From The Daily Bail
January 17, 2013 - 2:46pm

'Having a king is why we fought the American Revolution.' January 14, 2013.  Rand Paul on Obama's gun control Executive Order. "I'm against having a king.  I think having a monarch is what we fought the American Revolution over and someone who wants to bypass the Constitution, bypass Congress -- that's someone who wants to act like a king or a monarch.  I've been opposed to executive orders, even with Republican presidents. But one that wants to infringe on the Second Amendment, we will fight tooth and nail.  And I promise you, there'll be no rock left unturned as far as trying to stop him from usurping the Constitution, running roughshod over Congress.  And you will see one heck of a debate if he decides to try to do this." Source --- Must read op-ed from the WSJ yesterday: Jeffrey Scott Shapiro: A Gun Ban That Misfired - "What I saw as a prosecutor in Washingt...

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