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Oil prices get support from weaker dollar, heading for modest weekly rise

Mar 17 10:42am Energy
Oil edged up on Friday as investors weighed the impact of OPEC output cuts against rising U.S. oil output.
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Trump knocks China as Tillerson heads to Beijing

Mar 17 10:34am Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
President Trump on Friday knocked China for not doing enough to curb North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs — even as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson headed to Beijing as part of a high-stakes diplomatic swing through Asia. “North Korea is behaving very badly,” Trump said on Twitter. “They have been ‘playing’ the United States for years.
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ProPetro CEO: IPO gives opportunities as employee base and customer base align

Mar 17 10:26am Energy
ProPetro CEO Dale Redman discusses the oil services company's IPO and the state of the oil market.
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Oil prices get support from weaker dollar, but supply worries persist

Mar 17 8:49am Energy
Oil edged up on Friday as investors weighed the impact of OPEC output cuts against rising U.S. oil output.
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Biofuels cut jet engine pollution, NASA study shows

Mar 17 8:35am Energy
A new study from NASA has shown that the jet engines using biofuels have fewer particle emissions in their exhaust trails.
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Oil prices dip as doubts remain over OPEC supply cuts

Mar 17 6:33am Energy
The market looked for clues on how effectively OPEC production cuts are working to absorb a global supply overhang.
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Saudi oil min: Cuts are learning process for some countries

Mar 17 2:11am Energy
Saudi Arabia’s minister of energy, industry and mineral resources and Saudi Aramco’s chairman, Khalid A. Al-Falih talks about its contribution to the OPEC production cut deal.
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Demand for metals, oil 'pretty positive'

Mar 17 1:28am Energy
Mark Keenan of Societe Generale recommends buying oil, copper and zinc, but selling gold.
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Oil prices mark time, set for small weekly rise

Mar 17 12:30am Energy
Oil prices were little changed in early Asian trade on Friday.
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'Chow Tai Fook followed Li Ka-shing's footsteps'

Mar 17 12:10am Energy
Dickie Wong of Kingston Securities says Chow Tai Fook's interest in Alinta is due to the stable revenues the utilities sector offers.
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Sean Spicer spars with White House press corps over alleged wiretapping

Mar 16 10:07pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had a heated exchange with a pair of reporters at his daily briefing on Thursday. The tense back-and-forth began with questions about President Trump’s allegation that he was wiretapped by his predecessor, Barack Obama. It devolved into shouting, repeated interruptions and an accusation from Spicer that the media is attempting to “perpetuate a false narrative” about Trump’s relationship with Russia.
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Will regulators clear the Chow Tai Fook-Alinta deal?

Mar 16 9:25pm Energy
Jonathan Barratt, CIO at Ayers Alliance Securities, says Alinta might be a private company but it operates in a strategic sector.
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Saudi oil minister says exporters should 'accelerate' learning and 'get on board fully' with output cuts

Mar 16 9:19pm Energy
Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih urged better delivery from OPEC and 11 other nations that have vowed to reduce oil supply.
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Coming Around Again - Is More Pipeline Capacity Needed to Serve Natural Gas Exports via South Texas?

Mar 16 9:00pm RBN Energy - Accelerating energy market analytics through collaboration, networking and alliances
South Texas is emerging as the newest premium destination for natural gas supply in the U.S.   Demand in the area is expected to grow much faster than local production, creating a supply shortage in the region by early 2018. New pipeline capacity will be needed to move incremental supply into South Texas. There are several projects planned to facilitate southbound capacity on pipelines running along the Gulf Coast Industrial Corridor. Today we examine the planned pipeline capacity and whether it will be enough to serve the coming demand.
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Oil prices edge up as drop in US crude stocks eases glut worries

Mar 16 8:42pm Energy
Oil prices edged up on Friday as a drawdown in U.S. crude inventory eased concerns about a global supply glut.
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Saudi energy minister Falih says output cuts on track, will cajole partners

Mar 16 7:28pm Energy
Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said an OPEC production cut to trim supplies in the oil market is on track.
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OPEC compliance is 'more than excellent': Saudi minister

Mar 16 7:25pm Energy
Khalid Al-Falih, energy minister of Saudi Arabia, tells CNBC that OPEC production cuts are going according to plan.
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Cuts to poverty programs are as compassionate as you can get, Trump budget chief says

Mar 16 5:16pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mulvaney took questions at the daily press briefing about the administration’s budget proposals, which call for deep cuts to virtually all federal programs except the military, homeland security and the Veterans Administration. “It is difficult to imagine a scenario in which they will not be significantly and negatively impacted if the president’s budget were enacted,” Meals on Wheels spokeswoman Jenny Bertolette told CNN on Thursday.
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GOP Obamacare replacement narrowly passes out of committee, after 3 Republicans defect

