7 swift steps to master SEO

Apr 23 8:00am Ragan.com
Writers who understand search engine optimization can help their organizations or clients digitally leapfrog the competition.
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Asia-Pacific News In Brief (April 24, 2017)

Apr 23 3:00am Holmes Report Latest
New people at Burson-Marsteller, Citadel Magnus; MHP opens in Singapore; a new firm opens in Sydney.
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New Study Of Younger Consumers Raises Doubts About Self-Driving Cars

Apr 23 3:00am Holmes Report Latest
Although 92\% of GenZennials, a microgeneration of 16 to 24 year-olds, currently own a car or plan to buy one, less than one in four plan on buying a self driving vehicle.
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A corporate communicators guide to abbreviations

Apr 22 8:00am Ragan.com
Though you should take care to avoid jargon in your pitches, press releases and other copy, you will probably encounter many of these business abbreviations.
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Cannes Lions Implements New Empathy Criteria To Support Gender Equality

Apr 22 3:00am Holmes Report Latest
3\% Movement applauds efforts to support gender equality by implementing empathy as criteria for 2017 jurors, in a bid to prohibit submissions reflecting gender bias and inequality.
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Interpublic PR Firms Report Mid-Single-Digit Growth In 1Q 2017

Apr 22 3:00am Holmes Report Latest
Golin and DeVries Global lead the way with double-digit organic growth during the quarter.
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Infographic: Mastering the tentacles of the content marketing Kraken

Apr 21 6:00pm Ragan.com
Like the storied sea monster, this approach to messaging can be unwieldy. It’s no fish story, though; the practice nets real results for those who can harness its power and reach.
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What APR Stands for and Its Not Annual Percentage Rate

Apr 21 12:58pm PRSay
It’s been 28 years since I took the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations with about as much anxiety as one individual could have had going into that testing area. We did it on typewriters in my day. But the exercise in assessing your body of knowledge of this vast profession has remained constant whether […]...
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Gin and Topics: A Great Opportunity to Work for Exposure

Apr 21 12:58pm Spin Sucks
On this week's Gin and Topics, you learn of a great opportunity to work for free, with exposure as your currency. That, sex at a tennis match, a magic trick, and more The post Gin and Topics: A Great Opportunity to Work for Exposure appeared first on Spin Sucks.        Related StoriesGin and Topics: Sean Spicer is Having a Rough WeekGin and Topics: Genius Man Destroys Wheel of FortuneA Stroll Down Memory Lane for the 10th Birthday of Twitter ...
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What happens to PR if Twitter folds?

Apr 21 12:00pm Ragan.com
The microblogging platform is struggling. If it goes belly up, what’s next for communicators?...
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PR Essentials: Building Your Social Capital

Apr 21 11:44am HMA Public Relations
A couple of weeks ago Bre (and Sara) attended a PRSA New Pros event, which discussed the benefits of networking. Bre shares what she learns. [Click below for more] The post PR Essentials: Building Your Social Capital appeared first on HMA Public Relations.
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3 Easy Ways to Keep Customers Top of Mind

Apr 21 11:19am Blog – Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting
Keeping customers top of mind is so simple, yet so rarely done. Share this video with someone who cares enough to adopt these methods.
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Video: Minis Lee Nadler on Marketing and Media Innovation

Apr 21 11:12am Community Channels on MediaVillage
Mini's Marketing and Launch Manager Lee Nadler is acknowledged as one of the ad industry's most innovative and creative leaders. As part of my Legends & Leaders Video Interview Series, I spoke with Lee about Mini's priorities and the changing realities confronting the modern CMO. Here are a few examples of his comments. Watch the full interview with Lee above and the full Legends & Leaders Video Interview Series here.
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Video: Incoming 4A's President/CEO Marla Kaplowitz on Data, Talent and Complexity

Apr 21 11:11am Community Channels on MediaVillage
In selecting MEC North America CEO Marla Kaplowitz as its new President/CEO, the 100-year old American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) chose a leader with a proven record of innovation and success in the media agency business. In our exclusive interview, conducted before her new role had been announced, Marla shares her vision for how agencies, marketers and media can evolve toward a collaborative business model while managing growing complexity. Here are a few examples of her comments. Click above to view my full interview with Marla and here for the full Legends & Leaders Video Interview Series.
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Annual Report Season is Dead! Long Live 10-K Season!

