Sympathetic magic and the church of positive thinking

Mar 19 8:46pm Early Retirement Extreme
Magical thinking is the cognitive mistake of confusing correlation with causation. It is a very common mistake and is due to a lack of critical thinking. A person is particular prone to this mistake if he is incapable of thinking “statistically”. To think statistically one must be able to reason alternative scenarios leading to alternative […]...
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A Strong Marriage in Retirement

Mar 19 6:28pm Can I Retire Yet?
A stable marriage is the bedrock of personal and financial success for many of us. Having recently celebrated my 30th anniversary, maybe I’m entitled to talk just a little bit about what works, and what doesn’t. Though, I know there is no “formula” for human relationships. Each is unique. And each relationship requires effort every ... [Continue reading] The post A Strong Marriage in Retirement appeared first on Can I Retire Yet?.
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20 top cities to start your 'anti-retirement'

Mar 19 11:00am Personal Finance
Baby boomers are flocking to cities that offer affordable housing, great health care and strong job prospects.
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Understanding Your Bond Funds Duration

Mar 19 9:50am The Chicago Financial Planner
For most of the past 30 years bonds and bond mutual funds have had the proverbial wind in their sails. Interest rates have steadily headed downwards. Bond prices and interest rates have an inverse relationship. Last week, however, the Fed increased interest rates by 25 basis points (0.25\%). They also indicated that they would continue […] Related Posts: Investing Lessons from Vanguard’s Gus Sauter Shake-Up at PIMco – Should Investors Care? New Stock Market Highs: It’s Different This Time Right? 5 Mutual Fund Investing Lessons from the Bill Gross Saga What Do ETFs and Youth Soccer Have in Common? Understanding Your Bond Fund’s Duration is a post from: The Chicago Financial Planner...
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Cooking for 6 days in 30 minutes for less than $4

Mar 19 8:46am Early Retirement Extreme
These are the instructions, I mean recipe, for what I ate 90\% of the time when I was in grad school. It is a healthier alternative to ramen and it takes no time to do (the 30 minutes includes the time needed to clean up). We are going to cook two different meals at the […]...
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Eight Money Mistakes the Middle Class Keeps Making

Mar 19 8:00am The Simple Dollar
About half of Americans lived in middle-income households in 2014, according to Pew Research. This demographic includes families with incomes two-thirds to double the U.S. median household income – or those earning between $42,000 and $125,000 (with cost-of-living adjustments for expensive metropolitan areas). America’s middle class includes teachers, firefighters, and plumbers, but also engineers, construction managers, and chefs — workers from all over the economy. The middle class provides and consumes the bulk of services that keep society afloat, driving economic growth ... The post Eight Money Mistakes the Middle Class Keeps Making appeared first on The Simple Dollar.
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15 Quick Tips on How To Conserve Water at Home and Save Money

Mar 19 7:20am Ready To Be Rich
The United Nations has declared March 22 as World Water Day. And to be part of this annual celebration, I’m sharing today some tips on how to save water at home. It’s important to do water management and conservation because fresh water is not a free resource. And by learning how to save water, we […] Note: This is just a preview. Read the full article at Ready To Be Rich by clicking this link: 15 Quick Tips on How To Conserve Water at Home and Save Money Do you want to gain financial wealth and spiritual abundance at the same time? Join Truly Rich Club and receive 16 incredible blessings for FREE, including the opportunity to earn passive income every month! Click here to learn more.
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Dont Buy the Alternative Facts. Heres What Actually Impacts Your Credit

Mar 19 6:00am The Penny Hoarder
Credit can get confusing, especially with all the rumors and half-truths out there. We get to the bottom of what actually affects your score — and what doesn’t. The post Don’t Buy the Alternative Facts. Here’s What Actually Impacts Your Credit appeared first on The Penny Hoarder.
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How to Invest With as Little as $1000

Mar 19 5:45am Personal Finance News
If you think that investing is only for the rich and for those who are well off, you’re wrong. Investing is for everyone. Of course, if you have a lot of cash, there are more investment options available for you. However, with as little as $1,000 you can start your own investment portfolio. A journey […] The post How to Invest With as Little as $1000 appeared on Personal Finance News.
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This Week/March 19-25

