Obama's Inauguration - A Bad Lip Reading

From The Daily Bail
January 29, 2013 - 1:09pm

'Oh say can you sync...' Brand new from Bad Lip Reading.  Not their best effort but still pretty funny. --- Further reading: Commentary - Hillary Lip-Synced More Than Beyoncé Nor was the late Christopher Stevens any old ambassador but, rather, Secretary Clinton's close personal friend "Chris." It was all "Chris" this, "Chris" that, when Secretary Clinton and President Obama delivered their maudlin eulogies over the flag-draped coffin of their "friend." Gosh, you'd think if they were on such intimate terms, "Chris" might have had Hillary's email address, but apparently not. He was just one of 1.43 million close personal friends cabling the State Department every hour of the day. Four Americans are dead, but not a single person involved in the attack and the murders has been held to account. Hey, what difference does it make? Lip-syncing the national anthem beats singing it....

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