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11 Excellent Posts Connecting Mobile, Content, and Customer Experience: E-commerce Link Digest

Mar 24 6:22pm Tim Peter Thinks – E-commerce, Internet marketing and business strategy consulting | Tim Peter & Associates
Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. Hey, Big Thinkers! It’s my daughter’s birthday and I’m running out of the office, but wanted to leave you a great list of 11 excellent posts connecting mobile, content, and customer experience to check out before I go. Enjoy: “Mobile App Usage Grows […] The post 11 Excellent Posts Connecting Mobile, Content, and Customer Experience: E-commerce Link Digest appeared first on E-commerce, Internet marketing and business strategy consulting | Tim Peter & Associates.
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AdWords is Changing Exact MatchAgain

Mar 24 1:27pm The Portent Blog: Internet Marketing with a Twist of Lemon
Exact match is dead; long live exact match! Last Friday, Google announced that it is “expanding close variant matching to include additional rewording and reordering for exact match keywords.” In other words: “exact match” will not exactly be exact match. If you’re not a PPC nerd, exact match types are used for keywords that the… Read More The post AdWords is Changing Exact Match…Again appeared first on Portent.
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10 Dynamic E-commerce Trends to Land Sales

Mar 24 1:02pm SEMrush blog
This e-commerce trends infographic focuses on giving best tips to the entrepreneurs in order to motivate towards achieving excellence in their niche and help generation of profits.
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5 Actionable Tips and Tools for Content Marketing

Mar 24 12:00pm SEMrush blog
Content marketing has evolved into something you not only should use but something that is essential for the success of your business. It is inevitable you may make some content marketing mistakes as you perfect your strategy; however, there are countless things you can do to pique the interest of your audience. Take a look at these five things you should know about content marketing so you can add value to your business.
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The 15 Best Instagram Marketing Campaigns of 2017

Mar 24 11:43am Wordstream Blog Feed
Instagram has become the go-to place for visual content marketing. It’s a veritable mecca for media, with over 600 million engaged users sharing nearly 100 million photos and videos with their friends, fans and followers every single day. Between Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, Carousels and more, the visual media platform is constantly introducing new ways for users to explore content creation. As a business, it can be tough to keep up with these trends and tools. Sometimes, though, all you need is a handful of good ideas from which to draw inspiration. Luckily, I’ve put together 15 of the best Instagram marketing campaigns from 2017, featuring examples from brands like Airbnb, Amazon, Nintendo and more. Let’s get into it! 1. Adidas Originals Adidas cemented their position as a key fashion figure in the hip-hop industry with their latest Instagram campaign. Using the hashtag #ORIGINALis, Adidas partnered with big names like Snoop Dogg, Desiigner, and Stormzy to highlight and promote their Originals lineup. Though Adidas has different product lines for different sports, like football and basketball, Adidas uses the video below to build their Originals brand as a totem of hip-hop culture. I love this campaign firstly because it uses influencer marketing to appeal to a wide base of people within Adidas’ target market. Partnering with influential figures in the hip-hop world helps Adidas establish additional credibility and the videos it has created for this campaign are intriguing and engaging. 2. John Mayer John Mayer used Instagram extensively to promote his recent set of EPs, The Search for Everything. Though his team has been running a multitude of campaigns on the visual marketing giant, one campaign that rocked the marketing boat was John Mayer’s use of Instagram Live to  better engage his followers and push the songs on the album. John used the Live platform for a variety of purposes, including performing songs from his new records for his fans, answering questions, and telling stories about the writing process of his new music. Using Instagram Live to market your business makes it much more accessible to your followers - it’s a feature that allows you to interact directly with them to help build your brand. 3. Ryu Vancouver-based athletic clothing retailer Ryu ran a marketing campaign through their Instagram account called “#WhatsIn...
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Clix Marketings #PPC News & Views: Friday, March 24, 2017

