis" keywords; phrases that emerge from a certain crisis or challenge parents may face. A good example is "how to potty train boys," "when to start potty training," and "ready for potty training." These keywords are crisis keywords because they are about a specific problem parents want resolved. These keywords have good monthly search values and are between medium and high competition. Some keyword variations have easier competition or better monthly values than your original target keyword, so make sure to check sites such as for variations on your target keywords. Parenting Advice Affiliate Programs Sifting through parenting advice affiliate programs is just like going through various pieces of advice: you have to see which will work the best for you. There's a variety of parenting affiliate programs to choose from on ClickBank. There's 100+ Parenting Mistakes, Minecraft Parenting and Below are a few more of

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