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September 21, 2013 - 1:00pm

The birds I share today, each were spotted all by themselves at various birding outlets. Only one, in the group of six I photographed at different times, was vocal. And that was the Green Jay. The Green Jays are experts at mimicking other bird species. This one on this particular day was flying from tree to tree and sounded like a hawk. Ironically, Bud and I were on the observation deck at Hazel Bazemore Park where the Fall Hawk Migration is at its peak from this month to early November!! The Solitary Sandpiper tried to keep itself very secluded in the high grassy area near the small pond, but its white breast/belly loomed up a bit too brightly for me not to notice. The Kiskadee flew right in front of me and landed on the trickling fountain foundation. The Plover was too busy scavenging the shore to even notice me. The Eastern Kingbird was perched atop a tree as I drove by so I had to back up and focus on it before any traffic came up behind me [not to worry, I wasn't impeding the flow of the traffic, it WAS a residential area] and lastly, the Couch's Kingbird flitted from one tree to the next, and landed where I could zoom in.GREAT KISKADEE and WILSON'S PLOVERphotos taken: Blucher Park [kiskadee] - Hans Suter Refuge [plover] -- Corpus Christi, TexasHabitat Range: Great Kiskadee and Wilson's PloverSOLITARY SANDPIPER and EASTERN KINGBIRDphotos taken: Paradise Pond [sandpiper] - Packaery Channel [kingbird] -- Port Aransas, and Padre Island, TexasHabitat Range: Solitary Sandpiper and Eastern KingbirdGREEN JAY and COUCH'S KINGBIRDphotos taken: Bazemore Park [jay] - Blucher Park [kingbird] -- Calallen, Texas and Corpus Christi, TexasHabitat Range: Green Jay and Couch's KingbirdAtom 1.0: http://id-rather-b-birdin.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default RSS 2.0: http://id-rather-b-birdin.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

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