Mar 16 5:05pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
WASHINGTON — The GOP health care bill narrowly passed out of the U.S. House of Representatives Budget Committee on Thursday, after three Republicans joined all the committee’s Democrats in voting against it. The committee’s Republicans also unanimously passed several motions urging big changes to the bill that some members said needed to be made for it to pass in the House. The bill passed 19 to 17.
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Explosive device discovered at Port Authority Bus Terminal, suspect arrested

Mar 16 4:34pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
A man with an extensive criminal record allegedly planted an explosive device at New York City’s bustling Port Authority Bus Terminal during rush hour on Wednesday. The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ) said several officers responded to a report of a suspicious bag at Deli Plus, an eatery inside the bus station, at 5:18 p.m. The deli caters to commuters in the south wing of the terminal’s main concourse, which is located one block from Times Square. Arsenio Mason, 39, a resident of Jersey City, N.J., was arrested at 8 p.m. — roughly three hours after the officers first responded.
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Trump may have discussed classified info on Fox News, top Dem on House intel panel charges

Mar 16 3:29pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
The House intelligence committee says it appears President Trump revealed classified information during a Fox News interview while refusing to disclose evidence that President Obama wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower.
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The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump, a political hot potato, is back

Mar 16 3:02pm Energy
The White House's budget blueprint revives spending for a facility in Nevada that will store the nation's nuclear waste.
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Oil settles at $48.75, falling 11 cents despite weak dollar, as US stockpiles remain high

Mar 16 2:33pm Energy
Oil surrendered early gains, as support from a weaker dollar was offset by a stubbornly high level of U.S. inventories.
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The Ides of Trump postcard campaign wants to pink-slip the president

Mar 16 1:27pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
For months a project called the Ides of Trump has been organizing people to meet in small groups to compose postcards to the president. The postcards probably won’t arrive for a day or two, so we don’t know yet how successful the campaign was, but as of Thursday, Donald Trump was still president.
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Oil prices ease despite weak dollar as US stockpiles remain high

Mar 16 12:30pm Energy
Oil surrendered early gains, as support from a weaker dollar was offset by a stubbornly high level of U.S. inventories.
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Former Obama chief of staff: The president cannot, does not and did not order a wiretap

Mar 16 11:38am Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
The chief of staff for former President Barack Obama says President Trump’s claim that Obama ordered wiretapping at Trump Tower ahead of the 2016 the election is just plain wrong. “The president cannot order a wiretap,” Denis McDonough, who served as Obama’s chief of staff throughout his second term, said on “CBS This Morning” on Thursday. “The president does not order a wiretap.
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Maybe hes past his prime: Rand Paul, John McCain trade blows over foreign policy

Mar 16 11:23am Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and fellow Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky have exchanged sharp public blows this week. The most recent shot came from Paul on Thursday. Paul was addressing McCain’s comments about him on the Senate floor the day before.
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Op-Ed: Putin might not wait for Trump to sort out his Russia policy

Mar 16 11:23am Energy
Putin has indicated he's ready to bargain, whether or not the State Department shows up, writes Pavel Baev.
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Woman confronts Trump health secretary at town hall about defunding Planned Parenthood

Mar 16 9:46am Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
While defending the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare during a CNN town hall on Wednesday night, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was confronted by a woman in the audience who pressed him about the bill’s defunding of Planned Parenthood. “Planned Parenthood provides an array of vital health services for women,” Katie Needle, a New York State resident, told Price. “This plan chooses to cut a provider [Planned Parenthood] that sees over a million Medicaid patients every year.
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Oil futures trade roughly flat after rebounding on drop in US crude stockpiles

Mar 16 9:46am Energy
Oil surrendered gains after earlier rising following data showing U.S. crude stocks dipped after rising for nine weeks.
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U.K. emissions have fallen and energy bills haven't risen, says new report

Mar 16 9:21am Energy
Snalysis has shown that U.K. efforts on climate change and boost energy efficiency have seen emissions and bills fall.
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Crude oil futures extend gains as dollar eases and US inventories fall

Mar 16 8:45am Energy
Oil prices rose for a second day, supported by data showing U.S. crude inventories dipped after rising for nine weeks.
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The Challenge of Tackling Aviations Non-CO2 Emissions

Mar 16 8:03am Resilience
The impacts of non-CO2 aircraft emissions at high altitudes came to prominence back in 1999 following publication of a special report by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on aviation. This estimated the total historic impact of aviation on the climate to have been two to four times higher than for CO2 emissions alone. The post The Challenge of Tackling Aviation’s Non-CO2 Emissions appeared first on Resilience.
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Clean Energy and Environmental Policy Trading Places