Mar 19 3:42am HumbleDollar
ROUND UP THE MORTGAGE CHECK. If you’re paying $1,512 a month, send the mortgage company $1,600 instead. It’s a painless way to increase your monthly savings, the extra $88 a month could allow you to pay off your mortgage years earlier, and you’ll earn a pretax return equal to your mortgage’s interest rate. That rate will likely be lower than the long-run return on stocks, but it should be better than you can get with high-quality bonds and certificates of deposit. The post This Week/March 19-25 appeared first on HumbleDollar.
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Niche Website Update 38 How I Sold My Websites

Mar 19 1:00am My Money Design
Hello and welcome to the LONG overdue edition of my Niche Website update series.  This is a very special write-up because it’s somewhat of a conclusion: The story of how I sold my websites, how much money they made, and what I will be doing next! But first … let’s go back to the beginning. […] The post Niche Website Update 38 – How I Sold My Websites appeared first on My Money Design.
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The DQYDJ Weekender, 3/18/2017

Mar 18 1:54pm DQYDJ
Haven’t done a Weekender for a while, have I?  Sorry about that – a comedy of errors over here at home base plus the young one have made it difficult. But c’mon, you know we’re not going anywhere.  We kept posting the normal weekly content, didn’t we? Also, a PSA: I’m currently in 5th place […] The post The DQYDJ Weekender, 3/18/2017 appeared first on DQYDJ. From the Archives: The DQYDJ Weekender, 1/8/2017 The DQYDJ Weekender, 2/4/2017 The DQYDJ Weekender, 9/29/2012...
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Hot Stocks Have a Delicious Bite of Chipotle ($CMG)

Mar 18 12:03pm Modest Money
Honestly, I’m more of a Qdoba man when it comes to beans, beef, and queso. But when it comes to buying stock, I’m a Chipotle investor all the way. This… The post Hot Stocks – Have a Delicious Bite of Chipotle ($CMG) appeared first on Modest Money.
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A Deeper Look at Check-Cashing Services: Do They Really Provide an Alternative Banking Opportunity?

Mar 18 10:00am The Simple Dollar
A couple of weeks ago, Business Insider published an amazing article by Alex Morrell on check cashing that I think is well worth everyone’s time to read: An Ivy League professor who spent four months working in a South Bronx check-cashing store says we’re getting it all wrong. The article focuses on the research of University of Pennsylvania professor Lisa Servon, who spent several months working as a cashier at a check-cashing service in order to actually understand why people would ... The post A Deeper Look at Check-Cashing Services: Do They Really Provide an ‘Alternative Banking’ Opportunity? appeared first on The Simple Dollar.
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RV vs. apartment

Mar 18 8:45am Early Retirement Extreme
We just came back from one week’s vacation at the in-laws, so now I need a vacation. I always seem to need some time to recover after the bustling activity of family gettogethers. Anyway, staying in an 2.5 bedroom apartment for the first time since we moved into the RV allowed me to make some […]...
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Stop Shrinking Your Wardrobe and Your Budget: 9 Pro Tips for Doing Laundry

Mar 18 6:00am The Penny Hoarder
Humiliated and broke because you turned a whole load of whites into pinks? Want to avoid having to re-buy the clothing you already love? Brush up on your laundry skills with these nine tips. The post Stop Shrinking Your Wardrobe and Your Budget: 9 Pro Tips for Doing Laundry appeared first on The Penny Hoarder.
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Take It to the Limit

Mar 18 3:28am HumbleDollar
WE IMAGINE WE FINALLY have everything sorted out, only to wake the next morning with a gnawing sense of uncertainty, plus the milk’s sour and we’re out of coffee. Welcome to the human condition. We lead lives bounded by limitations, some self-imposed and some imposed on us. Here are just 15 of the obstacles we face: No accomplishment leaves us happy and satisfied for long. Our days are numbered, but we don’t know the count. The post Take It to the Limit appeared first on HumbleDollar.
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Change is Hard! This Prisoner Refuses to Leave Jail