Apr 21 11:05am Beyond PR
After the organized chaos of 2017’s first “Earnings Season,” we are all immediately thrust into what was once called “Annual Report” season.  However, with the ever-emerging importance of the proxy document and the demise of the “marketing-based” printed annual report, we should rebrand the next few months as “10-K Season.” All public companies other than foreign private […]...
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Finance Marketing: How to Measure Your Return on Marketing Investment

Apr 21 9:00am SHIFT Communications PR Agency – Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin
This is the fourth part in a four-part series, which explores how to measure different elements and channels of our various marketing strategies in order to calculate our return on marketing investment. If you missed the first three parts of the series, you can explore the obstacles facing your marketing department, how to build out… Read More → The post Finance Marketing: How to Measure Your Return on Marketing Investment appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin.
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Learning How to C.A.R.E. [National Assembly Recap]

Apr 21 8:00am Progressions
Session: Welcome Reception Presenter: Karith Foster, Founder, The Foster Russell Family Foundation, and CEO, Stereotyped 101, Inc. LLC Recap: Diversity can be a tough topic to talk about, but Stereotyped 101, Inc. LLC CEO Karith Foster doesn’t think it should be boring or painful. She coined the term “inversity,” which is a modern twist on […]...
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The Big Question: How PR Pros Can Fight Fake News

Apr 21 7:45am Spin Sucks
On this week's Spin Sucks Big Question, we asked, What is one way PR pros can fight fake news? Here is what seven experts had to say The post The Big Question: How PR Pros Can Fight Fake News appeared first on Spin Sucks.        Related StoriesThe Big Question: A Brand Apology PrimerThe Big Question: What Are the Most Important PR Skills for the Future?The Big Question: Which PR Buzzwords Must Die? ...
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FTC puts Influencers on Notice, Brand Activations at Coachella & Dove Takes on Stock Photography

Apr 21 5:27am Fashion & Lifestyle PR Sourcebook | PR Couture
Fashion PR Fridays: Top Fashion, Public Relations, Marketing and Social… The post FTC puts Influencers on Notice, Brand Activations at Coachella & Dove Takes on Stock Photography appeared first on Fashion & Lifestyle PR Sourcebook | PR Couture.
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24 Growth Hacks + Social Media Audits

Apr 21 5:00am SOCIAL MEDIA CURRENT: 7 top social marketing links every day
Today’s Editor is… Malliha AhmadShall I create an IG story or a Snapchat Story?? We have this and so much more on today’s #smcurrent 6 Reasons Your Next Content Project Is a Mess Before It’s Even StartedYour next content project is already a mess. It’s time to clean up your pre-project processes by combating these... View Article...
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The 2017 Top 5 Large Agencies To Work For North America

Apr 21 3:00am Holmes Report Latest
Porter Novelli is named Best Large Agency to Work For ahead of 4 finalists, following a comprehensive survey of agency employees at more than 50 agencies throughout North America.
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Should your organization be awarded for its transparency?

