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Podcast 2: Planning vs. Investing

From Canadian Couch Potato
December 15, 2016 - 8:00am
The second episode of the Canadian Couch Potato podcast is now available: Many thanks to the thousands of people who downloaded and listened to the debut episode, and for sending your feedback and suggestions for future topics. After an initial delay, the podcast is now available through iTunes as well as all major podcasting apps, so please subscribe if you haven’t done so already. If you enjoy what you hear, I invite you review the podcast on iTunes, which helps more listeners hear about it. Our new episode features financial planner Sandi Martin, who will be well-known to readers of Canadian financial blogs: she has her own blog at Spring Personal Finance, and has been a contributor to Boomer & Echo. Sandi is also one of the creators of the Because Money video and podcast series. In our interview, Sandi and I discuss the important (and frequently misunderstood) differences between financial planning and investment management. The media often lump these two services together, but they are fundamentally different: in all provinces except Quebec, financial planning is not even regulated.

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