Mar 17 11:53pm Personal Finance News
Why certain individuals keep getting into debts even with good income? For some, change in their behaviors is very hard. But none of those stories are as unusual as a 70-year-old Saudi inmate who refused to leave prison after completing his jail term. He said he feels better in jail than being at home. The man was […] The post Change is Hard! This Prisoner Refuses to Leave Jail appeared on Personal Finance News.
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Better Sleep as Beneficial as Winning Lottery

Mar 17 9:51pm Personal Finance News
According to the study published in the journey Sleep, a good night’s sleep is as beneficial as winning lottery.The new research from the University of Warwick found that sleep well is worth as much as a medium-sized lottery win of £120,000 or $150,000 USD. Researchers at the Department of Psychology analyzed the sleep patterns of […] The post Better Sleep as Beneficial as Winning Lottery appeared on Personal Finance News.
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Angry people, insults, frugal lifestyles, and the poor

Mar 17 8:47pm Early Retirement Extreme
Disclaimer: Regular readers know that I’m no stickler for political correctness. I won’t say “he or she” or use other literary tongue-twister to point out what should be obvious. I won’t say “challenged” instead of “lacking”. I won’t say “developing” instead of “undeveloped”. I won’t point out obvious things like nearly every rule has exceptions. […]...
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Feeling Totally Stressed at Work? This Simple 5-Step Plan Can Help

Mar 17 3:00pm The Penny Hoarder
Want a quick way to reduce stress at work? This five-minute game plan is beyond simple. The post Feeling Totally Stressed at Work? This Simple 5-Step Plan Can Help appeared first on The Penny Hoarder.
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Weekend Reading for Financial Planners (Mar 18-19)

Mar 17 2:55pm
Enjoy the current installment of “weekend reading for financial planners” – this week’s edition kicks off with a “surprising” Field Assistance Bulletin issued last week by the Department of Labor on its looming fiduciary rule, noting that there’s a real possibility that the rule will not be delayed by the April 10th applicability date, but then stating thatRead More...
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What You Need to Know About Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM)

Mar 17 2:28pm The Dough Roller
If you’re looking to leave the traditional workforce to be an entrepreneur, freelance worker, or early retiree, one of the biggest financial challenges you will face is medical insurance. Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM) are an alternative to traditional health insurance policies, and could be a viable solution for some people. Why an alternative is […] The post What You Need to Know About Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM) appeared first on The Dough Roller.
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Baby Nursery Checklist: 7 Essential Items & 5 Things to Forget

Mar 17 2:15pm Money Crashers
If I could go back in time, I would have become a wedding planner or someone who decorates nurseries for expecting moms. Why? Because there are two events in a woman’s life where she goes above and beyond a rational budget: her wedding and her baby’s arrival. Since any woman can remember, they have fantasized… Baby Nursery Checklist: 7 Essential Items & 5 Things to Forget is a post from the Money Crashers personal finance blog.       ...
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The Unexpected Advantages of Online Traffic School

Mar 17 1:59pm Personal Finance Blog – Personal Finance and Money Management Tips
It’s almost impossible to avoid getting a traffic ticket at some point. Even the most careful drivers will find themselves rolling through a stop sign or speeding at the most inopportune time. In most places, if you do get a ticket, you will have the option to attend traffic school in exchange for a reduced ... The post The Unexpected Advantages of Online Traffic School appeared first on Personal Finance Blog - Personal Finance and Money Management Tips.
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No Degree? No Problem. 5 Ways to Find Good Jobs Without Going to College

Mar 17 1:25pm The Penny Hoarder
More companies than ever are hiring college grads. But what if you don’t want to go to college or you can’t afford it? Here’s how to find great jobs without a degree... The post No Degree? No Problem. 5 Ways to Find Good Jobs Without Going to College appeared first on The Penny Hoarder.
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Expert Stock Picks: Robert Shiller and THE ENTIRE STOCK MARKET ($GSCP)

Mar 17 12:37pm Modest Money
You might have noticed that market gains have been extravagant of late. If you’re invested in a broad swath of the market, you’re likely happy. Happiness is perhaps an understatement… The post Expert Stock Picks: Robert Shiller and THE ENTIRE STOCK MARKET ($GSCP) appeared first on Modest Money.
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Ritas Italian Ice Has Freebies on March 20. Heres How to Get Yours