Apr 21 1:00am Ragan.com
If your organization is dedicated to open and authentic communication, we want to recognize you. Enter PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards by the final deadline, April 19.
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Global PR: Chinas Top Tech Media Weigh In on Opportunities in the Technology Sector

Apr 20 11:30pm Bulldog Reporter
By Emma Rennell, Senior Account Executive, Racepoint Global The past several years have seen China emerge from a place where foreign companies sent their products to be manufactured to an innovation powerhouse that can hold its own on the world stage. Driven by strong government support behind key segments of the technology value chain, the country now boasts the world’s fastest-growing data center economy, the world’s largest number of machine-to-machine connections, and a semiconductor industry expected to nearly double in value from 2016 to 2020. For their current InMedia report, Racepoint Global, one of the leading technology PR firms in...
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How to Become a Big Data Analyst: Higher Visibility Research Examines Importance of Analysisand How You Can Become a Master

Apr 20 11:05pm Bulldog Reporter
By definition, data and information are two very different things. Data is defined as “raw facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis,” and those facts or statistics are sometimes collected randomly and without any organization. Information is data given context and organized to allow for others to make informed decisions on a particular, relevant matter at hand. Because of the inherent importance of data analysis in many industries, the job of big data analyst is one that should come with great appreciation and consideration of those looking to get into a similar field. Higher Visibility breaks down big...
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State of Workplace Communications: Companies Struggle to Reach Employees in Todays Disconnected, Widely Distributed Workforce

Apr 20 11:00pm Bulldog Reporter
Company communications platform Dynamic Signal recently released The State of Workplace Communications report, its first annual study of communication professionals. The report gives insight into which channels are currently being used to disseminate important information, the challenges communication leaders face in communicating effectively within their organizations, and what budget is being allocated to solve these challenges. Workplace Communications Are Disconnected Survey respondents said the top priority for their communications department is ensuring employees feel informed and connected, yet nearly three quarters say they have problems keeping employees “on brand and on message” when communicating company news and information. Employees agree—in fact, Gallup reported...
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Is Voice Technology the New SEO? Research Shows Tool Drives Greater Emotional Connection with Brands

Apr 20 10:53pm Bulldog Reporter
Brands Must Tap Consumers’ Desire for Intimate Relationships with Voice Assistants According to new research, consumers have a stronger emotional connection to brands when using voice technology—in fact, the research from Mindshare and J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group, which includes a neuroscience study carried out by neuroscience research agency Neuro Insight, showed that emotional activity was twice as high when consumers voiced a brand question rather than type it. It also revealed that 50\% less brain activity occurs when processing an answer delivered by voice, meaning people find it much easier to use. The UK firms have collaborated to launch Speak Easy,...
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The O'Reilly PR Factor: How a Lame Reaction Generated a PR Crisis for Fox NewsAnd What We Can Learn

Apr 20 10:47pm Bulldog Reporter
By Julie Talenfeld, President, BoardroomPR Fox News has ousted longtime newscaster Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday. This news comes (about two weeks) after an investigation The New York Times showed how Fox continuously stood by the pundit despite the mounting sexual harassment allegations filed against him. The agreements—and corresponding settlements—totaled near $13 million dollars. And let’s not forget just months ago, Roger Ailes also got the boot last summer for similar accusations (and settlements). Fox News…tsk tsk. It’s important to note too that Fox didn’t just come around, shrug, and decide to do the right thing out of the goodness of their...
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World-Class Brainstorming and Savvy Media Targeting Shoot Adam Ritchie Brand Directions One-of-a-Kind Album-Release Campaign to Multidimensional Successand a Bulldog Gold

Apr 20 10:22pm Bulldog Reporter
Typically, a PR agency is given a product to promote—but this is a unique case where the PR agency actually created the product. Boston-based Adam Ritchie Brand Direction set out to make the discovery of new music exciting again, while getting consumers to pay for music and helping an indie band reach new fans. New albums from unsigned bands are no longer being discovered in music stores which sell vintage vinyl, reissued classics and pop culture merchandise. In addition, discovering new music online isn’t exciting or physically immersive. However, people are going to the beer store to discover new beers...
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April Twitter Chat Recap Mastering the Work-Life Balance