Mar 24 9:48am Clix Marketing PPC Blog
Happy Friday, friends, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s PPC News & Views! From the Experts 360i Google Expands Reach of Exact Match: What Marketers Need to Know: Here’s what this recent change could mean for PPC pros. Search Engine Land Seriously, Google, can you just make exact match exact?...
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Webinar: Responding to slow-onset crises

Mar 24 9:27am intelligent measurement
For those interesting in emergency response, research and crises, please join me for this webinar on a recent report I co-authored: Webinar: Responding to slow-onset crises Organisation: CHS Alliance Location: Date: 28 March 2017 Time: 9am to 10am UK time Humanitarian agencies are increasingly responding to slow-onset crises despite facing many challenges according to a […]...
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The Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2017[Resource]

Mar 24 8:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
Whether it's International Cat Day, Pizza Day, or Talk Like a Pirate Day, it seems like almost every day, the internet is celebrating a holiday.
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Free #SEO tools are like tiny bicycles. Fun, but won't get you very far.

Mar 24 7:29am Ker Communications - SEO - Inbound Marketing
Free #SEO tools are like tiny bicycles. Fun, but won't get you very far. Get a real SEO audit… #SEOtools ...
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What Can Your Business Learn From Restaurant Marketing? [Infographic]

Mar 24 6:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
In February 2016, the U.S. magazine Bon Appétit released its inaugural culture-themed issue, in which it explored -- among other topics -- just how we became so obsessed with food. Some believe it began with food permeating popular culture -- for example, with televised cooking and restaurant exploration shows. Whatever it is, this obsession has left marketers from several other industries wondering, Can I do that? ...
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The Intersection of Marketing and Politics: What Brands Can Learn | #Zenith2017 Preview

Mar 23 1:58pm aimClear® Blog
This piece is a preview of the Zenith Digital Marketing Conference session, “Politics of Dancing – What Brands Can Learn From the 2016 Election,” featuring former Duluth Mayor Don Ness and Two Harbors Mayor Chris Swanson.   The presidential election was…ugly. Yet the 2017 campaign cycle taught us something: It magnified the connection between marketing […]...
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16 Awesome Tricks to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Mar 23 12:00pm SEMrush blog
The success of any business relies on sales. More sales equal more profits. Thus, businesses attempt to boost their sales any way they can. Maximize your online conversions and sales with these 16 tricks! Having a website is not enough unless you employ effective conversion optimization tactics to boost sales.
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How to start your first Brand Management campaign successfully

Mar 23 11:02am SEMrush blog
Your brand strategy requires a brand management that works like a Swiss watch! Nowadays information spreads at the speed of light. With the widespread use of the Internet, it doesn’t matter how big your brand is — any company can capture the attention of thousands and even millions people.
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The Retail Apocalypse? I Dont Think So (Thinks Out Loud Episode 189)

Mar 23 10:51am Tim Peter Thinks – E-commerce, Internet marketing and business strategy consulting | Tim Peter & Associates
Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. The Retail Apocalypse? I Don’t Think So (Thinks Out Loud Episode 189) – Headlines and Show Notes The retail apocalypse has officially descended on America – Business Insider JCPenney to close up to 140 stores – Feb. 24, 2017 8 Crucial Customer Experience […] The post The Retail Apocalypse? I Don’t Think So (Thinks Out Loud Episode 189) appeared first on E-commerce, Internet marketing and business strategy consulting | Tim Peter & Associates.
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My #SMX West Preso: Fun with Dynamic Search Ads

Mar 23 8:23am Clix Marketing PPC Blog
Dynamic Search Ads are nothing new in the Google interface, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t always new things you can do to take your DSA strategy to the next level. In my presentation at SMX West, I talked about a number of ways you can spruce up your DSA to be more impactful and,...
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#386 Recent Google Analytics Announcements with Jeff Sauer

Mar 23 8:15am SiteVisibility
In today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Jeff Sauer, experienced marketer, entrepreneur and founder of Jeffalytics to discuss the latest goings on in the world of ...
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How Customer-Driven Copy Helped HubSpot Increase Conversions by Nearly 100%