Mar 17 12:34pm The Penny Hoarder
Rita’s Italian Ice is giving away free frozen treats at all locations March 20. Plus, you can enter to win free Italian ice for a year! The post Rita’s Italian Ice Has Freebies on March 20. Here’s How to Get Yours appeared first on The Penny Hoarder.
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The Forgotten Question When Purchasing A Vehicle

Mar 17 12:14pm Clever Dude Personal Finance & Money
When people buy a new vehicle, many times the focus is on negotiating the price and working the financing to get a monthly payment that fits in the budget. If the monthly payment of the new vehicle is the only thing considered when determining affordability, a very important piece of the puzzle is being forgotten. […]...
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Got a New Job? Congrats! Now Ask These 11 Health Insurance Questions

Mar 17 12:04pm The Penny Hoarder
New jobs are exciting, and it’s easy to miss some important details. Always make sure you ask these 11 important health insurance questions. The post Got a New Job? Congrats! Now Ask These 11 Health Insurance Questions appeared first on The Penny Hoarder.
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If you're lucky, you'll avoid this painful St. Patrick's Day bill

Mar 17 11:58am Personal Finance
Emergency dental visits jump 77 percent after St. Patrick's Day. Here's how to avoid a painful surprise bill.
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Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express Review 10% Cash Back at Restaurants

Mar 17 11:00am Consumerism Commentary
When the Credit Card Act was passed years ago, many thought it would be the end of credit card rewards programs. Despite increased costs of operations, credit card issuers continue to beef up their attempts to attract new customers, with bonuses for signing up and growing perks. The best cards you’ll find today seem to […] The post Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express Review – 10\% Cash Back at Restaurants appeared first on Consumerism Commentary.
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So You Want to Make More Money? Seven Core Pieces of Career Advice I Wish I Knew Starting Out

Mar 17 10:00am The Simple Dollar
Several years ago, I had the chance to work closely with an intern I’ll call Chris. Chris was quite good at the tasks we gave him and you could see strong glimmers of the type of professional he might someday become. Chris interned with us for two different periods, and at the end of the second period, we held a small “going away” lunch for him. We all gave him small gifts. I gave him two tickets to a concert ... The post So You Want to Make More Money? Seven Core Pieces of Career Advice I Wish I Knew Starting Out appeared first on The Simple Dollar.
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These People Had a Collective $250,000 in Debt. Heres How They Paid It Off

Mar 17 10:00am The Penny Hoarder
Working on paying off credit card debt? You’re not alone. These five tried-and-true techniques can help you start making a dent in it right now. The post These People Had a Collective $250,000 in Debt. Here’s How They Paid It Off appeared first on The Penny Hoarder.
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Profitable Ideas: Lessons for Living, The Limits of Minimalism, and More

Mar 17 9:30am Matt About Money
A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently. Some lessons for living from older generations (A Wealth of Common Sense). One of the absolute best ways to learn about life—the financial aspects and everything else—is to ask those who’ve gone before us. The observer effect and […]...
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Full Time Exit Plan: Smart Steps for Starting a Side Business That Will Grow

Mar 17 9:29am Money Soldiers
It can feel like a step too far to give up your day job and launch yourself into your own business which is why the sensible strategy for many who have ambitions to control their own financial destiny, is to start a side business and see how things go from there. Here is look at […] The post Full Time Exit Plan: Smart Steps for Starting a Side Business That Will Grow appeared first on Money Soldiers.
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BankAmericard Cash Rewards $100 Sign Up Bonus

Mar 17 9:29am My Dollar Plan
One of the easiest sign up bonuses I picked up in my $4,292 Credit Card Application Spree was the BankAmericard Cash Rewards card. Like the MLB BankAmericard $100 Sign Up Bonus that many of you got from Bank of America, the Cash Rewards card also has a $100 sign up bonus on just $500 in [...] Continue reading...
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Tips for Avoiding Financial Disagreements

Mar 17 9:12am Saving to Invest
Here is the second article in the series about couples and money. The first one was around effective planning and managing expectations for couples. But as we know in reality, even the best laid... Read the rest of the post...
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3 Sensible Financial Habits

Mar 17 9:11am Money Soldiers
We all want to be in the best possible position when it comes to our finances, but achieving this is often easier said than done. The truth is that money can be fickle, and even if you have a lot of it it can cause you endless problems. Still, it is worth learning how to […] The post 3 Sensible Financial Habits appeared first on Money Soldiers.
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Don't let this runaway expense ruin your plans for retirement