Mar 16 6:40am Resilience
Partisan pressures are causing energy and climate defenders to offset legislated policies with judicial precedents. Climate challengers had thought to do the same throughout the Obama administration. The post Clean Energy and Environmental Policy Trading Places appeared first on Resilience.
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Oil extends gains as dollar and US stocks fall

Mar 16 6:24am Energy
Oil prices rose for a second day on Thursday, supported by U.S. data showing crude inventories had dipped after rising for nine weeks.
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China, Saudi Arabia eye $65 bln in deals as king visits

Mar 16 6:11am Energy
The world's largest oil exporter looks to cement ties with the world's second-largest economy.
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Why the Republican health care bill is doomed to fail even if it passes

Mar 16 5:00am Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
House Speaker Paul Ryan, on March 7, uses charts and graphs to make his case for the GOP’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The old Superman comic books used to feature a character named Bizarro, who looked exactly like the Man of Steel, except for his blocky, Frankenstein-like features and the fact that everything about him was reversed. In a sense, what Republican leaders are frantically trying to push through Congress is the Bizarro health care plan — a mirror image of the law it would replace, patched together from spare parts and castoff ideas.
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Dakota Access Pipeline races to start moving Bakken crude

Mar 16 2:01am The Barrel Blog
Oil will likely flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline under Lake Oahe in North Dakota early next week. Barring any more twists or turns — and there have been plenty in the last seven months of this project — the contentious 470,000 b/d crude oil pipeline will start commercial service very soon thereafter. It will […] The post Dakota Access Pipeline races to start moving Bakken crude appeared first on The Barrel Blog.
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Health care fight raises concerns about Paul Ryans political skills

Mar 15 10:15pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Paul Ryan’s leadership has long been questioned by Republicans who think he’s politically naïve, and the current health care fight is raising new concerns about Ryan’s political savvy, as the Republican speaker of the House faces the toughest test of his career. The Wisconsin Republican has always prioritized ideas and policy details above political strategies, and that’s often been part of his appeal. The latest example: As the GOP health care bill came under fire last week, Ryan held an on-camera briefing with reporters and conducted a half-hour seminar on the details of the legislation.
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Australia floats $1.5 billion hydro upgrade to help plug power gap

Mar 15 9:35pm Energy
Australia may spend up to A$2 billion to expand a huge hydro power scheme, although the main owners of the dam have yet to be consulted.
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One Piece at a Time - U.S. Crude Oil Supply/Demand Balances, Inventories and Pricing

Mar 15 9:00pm RBN Energy - Accelerating energy market analytics through collaboration, networking and alliances
Last week, crude oil prices dropped below $50/bbl, in part due to continued increases in U.S. crude oil inventories, and fell further over the next few days. Then yesterday, prices perked up by $1.14 to $48.86/bbl; again one of the factors was the weekly inventory number from the Energy Information Administration which showed inventories down by a fraction of a percentage point for the week. The market seems to react spontaneously to changes in that crude-stocks statistic. Up is bearish, down is bullish. These days even a very modest decline in inventories is bullish. But serious analysis requires a more detailed, more nuanced understanding of why crude oil inventories behave as they do. Were inventories driven up by higher production or lower refinery runs? By higher imports? By lower exports? The reasons behind the inventory change are more important than the change itself. Today we continue our series on the modeling of U.S. crude oil supply and demand, and the sourcing of input data used in those calculations. The focus of this blog series is on the growing significance of the U.S. supply/demand balance in the Shale Era, and on the data that’s available to assess it on a regular basis. In Part 1, we discussed the relationship between crude oil prices and the U.S. supply/demand balance, focusing on 1) the degree to which the two are out of balance and 2) the direction supply and demand are headed in relation to each other (closer to balance or further apart). Only by keeping a sharp eye on the ever-changing relationship between crude supply and crude consumption—and by anticipating shifts in that relationship—can oil traders and others whose daily success or failure depends on crude pricing trends make informed decisions. Inventory levels are key. Every barrel of oil that is either produced within the U.S. or imported into the country needs to go somewhere—to a U.S. refinery, to an export terminal for shipment overseas, or into storage. Refineries and exports take the crude out of circulation—that oil is gone, as far as the U.S. crude market is concerned. Inventories are different—they are the market “balancer”, and as a result crude storage levels are always on the market’s mind. The inventory build-up that EIA reported last week (an 8.2-MMbbl increase to a record 528.4 MMbbl in storage—not counting what’s in the Strategic Petrole...
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Oil prices extend gains after drop in US stockpiles

Mar 15 8:26pm Energy
Crude oil prices rose on Thursday in early Asian trading, extending gains from the previous session.
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Commodities tomorrow: Crude breaks 7-day losing streak

Mar 15 3:44pm Energy
CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets.
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Rachel Maddow had Trump's 2005 tax returns. The April 15 Tax March wants all of them.