Mar 23 8:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
New copy isn't better just because it's new. You can't just give your copy a refresh or aimlessly fiddle with headlines to get a huge boost in conversions. These kinds of false hopes (and complete lack of a process) are why so many conversion copywriting projects fail, and so many new sites perform worse than the old ones.
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Will Snapchat Spectacles Be a Money-Maker? [Infographic]

Mar 23 6:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
At the dawn of Snapchat's IPO, the marketing and financial worlds alike are simply buzzing with speculation. Will it sink or swim? Will it thrive, despite allegedly slowing user growth? And will its public-traded life get off on the right foot -- or will it stumble, in a fate similar to social network IPOs past? We know we've spent the past several months emphasizing the importance of Snapchat to marketers, and despite these questions, we stand by it. ...
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How Page Load Time Affects Conversion Rates: 12 Case Studies [Infographic]

Mar 23 5:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you could be losing nearly half of your visitors, according to data from Akamai.  It's pretty simple: the faster the speed of your website, the happier your visitors will be. Optimizing page load time leads to noticable improvements in customer experience, conversion rates, and ultimately, your sales revenue.
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5 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Fix Before Your Next Audit

Mar 22 8:20pm The Portent Blog: Internet Marketing with a Twist of Lemon
Want to get more for your money on your next SEO audit or site review? After two years of reviewing sites offering everything from dog food to process automation, (I still have no idea what that is either), I decided to put together this half-blog-post-half-PSA covering a few of the most common SEO mistakes or… Read More The post 5 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Fix Before Your Next Audit appeared first on Portent.
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How to Optimize Shopping Campaigns for Every Level of Intent

Mar 22 5:55pm Wordstream Blog Feed
Not all shoppers or would-be shoppers come to the search box with the same level of commercial intent. So how do you optimize your shopping campaigns for users at different stages of the purchase path? Implementing different bids for different user intents can help you get the most out of your paid shopping campaigns.By combining multiple shopping campaigns with strategically placed negative keyword lists, you can separate out the best, average and worst traffic to significantly raise sales without compromising on profitability. In this article, I’ll show you how to do it. Introduction to the purchase path: Different levels of intent It may take minutes, hours, days or even months, but every customer follows a set purchase path. This starts with becoming aware of a product and ends with them purchasing it. As a customer progresses along this path, the chances that they will finalise the purchase increase at each step: Awareness – Discovering the product – Unlikely to buy Interest – Finding out details about the product – Quite likely to buy Intent – Deciding to buy the product – Likely to buy Consideration – Finding out where to buy the product – Very likely to buy Purchase – Already purchased the product Most people will fall off the purchase path for one of two reasons – they either don’t end up buying the product or, unfortunately for many advertisers, they purchase the product from a competitor. In terms of paid online advertising, typically the higher you bid, the more prominent your ad will be. You are probably more willing to bid higher for potential customers who are further down the purchase path, as they are more likely to make a purchase. Bidding costs typically increase as follows: Awareness – Tiny conversion rate, tiny bid required Interest – Low conversion rate, low bid required Intent – Medium conversion rate, medium bid required Consideration – High conversion rate, high bid required If one potential customer is ten times more likely to buy a product than another customer, you can justify spending ten times more on advertising to them because you can achieve the same return-on-investment overall. To get the most from paid advertising, potential customers at all stages of the purchase path should be taken into consideration. This will increase your chances of getting the highest possible volume of customers, s...
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5 Ways to Become a Master Seller on Social Media

Mar 22 1:02pm SEMrush blog
As a business owner, you stand to benefit immensely from embracing social media. In other words, if sales aren‘t what you‘d like them to be you can use social media to improve your numbers. Are we together now? Well, here‘s five ways to increase revenue with social media.
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Embrace Smart Data to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Mar 22 12:00pm SEMrush blog
By using the appropriate data, companies can better understand both the category and the consumer’s intention across the purchasing journey. But mishandling this data may result in a poorly targeted marketing attempt, which can put off customers rather than entice them into a purchase or engagement with a brand.
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New Free Tools: Check Your AdWords Metrics Against Benchmarks!

