Alive But Inactive

Feb 23 2:23pm Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look
I just checked my blog email account for the first time in months. It's possible - not likely - that I will sort through the spam and actually read and reply to your emails. It's also possible and not likely that I will actually post something sometime in the next month or two.
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Top 5 HC Reform Action Steps for Pharmaceuticals

Apr 9 7:47am The Pharmaceutical Industry and Healthcare Reform
Healthcare Reform has passed (as predicted here in January).  It's time for action.  Wait you say... many aspects of reform won't take place for several years.  While that's true, seizing opportunity in the wake of reform requires immediate attentive action.  Some of what's in the legislation will require careful analysis driving well constructed plans both of which will take some time to do well.  Other opportunities created by the legislation have a distinct first mover advantage.  Those who take action now will win the day.  Other aspects will demand years...
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