Apr 20 10:02pm Progressions
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Work-Life Balance Twitter chat. Specifically, we’d like to thank our co-hosts Immediate Past President Laura Fooks (formerly known as Laura Daronatsy and tweeting from @lauradaronatsy) and Vice President of Public Relations Josh Lachica (tweeting from the @PRSSANational account) for guiding the conversation. Please be on the lookout for next month’s Twitter […]...
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Zimmerman Elevates Creative Lineup with New Promotions

Apr 20 9:17pm Bulldog Reporter
Zimmerman, the agency known for its retail expertise, announced today the promotion of key creative personnel to sustain momentum given their recent client wins. The promotions include Lee Gonzalez, who will take on the role of SVP, Executive Creative Director. Dan Gitlitz will serve as SVP, Group Creative Director. Harry Gonnella and Brian Anderson have been elevated to VP, Group Creative Director roles. They have different backgrounds, but they all share one vision when it comes to an obsessive focus on using creativity to help achieve business objectives. In their new roles, they will continue to report to David Nathanson, EVP, Chief Creative Officer. Gonzalez, previously...
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She Runs It Honors 18 Women as Catalysts for Innovation in Marketing and Media

Apr 20 9:14pm Bulldog Reporter
In pursuit of its mission to pave the way for more women to lead at all levels of marketing and media, She Runs It routinely celebrates women and men who serve as role models for the industry. The Changing the Game Awards are a cornerstone of that commitment, and on April 19, eighteen women were honored for fearlessly making bold moves and reinventing the rules of marketing to transform their brands and their organizations. “A big part of our remit is to create a platform for innovators to share their stories and strategies with other women in the industry,” said Lynn Branigan,...
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Mark Ayer Joins CROSSMARK Canada as Senior Vice President of Customer Development

Apr 20 9:12pm Bulldog Reporter
Eighteen months ago, CROSSMARK Canada introduced a new strategy designed to drive faster sales growth and greater efficiencies for retailers and manufacturers. The company has made significant investments and not wavered from its commitment to a “Smarter Way, Faster Growth” platform. With recent signings and a healthy pipeline of potential new business, CROSSMARK Canada enters the new year poised to build on recent successes and deliver solid performance for all of our Business Partners. “I am pleased to welcome Mark Ayer to CROSSMARK Canada as our new Senior Vice President of Customer Development. We are very excited to have someone of Mark’s...
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Tony Stern Joins Phelps as Chief Creative Officer

Apr 20 9:10pm Bulldog Reporter
Phelps, a 100\% employee-owned agency, has tapped Tony Stern, creative director and writer on global campaigns for Apple, Smirnoff and Google, among others, as its new chief creative officer. Stern succeeds Howie Cohen, a two-time CLIO Hall of Famer who created the iconic Seventies Alka-Seltzer ads (“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” and “Try it, you’ll like it”). Cohen is retiring after a career that spanned five decades, the last two of them with Phelps where he led defining campaigns for such brands as Petco, Tahiti Tourisme and City of Hope. Stern has helped build many of the...
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Catapult Creative Labs Celebrates First Anniversary with Two Dozen New Clients and Outstanding Creative Portfolio

Apr 20 9:06pm Bulldog Reporter
Catapult Creative Labs, Active Interest Media’s (AIM) in-house marketing services agency, marks its first anniversary with a growing portfolio of campaigns created for two dozen new clients including a complete content and public relations campaign for Grand Banks Yachts’ new yacht launch, and a complete content marketing program including video, native content and event activation for Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas Residences. Catapult has also developed the National Reining Horse Association’s Pro Trainer custom magazine, Outer Reef Yachts’ custom print and digital magazines, and Deer Valley Resort’s creative campaigns. Catapult taps into AIM’s deeply talented team of content...
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LOccitane Group Extends Threepipe Support to Include Korean Beauty Brand Erborian