Mar 17 9:00am Personal Finance
Medical expenses could set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars once you stop working.
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Is it not strange that

Mar 17 8:46am Early Retirement Extreme
… modern culture does not seem to value individual independence of thought yet it values individual comfort. Conversely, collective thought (an oxymoron really) is valued whereas few care about collective comfort. Actually it is both strange and quite sad. It begets the question whether this preference is evolutionarily determined or conditioned by culture. One thing […]...
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Side Pursuits Thatll Bag You Some Extra Cash

Mar 17 8:46am Pinching Pennies
      It’s nice to have money, right? But when you’ve been earning the same amount of money for a while, it can make you feel a bit stuck. You know you have the skills to earn a bit more cash, but a raise doesn’t seem to be happening at work, and a promotion […]...
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For retirees, the penalty for missing this April 1 deadline is 50 percent

Mar 17 8:30am Personal Finance
Retirees taking a required minimum distribution for the first time often procrastinate. Missing out will cost you.
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Investing Blog Roundup: Individual Investors Not So Dumb After All?

Mar 17 8:00am Oblivious Investor
For many years, people in the financial industry have referred to DALBAR’s “Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior” studies to show that investors dramatically underperform their own investments due to poor decisions about when they buy and sell mutual funds. (You can read the 2016 edition of the report here, for instance.) The DALBAR reports consistently show […]...
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10 Awesome Ways Retirees Can Work From Home and Make Extra Cash in 2017

Mar 17 8:00am The Penny Hoarder
Whether you’re just bored or need some extra cash in retirement, we have 10 work-from-home gigs that can up your retirement income. The post 10 Awesome Ways Retirees Can Work From Home and Make Extra Cash in 2017 appeared first on The Penny Hoarder.
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How to use your tax refund to improve your finances

Mar 17 7:00am Personal Finance Blog | LSS
If you’re lucky enough to get a tax refund, it’s best to plan out how you’re going to use it. We’re flashing back to this post about 7 smart ways to use your refund. Tax time can be a nice… Read more › The post How to use your tax refund to improve your finances appeared first on Personal Finance Blog | LSS.
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Here's How a Claim Will Impact Your Car Insurance

Mar 17 7:00am Wise Bread
You sideswiped a parked car. Or maybe you slammed on the brakes too late and rear-ended the driver ahead of you. Whatever happened, the accident is clearly your fault. Now it's time to give your insurance a call. When you file a claim, your auto insurer will pay for the repairs to your vehicle and, if you are at fault in the accident, whatever repairs are needed for other vehicles involved in the collision. Your insurer might also pay for any injuries suffered by you or other drivers. But filing a claim also comes with a negative: In most cases, it will cause your insurance rates to rise. How much your policy's rate rises depends on a host of factors. Mitigating Factors On its website, Geico says that drivers' rates don't automatically rise after an accident. Instead, the insurer looks at several factors before deciding whether to issue a rate increase. These include your driving record, the number of claims you've made in the past, and the amount of money that the insurer has paid out to you during the life of your insurance policy. Esurance also states that insurance rates don't automatically jump after an accident. The company says that minor accidents and fender benders don't always equal a rate increase, especially if you have a record of safe driving. Fault matters, too, of course. Esurance says that if you weren't at fault in an accident, your premium might not jump. When Are Rates Most Likely to Jump? Both Geico and Esurance say that premiums are more likely to increase if you are found at fault in a major accident. Again, your past driving record plays a big role in determining not only if your rate jumps after a major accident, but by how much. Your insurer, though, might increase your rate even if you weren't the driver who caused the accident. That's because car insurers have determined that even after an accident that isn't your fault, you are still statistically more likely to get into another accident. This makes you more of a risk to your auto insurer. Some states regulate how much of an increase you'll see after an accident, no matter who was at fault. Consider New York. Here, insurance companies can boost rates only if you were found at fault in an accident that caused injuries or more than $2,000 in property damage. In Massachusetts, insurers can only raise your premiums if you are...
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Flashback Friday: 48 Ways to Master the Art of Decluttering in Time for Spring