Mar 15 3:14pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Rachel Maddow and David Cay Johnston may have had “Trump tax returns” Tuesday night, as her Twitter feed announced, but they didn’t have the Trump tax returns. No one has seen those — the full itemized forms that list sources of income — and President Trump and his 2016 campaign surrogates have offered a conflicting and bewildering array of reasons for not disclosing them. Against this backdrop, a determined group of activists has vowed to amp up the pressure for their release and has spent the past two months planning April 15 tax marches in 80 cities in four nations to demand that Trump disclose his tax returns.
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US crude settles at $48.86, up 2.4% on stockpile drop, snapping 7-session losing streak

Mar 15 2:39pm Energy
Oil prices climbed from three-month lows.
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Joe Kennedys emotional Obamacare story: Law saved my interns life

Mar 15 1:53pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
For Rep. Joe Kennedy III, D-Mass., the fight to protect the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from Republican attacks isn’t just politics. Jen Fox, a cancer survivor who is an intern in Kennedy’s Capitol office, credits Obamacare for saving her life twice and fears that her story would have had a different ending if she had needed treatment under President Trump’s American Health Care Act (AHCA). “I think that the Affordable Care Act is amazing.
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Oil prices rebound off lows as US crude inventories ease off record high

Mar 15 1:07pm Energy
Oil prices climbed from three-month lows.
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Saudi Aramco to resume oil product shipments to Egypt: Egyptian oil ministry

Mar 15 12:48pm Energy
Aramco will resume shipping oil to Egypt, ending a five month hiatus that began in November.
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House Intel Committee chairman: We dont have any evidence to back up Trumps wiretap claim

Mar 15 12:25pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
The Republican leader of the House Intelligence Committee says he has yet to see any evidence of President Trump’s claim that former President Barack Obama tapped his phones at Trump Tower before the 2016 presidential election. “That evidence still remains the same,” Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told reporters at a press conference Wednesday on Capitol Hill. Trump leveled the explosive allegation against his predecessor on Twitter earlier this month.
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GOP Sen. Graham: Congress ready to flex its muscle if FBI doesnt provide answers on Trump wiretapping claim

Mar 15 12:11pm Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Wednesday that Congress would “flex its muscle” and issue a subpoena if FBI Director James Comey did not respond to his request to say whether the agency is investigating President Trump’s unsubstantiated wiretapping claims as well as possible ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign.
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Trump, Saudi deputy crown prince discuss new economic deal: White House

Mar 15 11:39am Energy
The U.S. President and the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince met to discuss opportunities for new economic programs.
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Oil prices hold gains as EIA reports surprise 237,000 barrel drop in US crude stockpiles

Mar 15 10:35am Energy
Oil prices climbed from three-month lows.
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Crude oil inventories down 237K barrels

Mar 15 10:31am Energy
CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis reports the latest read on crude oil inventories from the EIA.
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The next tax battle is here, and it's a bigger chunk of money than border adjustment

Mar 15 9:57am Energy
The corporate interest deduction raises more revenue for the federal government than a border adjustment tax would.
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Trump: I dont believe reporter found my tax returns in his mailbox

Mar 15 9:41am Energy News Headlines - Yahoo! News
President Trump expressed doubt that the copy of his tax returns revealed on Rachel Maddow’s primetime show on MSNBC Tuesday was simply mailed to the journalist who obtained it. “Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, ‘went to his mailbox’ and found my tax returns?” Trump tweeted early Wednesday. “Gee, Donald, your White House confirmed my story,” Johnston wrote.
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Three Reasons Why Keystone XL May Never Get Built

Mar 15 8:52am Resilience
Almost a full decade since first applying for a presidential permit, TransCanada looks set to finally receive go-ahead in the U.S. for its massive $8-billion Keystone XL pipeline. The post Three Reasons Why Keystone XL May Never Get Built appeared first on Resilience.
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Scientists use solar power to produce hydrogen from biomass

Mar 15 8:07am Energy
Scientists in England have developed a technique that uses solar power to produce clean hydrogen from biomass.
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OPEC wants normal inventory levels, but it's not happening, analyst says

Mar 15 7:57am Energy
"Prices have just kind thrown in the towel in the last week," says ClipperData's Max Smith.
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