Apr 20 9:04pm Bulldog Reporter
The L’Occitane Group, a global natural and organic ingredient based cosmetics and wellbeing products retailer, has appointed Threepipe to manage the UK paid search account for the Erborian beauty brand. Erborian, meaning ‘Herbs of the Orient’, combines the most sophisticated technologies with high quality ingredients derived from Korean herbs which are incredibly pure and gentle. Threepipe will support the full Erborian range, which is known in particular for its BB Cream, Ginseng Elixir and Yuza Sorbet products. This extends Threepipe’s relationship with L’Occitane Group which is supporting the L’Occitane brand in the UK with paid search, paid social, display and SEO...
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M studio Wins Contract for Red Bank RiverCenter PR Campaign

Apr 20 9:00pm Bulldog Reporter
M studio, a woman-owned integrated marketing firm with offices in Asbury Park and Manhattan, announced it has been awarded the public relations contract issued by Red Bank RiverCenter. In this role, M studio will support Red Bank RiverCenter executive director James Scavone on public relations messaging, events, media relations, and social media consultation in support of the destination’s “It’s Your City” marketing campaign. “Working with a diverse business community always provides inspiration to our team,” commented Shannon Furey, public relations director at M studio. “Red Bank is an award-winning destination that has so much to offer residents and visitors. We...
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Innovation Agency Adds Eureka Vapor to Client List

Apr 20 8:54pm Bulldog Reporter
Innovation Agency, an L.A.-based full service advertising and public relations agency, announced that it has added Eureka Vapor to its client list. The agency’s first project was to create a television commercial for the prominent cannabis brand. The Innovation Agency is known for their expertise in the cannabis sector, and is the creative force behind some of the best-known and successful brands in the industry. The agency and its team have also worked with some of the largest companies in the world, including: AT&T, Hyundai, Toyota Motors, Nestle’s, Volkswagen, American Express, Gateway Computers, Avis, Loews Hotels, Walgreen’s and Disney. The...
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Infographic: Engage your staff to bolster your bottom line

Apr 20 8:00pm Ragan.com
A new report shows employee disengagement has a ripple effect that curtails productivity—to the tune of $500 billion annually in the U.S.
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How to create an online newsroom that journalists love

Apr 20 7:00pm Ragan.com
For starters, think like a visitor in search of information. What will engage the target audience? Visuals? Which kinds? Also, how many will access your site via mobile? Read on for savvy tips.
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Copyright safe harbor: A primer for PR pros

Apr 20 6:00pm Ragan.com
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act serves to police online content, so don’t mistakenly error. Protect your organization or client and avoid legal repercussions by following these steps.
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Mindshare's Community X Helps Women Develop into Global Leaders

Apr 20 3:56pm Community Channels on MediaVillage
At a time when sexual harassment at large corporations is making headlines, and life and death decisions on women's health care options are being decided by all-male panels, it is affirming to note that there are several female empowerment initiatives taking root both nationally and globally, especially among media organizations with the power to amplify that message. Lifetime, for example, is launching Open Road, which is traveling state to state to take the pulse of national sentiment on women's issues. And, for global impact, Mindshare, in partnership with Charlotte Beers, recently announced the launch of Community X to up gender equality in the ad industry.
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Crisis Communications Lessons from the Delta Power Outage

Apr 20 12:48pm Spin Sucks
Crisis communications happen whether we like it or not. Having an effective strategy in place can mean the difference between rapid recovery and turning customers off for life. Tony Tie shares how to effectively de-escalate and weather the storm through effective crisis communications The post Crisis Communications Lessons from the Delta Power Outage appeared first on Spin Sucks.        Related StoriesFlying the Unfriendly Skies: The United PR Black Eye Won’t Soon Be ForgottenUnited Airlines: When a Crisis Means it’s Time to Fire the ClientThree Ways to Be Prepared for the Inevitable Fake News Crisis ...
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5 ways editors are like chefs

Apr 20 12:00pm Ragan.com
Editors, like their culinary counterparts, often must turn disparate, incongruent ingredients into delectable dishes.
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Happy 32nd Anniversary Marty Manning