Mar 17 6:30am Wise Bread
With spring about to be sprung, it's time to tidy up your life. A major aspect of that is clearing out the clutter. Because once clutter accumulates, you lose track of things, your stress increases, and it really just gets in your way. Who needs that? Here's how to maximize your full decluttering potential when it comes time to spring clean. Make Money and Declutter by Selling These 5 Unlikely Treasures — There are certain items in your house right now that can bring in some extra cash. If you're not using it, why not make a little money instead, right? Clear the junk and fill your bank account. My 16 Favorite Ways to Get Rid of Clutter — A fantastic way to get ready to declutter is to hear another person's success story on the process. And nobody maximizes their space and earning potential quite like Max Wong. She can practically turn dust into diamonds and sell them to a major jeweler. She'll steer you right. 8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Declutter — Your clutter is there for a reason. The items occupying all your free space might have sentimental value, or you might have a bit of FOMO at the thought of throwing something away. These self-reflective questions will help you understand why you need to declutter in the first place, and how to avoid it altogether in the future. Turn Old Clothes Into Money With These 4 Tools and Apps — If I had a dollar every time I went into my closet and noticed a dress or shirt I never wear anymore, I'd be rich. Well, now I can put my money where my mouth is (and so can you!) by selling those unwanted pieces through these helpful apps and tools. 10 Smart Ways to Keep Your Entire Life Clutter-Free — This method for decluttering is particularly brilliant, because it has you start out small. These tips also help you change the way you think about tangible things as soon as they come into your possession, and decide immediately whether or not you really need them. The Only 5 Words You Need to Declutter Your Life — Enter into Spring Cleaning season with this five-word mantra and you'll glide into summer as free as a bird. It's as easy as Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. Yup, rot. Now get to work! This article is from Chrissa Hardy of Wise Bread, an award-winning personal finance and credit card comparison website. Re...
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The Fair Way to Split Up Your Family's Estate

Mar 17 6:30am Wise Bread
I've seen many family rifts created over an estate. Without clear guidance on your wishes, heirs and relatives may descend into fights over your belongings, sometimes taking grudges to their own graves. Don't let that happen to your family. Here are a few tips on how to smooth out the kinks of your will before you take your last bow. Determine Beneficiaries in Your Life Insurance Policy Ahead of Time If you have a life insurance policy, you have the option to name beneficiaries before you die. You can divide the payout evenly among those you'd like to name, or you can assign a particular percentage of the payout to each individual. Either way, you spare your beneficiaries the unpleasant conversation of who gets how much. If there are any hurt feelings after the fact because this person or that person didn't receive the payout they feel they deserve, it's really not your problem anymore. At least you spelled out your wishes legally and ahead of time. Involve Your Beneficiaries in Inheritance Decisions While You're Alive If you want to involve your family in the asset-dividing task while you're still alive, there are a couple ways to make this work. Certified financial planner Jody Giles — author of Missing Pieces Plan, a guide to help people plan for their final wishes — offers two options for family participation in asset assignment to avoid infighting when you pass. Round Robin One way to give away heirlooms now, Giles says, is to hold a "round robin" where each beneficiary gets a turn picking an asset or heirloom. "I suggest making a list of all the items you deem sentimental and circulate it to your loved ones," says Giles. They can then choose from the list, or add items you may not have even thought about. "You might find they really care about a coffee mug that you don't see as valuable, but they do," she says. Once you have a complete list, you may consider separating sentimental items (coffee mugs, trophies, a wine opener, nostalgic popcorn bowl) from valuable items, like furniture, silver, jewelry, and art. Drawing names is a great way to determine who starts the round robin, or you can easily go by birth order or other creative option for deciding who goes first. Then have each loved one choose an item off the "sentimental" list, then the &...
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5 Free Accounting Tools for Freelancers