Mar 22 9:42am Wordstream Blog Feed
Viewing on mobile? Check out our new tools here! If you’re new to paid search advertising, or just onboarding new clients with your agency, figuring out how to measure success can be challenging. We all want to create ads that have high CTRs and chart-breaking conversion rates, but a good metric in one industry isn’t necessarily good in another—in fact, it can be difficult to know what a good CTR is in your own industry. Which numbers should you be looking to beat? Our fantastic data scientist Mark Irvine has leveraged our huge data stores to establish AdWords performance benchmarks in four key metrics on both the Search and Display networks: Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) Average Cost per Click (CPC) Average Conversion Rate (CVR) Average Cost per Action (CPA) Because every business is different, we’ve determined benchmarks for twenty different industries: Advocacy, Auto, B2B, Consumer Services, Dating & Personals, E-Commerce, Education, Employment Services, Finance & Insurance, Health & Medical, Home Goods, Industrial Services, Legal, Real Estate, Technology, and Travel & Hospitality. How to Use the New Tools To simplify your search for success, we have created a new set of free tools to accurately calculate how you measure up to the competition based on your current metrics, your network, and your industry. Simply input the metric you want to investigate, select your industry and network, and our free tool will quickly let you know how you measure up! (Big shout-out to our developer Drake McCabe who built the tools.) Want more info? Use the AdWords Grader to get a full, free report on how you’re doing across 10 key metrics. What’s a Good Click-Through Rate in AdWords? Your click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of clicks to impressions on your AdWords ads. AdWords CTR is important because CTR is a major component of your Quality Score, which determines your cost per click. Click here to use this tool on your mobile device You need Javascript enabled to use this tool. What’s a Good Cost Per Click in AdWords? Your cost per click (CPC) is the price you pay every time someone clicks one of your ads. A low CPC ensures that you’re getting a good return on your AdWords investment. Click here to use this tool on your mobile device You need Javascript enabled to use this tool. What’s a Good Conversion Rate in AdWords? Your...
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Squeeze More Out of LinkedIn With These 5 Tips

Mar 22 8:13am Clix Marketing PPC Blog
LinkedIn has been adding quite a few new features lately. While there are still some changes and additions we’d like to see, LinkedIn is still my favorite channel for B2B and for robust audience targeting. I have been spending more and more time in LinkedIn recently and have found some useful features that I think...
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14 of the Best Brands on Snapchat Right Now (And Why They're So Great)

Mar 22 8:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
It used to be that Snapchat was seen as a platform geared mostly toward teens and pre-teens. But over the last several years, Snapchat has added features and made changes that have helped to move it into a much broader space. No longer is it a niche photo-messaging service -- it's become an established media platform valued at over $19 billion and with over 161 million daily users.
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4 Ways to Use Audio in B2B Marketing

Mar 22 6:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
When you’re trying to get somewhere -- by foot, train, bus, or car -- how do you pass the time? I’m one of those people who always has to be listening to something. Whether it’s a new Spotify playlist or the latest episode of a podcast, I use pretty much every opportunity to consume audible content.
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Whats the Difference Between a Rich Snippet and a Featured Snippet?

Mar 21 5:34pm Conversation Marketing from Portent, Inc: Internet Marketing with a Twist of Lemon
Rich snippets, rich cards, knowledge graphs and panels,, JSON-LD, featured snippets, featured features, Richie Rich, KEVIN BACON! Wait, that was more than six degrees… There’s a lot of terminology out there about the different ways search engines, Google in particular, display their search results. Two of the most oft confused are the snippets, both… Read More The post What’s the Difference Between a Rich Snippet and a Featured Snippet? appeared first on Portent.
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Hospitality Digital Marketing and Distribution: Is it Time to Give Up?