Apr 20 11:47am HMA Public Relations
Whether it's your 25th anniversary or 32nd, all anniversaries are pretty important, as Rachel explains in today's blog. [Click below for more] The post Happy 32nd Anniversary Marty Manning appeared first on HMA Public Relations.
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Ann Shoket's The Big Life Reveals How to Market to Millennial Women

Apr 20 11:41am Community Channels on MediaVillage
As a Millennial, being the target of marketing campaigns can feel a lot like being one of the popular kids at school, with brands clamoring to rub shoulders with my peers and me. Although it's flattering to be a priority in the eyes of marketers, this comes with drawbacks: At times, these attempts to forge a connection come across as disingenuous -- as if the brands are forcing their way into my squad, so to say -- and ultimately hurt my perception of them. Take into consideration the fact that I'm a Millennial woman and the disconnect increases tenfold, with brands that overanalyze their approach or trivialize their content to catch my attention, thinking that simply incorporating Millennial pink will do the trick. Recently, however, I came across a shining light in the tunnel of Millennial-focused content: The Big Life: Embrace the Mess, Work Your Side Hustle, Find a Monumental Relationship, and Become the Badass Babe You Were Meant to Be by Ann Shoket (pictured above).
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Benefits, Not Features: 3 Writing Tips to Appeal to Your Audience

Apr 20 10:00am Beyond PR
Why no one cares about your products’ features and how to fix it.
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Must-ask questions to answer before starting any data-driven campaign

Apr 20 9:00am SHIFT Communications PR Agency – Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin
What would you say if I told you the first thing you should do when you start a new campaign is think about the report? How could you possibly know what you’re going to measure and report on before actually doing anything? To be data-driven is to make decisions with data first and foremost. That… Read More → The post Must-ask questions to answer before starting any data-driven campaign appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin.
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The Content Secret to Closing More Clients

Apr 20 7:45am Spin Sucks
It's difficult to make time for business development in a PR firm. We're too busy working with our clients to focus on ourselves. It's time to change that The post The Content Secret to Closing More Clients appeared first on Spin Sucks.        Related StoriesHow to Scale a Service Business with These 10+ IdeasHere’s How to Make Business Development a PriorityHow to Create a Strategic Business Development Plan ...
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IG Offline Mode + In-Stream Vid Ads on Twitter

Apr 20 5:00am SOCIAL MEDIA CURRENT: 7 top social marketing links every day
Today’s Editor is… Jim TobinF8 was yesterday, so lots to catch up on Facebook. But Twitter is also adding new in-stream ads and Insta goes offline, in today’s @SMCurrent. In-stream video ads have arrived on TwitterAdvertisers now have the ability to target in-stream (pre- and mid-roll) ads across Amplify partner video content. Please visit Marketing…... View Article...
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Why All Startups Should Start With Branding Instead of Content

Apr 20 3:00am Blog – Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting
Anthony Kennada, VP of Marketing at Gainsight, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share how he prioritized branding with content to create a start-up positioned for success.
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Joe Baerlein Unveils New Consultancy After Rasky Split

Apr 20 3:00am Holmes Report Latest
Baerlein & Partners to focus on integrating traditional PR strategies with rapid technological advances.
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Ragan Training makes it easy to offer new ideas

Apr 20 1:00am Ragan.com
Your bosses want change. Answering the call for a fresh approach can be as simple as a yearly subscription.
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Is storytelling the pulse of your organization?