Mar 17 6:30am Wise Bread
As a freelancer, you're responsible for every aspect of your business. Not only do you need to deliver a great product, but you also need to manage your expenses, invoice clients, and handle your own taxes. And as a freelancer, time is money. Instead of juggling spreadsheets and files yourself, check out these five accounting tools that are completely free. 1. Zoho Zoho is one of the most robust bookkeeping platforms out there. With the free version, you can invoice up to five customers a month. And you can track expenses, customize your invoices, receive online payments, and manage timesheets. 2. Due If your business is growing and you need to be able to accept credit card payments rather than just cash or check, Due may be the solution for you. Due is free to use, and you can send invoices and get paid online. Due charges a processing fee of 2.8\%, and promises to match any lower offer. 3. PocketSuite For people running smaller businesses, such as dog-walking services or housecleaners, some of the bookkeeping software can be overwhelming with unnecessary features. And many of them don't offer essential features those freelancers need, such as scheduling or client contact options. Pocketsuite is a mobile app that allows you to connect with clients and manage your business finances all in one spot. With the free "Pro" version, you can schedule appointments with clients, send professional invoices, accept credit card payments for a flat 2.5\% processing fee, send messages to your customers, and even accept tips. 4. PayPal PayPal allows users to upgrade to a free business account in order to receive credit card payments for purchases and create invoices as needed. You won't pay a transaction fee for shopping through your personal account, but upon receiving funds for goods or services, you will pay a 2.9\% fee, plus $.30, of the total amount received. PayPal also lets you run reports on all funds coming and going, so you can seamlessly track your professional finances. 5. Wave Wave's bookkeeping and accounting services are completely free; you only pay a fee if you add employees. They also charge a 2.9\% processing fee if you accept credit card payments from clients. You can track your expenses and income, and with the easy-to-use platform, it's easy to manage even if you don't have experience in...
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For Richer or Poorer: 8 Ways Getting Married Affects Your Taxes

Mar 17 6:00am The Penny Hoarder
When you get married, it affects your taxes in a number of ways. Here are eight key things to keep in mind. The post For Richer or Poorer: 8 Ways Getting Married Affects Your Taxes appeared first on The Penny Hoarder.
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10 Lifestyle Changes That Will Always Pay Off

Mar 17 6:00am Wise Bread
Change is never easy. As Garth Algar once said in Wayne's World, "we fear change." And that's natural. The unknown can present risks. It can pose a threat. Change can also be hard, whereas maintaining the status quo is easy. But hard lifestyle changes — like the 10 that follow — will always lead to a much better life for you. And best of all, they will cost you absolutely nothing. 1. Decluttering and Organizing Whether it's the garage, the junk drawer, the closet, the kitchen, the basement, the attic, or all of the above, it's a task most of us put off. And keep putting off. The problem with decluttering and organizing is that things always look worse before they look better. If you pull everything out of that junk drawer, you've got a real mess on your hands. It's far easier to just close it and forget about it. But whatever is a mess at home, or at work, you need to attack it with vigor. Not only will you find things you thought were lost forever, you'll also free up space and feel better. And it will stop you from buying things over and over, because you can never find them. Chapstick, anyone? (See also: 12 Ways a Deep Declutter Will Improve Your Live) 2. Eating Well It's hard to eat healthy, especially in this country. You can go to McDonald's right now and get two cheeseburgers, fries, and a soda for less than $5. It's filling, and it's tasty. Finding a healthy, filling, and convenient alternative for the same price — now that's a challenge. But we are what we eat, and study after study tells us that junk food and a lack of fruit and vegetables in our diet is making us all more susceptible to illness and disease. Limit fast food, eat smaller portions, and substitute unhealthy snacks for things like low-sugar granola bars, nuts, and fruits. (See also: 8 Ways to Save on Dinner — No Meal Planning Required) 3. Drinking More Water Ricky Gervais has said that he hates drinking water "because it's boring." Many people feel the same way. Water is not the delight to the taste buds that coffee, soda, or a glass of chilled white wine is. But we need water. Many of us are actually dehydrated and we don't even realize it. So, pledge to drink a little more water each day. Make it a habit. Add ice and a slice of lemon or lime. Have it with every meal, alongside a drin...
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Best Money Tips: 75 Things You Don't Need to Buy