Mar 21 5:31pm Tim Peter Thinks – E-commerce, Internet marketing and business strategy consulting | Tim Peter & Associates
Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. I had a discouraging discussion with an outstanding general manager recently who complained that her property’s struggles with rapidly shifting guest preferences, an evolving distribution landscape, and ever-rising distribution costs – particularly in the form of OTA margins and increased search spend – […] The post Hospitality Digital Marketing and Distribution: Is it Time to Give Up? appeared first on E-commerce, Internet marketing and business strategy consulting | Tim Peter & Associates.
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Google Reveals Future of Search at #SMX: Voice Search & Virtual Assistants

Mar 21 2:43pm Wordstream Blog Feed
SMX is a must-attend conference series for any search professional, and a staple of any SMX show is a highly anticipated keynote by a top Googler. Well, Tuesday morning at SMX West in San Jose was no exception. Google’s own Jason Douglas took center stage to kickoff SMX and reveal how the search giant plans to change the search experience – both on and off the SERP – in 2017.               Image credit: Thomas Ballantyne Voice Search Is The New Focus for 2017 We may have stopped calling it “the year of mobile,” but we’re seeing Google continue to follow its mobile-first game. The next frontier for both Google and Bing appears to be voice search. Windows’ Bing may have the head start by partnering with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Window’s own Cortana voice assistants, but Google has big plans to make up the gap with its Google Assistant. The Google Assistant helps people get more done online and offline and rivals Apple’s Siri and Window’s Cortana as a voice search assistant. Previously, Google Assistant was only avaliable on Google’s wearable tech, Google Home, and Google’s newest mobile device, the Pixel. Over the coming weeks, Google will roll out the Google Assistant to many more smartphones running Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmellow, which will greatly expand its reach and use! While these new searches are certainly exciting, there is a considerable difference in how people search using a voice search platform like Google Assistant. We’ve grown accustomed to typing short syntax langage searches from our browsers in a traditional search setting, and ultimately search for keywords like “Coffee Mass Ave.” Voice searches are much more unique, complex, and use more natural language. Consequently, we’re more likely to search for long-tailed keywords like “Where can I get coffee on Mass Ave” as Google Assistant and similar assistants become more prevalent. The implications of this trend in more longer, natural language search has big implications for SEOs and PPC adverterisers alike. Google Assistant Delivers Personalized Results Think of the things you’d count on a human personal assistant to know about you – how you take your coffee, your contact lists, your calendar, maybe even your dress size. Google’s virtual assistant hopes to be equally helpful and knowledgable. Google sees the key t...
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5 Important Audience Targeting Tips for Your SEO Campaign

Mar 21 1:02pm SEMrush blog
You can consider your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign a success if you’re able to attract more people to your site organically. But what about the quality of those visitors? How can you be sure that those you have targeted have an interest in your brand, or a need for your products, to begin with?...
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How SEO can Improve your Affiliate Revenue

Mar 21 12:00pm SEMrush blog
Do you have curiosity how SEO can actually give you better results in affiliate marketing? Don‘t waste time and make sure you‘re doing it right!...
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How to Generate More Leads & Customers Using Social Media Videos [Free Ebook]

Mar 21 8:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
Video marketing is quickly crossing into buzzword territory. From blogs to online news to social media platforms, video is everywhere. The use of video content for B2B marketers jumped from 8\% to 58\% in 2014 alone, while the number of videos brands publish on Facebook has continually increased by 3.6x year over year. But is all this video really helping marketers succeed?...
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How Redesigning Doubled Conversion Rates

Mar 21 6:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
At INBOUND, we launched a major iteration of Since then, we've been monitoring performance, running experiments, and collecting a substantial amount of performance data. We can now confidently say that the results are in, and we have some big learnings to share with you. So let's get to it.
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Why Agencies Should Abandon Advertising and Invest in Owned Media

