Rest in Peace, My Beautiful Kimora

From Garden Betty
April 11, 2017 - 3:00am
Our beautiful Barred Rock, Kimora, passed away on March 6, 2017. She was five years old, more than middle-aged by chicken standards, but you couldn’t tell by looking at, interacting with, or hearing her. She was loud and proud, especially after a good egg-laying session, and was as spry as the day we brought her home. She was always the first to start laying in the spring and the last to go on hiatus in the fall. She gave us perfectly smooth, large brown eggs almost every day, and even into her fifth year, she still averaged three or four eggs a week. Such an overachiever she was! Kimora was my alpha hen, and she didn’t let her sisters forget it. If mealworms, grasshoppers, or fig beetles were involved, she was always the first in line for treats, or the first to spring into action and catch them out of the air. If one of the other chickens got a hold of them first, she’d run over and snatch the bugs out of their beaks, and swallow them whole before the others could retaliate. Nothing could stand in the way of Kimora and a juicy treat! If we were sifting […] The post Rest in Peace, My Beautiful Kimora appeared first on Garden Betty. We have an official release date! The New Camp Cookbook comes out on July 1, 2017, and is now available for preorder! I can't wait for you to see it! More From Garden BettyA Sad Update From the Chicken CoopThe Best Year Yet: 2015 Round-UpWhy Some Chickens Molt Faster Than Others

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