Mar 17 6:00am Wise Bread
Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on things you really don’t need to buy, budget-friendly ways to do retail therapy, and apps that pay you for your selfies. Top 5 Articles 75 Things You Really Don't Need to Buy — Skip the premium gas. Few cars actually require high-octane gasoline. Check your car's manual and stick to the lowest recommended octane level. [Cheapism] 6 Ways To Do Retail Therapy Without Ruining Your Budget — Retail therapy can actually be good for you if you do it right. [Ready To Be Rich] 5 Apps Where You Can Get Paid to Take Selfies — These companies will pay you for the right to use your selfies. [Saving Freak] Want to View the World with Fresh Eyes? 13 Tips to See More Clearly. — Pretend to be a tourist and really pay attention to your surroundings. [Gretchen Rubin] 35 Things You'll Regret Doing in Life — Don't live a life of regrets. Take a step back, look at your choices, and consider making a few changes. [PopSugar Smart Living] Other Essential Reading Retirement Made Easy: Tips To Make The Transition Simple — Boredom and loneliness can be bad for your physical and mental health. Retirees can try volunteering, going to local shows and concerts, or playing sports. [Dumb Little Man] Three strategies to avoid losing things — Limit what you carry with you when you're out and about to lower the odds of losing something. [Unclutterer] How to Stay Calm: 17 Tips for Stressful and Frustrating Situations — When you start to feel really frustrated, angry, or sad about a situation, question your perspective before it goes any further. [The Positivity Blog] 5 Ways To Get Organized in 15 Minutes — If you need to do some quick tidying, put loose items in a laundry basket and set it aside to re-home later.  [Get Organized Wizard] How to Help Your Kids Grieve After Losing a Family Pet — Respective that everyone grieves differently, including your children. Let them process the experience at their own pace. [Parenting Squad] This article is from Amy Lu of Wise Bread, an award-winning personal finance and credit card comparison website. Read more great articles from Wise Bread: 10 Gifts for Your Boss...
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Long Term Investing Is All About Saving Yourself From Yourself

Mar 17 5:18am Financial Samurai
One of the biggest problems I consistently observe is people’s inability to control their spending once they start making money or a lot more money. We all know someone who is making the big bucks, yet is just living paycheck to paycheck (see: Scraping By On $500,000 A Year). After three months of grueling work out of college, IRead More...
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How to Pay Off Debt as a One-Income Family

Mar 17 5:00am Jessi Fearon
This is my guest post that was featured on POPSUGAR. To go ahead and read the full post, head here or to read a spinet of the post, continue on. 🙂  It was a crazy thought — paying off and cutting up every single one of my credit cards. It was an even crazier thoughtContinue reading... The post How to Pay Off Debt as a One-Income Family appeared first on Jessi Fearon.
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The Only Money Saving App You Need If Youre Too Busy To Cut Coupons

Mar 17 4:00am A Debt Free Stress Free Life
Who doesn’t love to save money on groceries and everyday items needed for your family?  But coupon cutting can be time-consuming.  What if there was a money saving app that could eliminate the coupon cutting but helped you saved money on almost everything you need to purchase for your family?  Look no further – I’llView Post The post The Only Money Saving App You Need If You’re Too Busy To Cut Coupons appeared first on A Debt Free Stress Free Life.
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What Is The Best Way To Spring Clean Living Spaces?

Mar 17 4:00am A Debt Free Stress Free Life
What is the best way to spring clean your house? Best meaning fastest, most efficient and most effective way to approach spring cleaning?  It is the room by room method or is it better to tackle it one task at a time?  There really isn’t a right or wrong answer here.  It really depends onView Post The post What Is The Best Way To Spring Clean Living Spaces? appeared first on A Debt Free Stress Free Life.
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WealthSimple Review: The Robo Advisor With Feelings

Mar 17 3:15am The College Investor
Is investing hard? Not really. At The College Investor, we believe that lazy investors grow rich. Investors rarely need to learn about anything beyond basic asset allocation. Once you figure out some jargon and automate a habit of sensible investing, you’re set. It’s easier than ever to start investing in publicly traded stocks and bonds. […] The post WealthSimple Review: The Robo Advisor With Feelings appeared first on The College Investor.
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The Bare Minimum

Mar 17 2:30am The White Coat Investor – Investing And Personal Finance Information For Physicians, Dentists, Residents, Students, And Other Highly-Educated Busy Professionals
Some high-income professionals hate personal finance and investing. If that is you, this post is for you. If that isn't you, send this post to someone you care about.
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