Mar 21 5:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
The downward spiral of traditional advertising’s effectiveness started nearly two decades ago, when marketers simply cut and pasted print ads onto their digital properties. Today, a clever ad is no longer enough to stir up consumer interest in a brand. It’s become clear that companies desperately need to rethink their marketing strategies, focusing on owned content instead of advertising.
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Mine LinkedIn Psychographic Data via Sales Navigator Easter Egg

Mar 20 9:59pm aimClear® Blog
Classic Linked Premium Accounts have taken flack lately. Yep, LinkedIn gutted Premium accounts, moving out and enhancing advanced search, alerts, plus adding supple new features. The new-and-improved LinkedIn Premium is Sales Navigator. Cancel Premium. Run, don’t walk. Sign up for Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator is deeper than old Premium accounts, most notably in our ability […]...
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Digital Psychology: Getting Into Your Customers Mind #SEMrushchat

Mar 20 7:00pm SEMrush blog
Digital Psychology is a discipline that combines social sciences with digital best practices, and it looks at online behavior through the lens of psychology and behavioral economics. The idea is that to better understand why people are acting the way they are, we need to start observing technology through a neurological aspect, rather than trying to influence the human brain from a technological perspective.
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Breaking: Exact Match Keywords No Longer Exact Match

Mar 20 12:43pm Wordstream Blog Feed
It’s not unusual to have things get a little…confusing on St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe your speech falls apart, your words fall out of order, and some of what you say might get misinterpreted. Well, Google announced changes late Friday afternoon to how they define keyword match types, and PPC advertisers can now expect this kind of behavior every day from their exact match keywords. What’s Changing with Exact Match Keywords? Advertisers have relied on match types since the dawn of AdWords to control how their keywords match out to a user’s search. A staple of any successful AdWords account was the use of exact match keywords, which would only serve an ad when a user’s search exactly matched the keyword. Exact match keywords prevented you from serving an ad if a user’s search didn’t exactly match your keyword. Effectively, exact match keywords gave you complete semantic control over what search terms your ads showed for – the search term had to include those words, only those words, and in that exact order. Well, Google’s recent announcement changes all that. Now, exact match keywords can show when search queries share the same words of that keyword, but in different order. For instance, the exact match keyword [men’s dress shirt] is now eligible to show to the exact search term men’s dress shirt and to the not-exact search term dress shirt men’s.   Google’s recent change also allows for exact match keywords to disregard the functional words within a user’s search query, including appropriate prepositions (such as “in,” “to,” “for”), conjunctions (such as “and,” “but,” and “or”), and articles (such as “a,” “an,” and “the”). For instance, the exact match keyword [jobs in united states] could potentially serve an ad to someone searching for “jobs in the united states” even though the keyword didn’t include the word “the.”   Google estimates that advertisers will see 3\% more clicks from this type of “additional exact match” traffic. This isn’t the first time that Google’s changed the rules of exact match keywords. In 2014, Google began automatically including misspellings, plurals, and other close grammatical variants of exact and phrase match keywords. We saw that change increase the reach of those keywords by roughly 2\%. Who Benefits from the Change? So Google just found a way to...
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School of Rush: Latest Guides and Tutorials

Mar 20 12:02pm SEMrush blog
Here at SEMrush, we are always developing new features for our users and we share you our improvements at “School of Rush“. Our Customer Success team continues to pump out new updates to the SEMrush user manual and create video tutorials to keep you updated on the newest improvements to our software!...
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Marketing With A.I: 4 Real-Time Strategies to Connect With Customers

Mar 20 12:00pm SEMrush blog
We are working to build machines that identify trends in mass data sources to give us a marketing edge in real time. With an estimated $5.05 billion in revenue by 2020 and the support of large industries, including advertising, retail, and healthcare, adopting AI into your strategy is in your company’s best interest. Here‘s 4 real-time marketing strategies you can use.
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How to Use Google AdWords [Infographic]