Apr 20 1:00am Ragan.com
We are now accepting submissions to Ragan’s 2017 Health Care PR & Marketing Awards. Enter by the early bird deadline, May 12.
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Taking Advantage of Micro-Moments with Affiliate Marketing

Apr 19 11:31pm Bulldog Reporter
By Hanna Fritzinger, Head of Marketing, VigLink Moment marketing is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for years in numerous formats. This has resulted in many definitions. To some, moment marketing just means personalized communication that hits people on a daily basis. To others, moment marketing is when a consumer turns to a mobile phone to get information or take an action in the moment, in real time. And of course, like everything, moment marketing is evolving. Micro-moments are a byproduct of this evolution. We all know that people turn to their mobile phones the exact moment they want...
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The State of Lead Management: A Majority of Business Leaders Are Struggling with Managing and Routing Leads, Study Finds

Apr 19 11:24pm Bulldog Reporter
According to a new survey of B2B sales and marketing pros from lead management firm LeanData, a majority have serious reservations about the effectiveness of the lead routing process at their companies. More than 57 percent of respondents to The State of Lead Management expressed doubts that their lead workflow is allowing them to create an ideal experience for customers. In addition, they said that one out of every four leads is routed to the incorrect account owner, resulting in lost leads and reducing the efficiency of their sales teams. LeanData conducted this first-of-its-kind survey to gain a better understanding of how B2B...
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Procurement in the Spotlight: Study Finds Big Data, Predictive Analytics Drive Smarter Business Decisions Among Global CPOs

Apr 19 11:17pm Bulldog Reporter
For years, companies have been collecting and analyzing massive amounts of information—everything from structured data on production, marketing, sales, HR, finance, facilities and operations to transaction-level data on suppliers, customers and partners. But big data is changing the game—and it promises to revolutionize procurement. According to the results of a new global survey from the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt with support from SAP Ariba, leading procurement organizations across the United States and Europe are leveraging big data alongside predictive analytics to see the future and shape it to their advantage. “The world has gone digital. And this is presenting new...
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Monitoring Social Media: How to Capture the Right Social Media Metrics for Your Business Objectives

Apr 19 11:08pm Bulldog Reporter
By Pragya Dubay. Agility PR Solutions When it comes to designing a social media strategy—which, let’s face it, your business absolutely needs—there are two fundamental details you must have: A clear focus on objectives; and a set of metrics directly related to the set objectives Any strategy worth its salt has clear and defined objectives; without them, it’s like driving with no destination. But objectives alone are not enough. You need to have the proper metrics in place, the data and statistics that will demonstrate just how close to achieving your objectives you are. As Megan Headley, research director at...
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United We Stand, United We Fall: How & Why an Act of Aggression Morphed Into a Full-Blown PR Crisis

Apr 19 10:59pm Bulldog Reporter
By Neil McLeod, Crisis Management Expert, PHA Media Two competing narratives are pursued by the media in a crisis creating global headlines. The first is that of the victim’s plight—in the case of the United Airlines crisis, the victim was first known as a bloodied passenger forcibly ejected from his flight. We later discovered his name is Dr David Dao. The second narrative is the tale of the corporate CEO—PR Week’s Communicator of the Year 2016 and United Airlines top boss Oscar Munoz. His immediate response would have to be perfect. It fell some way short of that. In almost...
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J Public Relations Hires Tom Dietz, Promotes Ali Lundberg, Kristin Moller and Jessica Rothschild

Apr 19 9:01pm Bulldog Reporter
J Public Relations (JPR), an international powerhouse PR and social media agency specializing in hospitality, travel, luxury lifestyle and influencer relations has promoted three senior-level team members and hired Tom Dietz as a new Account Director. Dietz is a culture change expert who worked at PMK*BNC and R&R Partners, where he headed up the Las Vegas tourism account as well as blue-chip brands the likes of American Express and Anheuser-Busch, future-proofing their legacy. At JPR, Dietz is leading nine properties for The Ritz-Carlton and Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas. Senior Vice President Ali Lundberg, based in Los Angeles, has been appointed Executive Vice President, overseeing the agency...
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Infographic: Marketers, watch for these social media trends

Apr 19 9:00pm Ragan.com
Online platform has pushed digital marketing to new heights and helped brand managers better boost organizations’ reputations—as well as interactions with consumers.
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