Mar 20 9:42am Wordstream Blog Feed
In a way, AdWords is a lot like college. You show up on day one doe-eyed, forced to decide whether you’d rather dominate the books or the beer pong table. (If you’re a savant, perhaps you’re capable of doing both simultaneously.) If you study and learn and adapt and grow, you come out the other end successful – in college, this means a degree; in AdWords, it means obliterating your KPIs and your business goals. Unfortunately, there’s another path, too. A dark, treacherous, expensive path, littered with bong rips and Nintendo cartridges: the one where you fail to plan and grow sufficiently. In scenarios such as these, both AdWords and higher education have the capacity to turn your bank account into an unmanned fire hose. And nobody wants to see that happen. I don’t want to see that happen. In fact, I want the exact opposite. I want to be the parent beaming in a sea of other, less stoked parents, as you receive your diploma, not the one moving your Nerf hoop and flat screen TV back into the childhood bedroom where you’ll drift through your twenties in a balding malaise. To improve your chances of AdWords dominance (and avoid becoming a dropout), we’ve put together this infographic detailing every step between you and PPC success, from goal creation and keyword research to counting bread on the deck of your mega-yacht. How to Use Google AdWords, Step #1: Establish Account Goals What are you using AdWords for? Lead generation? E-commerce? Brand building? How you structure your account and the features you take advantage of will hinge on your response. Tolearn more about establishing realistic goals for your AdWords account, check out these resources: How to Develop a PPC Plan that Aligns with Your Goals 5 Questions AdWords Advertisers Should Ask Themselves Every Quarter 3 Ways a Small Business Can Compete with the Big Guys in PPC How to Use Google AdWords, Step #2: Determine Audience Developing personas is essential. What do your ideal customers do? Where do they do it?  When are they actively searching? On what device? To learn more about developing customer personas and defining your audience, check out these resources: How to Create Buyer Personas That Are Scary Accurate 3 Free Tools to Help You Understand Your Online Audience 4 International PPC Tips for Non-US English-Speaking Countries How to Use Google AdWords, Step #3: Conduct Keyword...
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Cashing in With ABM Strategies in Existing PPC Accounts

Mar 20 8:46am Clix Marketing PPC Blog
ABM. or Account Based Marketing. strategies are becoming more and more prevalent in business marketing strategies as companies find it’s sometimes easier to start with your goal customer list then find ways to target those customers. There are some platforms and tools out there that will allow you to roll out a very highly structured...
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The State of Social Media Demographics: 2017 Benchmarks [Infographic]

Mar 20 8:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
There's quite a bit of information out there to support the claims that people are moving farther away from broadcast television, and closer to the digital realm. And within that landscape, people are straying from their desktops and laptops, and opting to get online via mobile with more frequency. At least, that's what the folks at Nielsen and Google have found in their research.
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How Corporate Innovation Programs are Measuring Success

Mar 20 6:16am Web Strategy by Jeremiah
Corporate innovation programs are primarily measuring revenue to show success –but that’s a risk, it a small incubated program is being compared to the primary billion dollar business lines. ROI is a fallacy metric of corporate innovation. Basing program success on ROI too early, rather than dedicated innovation KPIs, will not yield an accurate representation [...]...
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6 Branding Mistakes Undermining Your Company's Image

Mar 20 5:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
In 1982, Colgate decided to jump on the frozen food craze by releasing a line of Colgate-branded frozen entrees called Colgate Kitchen Entrees. At the time, the growing ready-to-eat meals market seemed like a great space for an already-successful company like Colgate to expand their presence. There was just one big problem for Colgate: their brand.
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Google Makes Adwords 'Exact Match' Keyword Targeting Less Exact

Mar 19 12:23pm Ker Communications - SEO - Inbound Marketing
Google Makes Adwords 'Exact Match' Keyword Targeting Less Exact In the good old days, “exact” meant exact. Then things got fuzzier. Now they’re about to get downright blurry…...Read more... »...
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How to Write Better Content for a Mobile Workforce

Mar 17 4:13pm Search Engine Guide : Small Business Search Marketing
by Jayson DeMers If you want your content marketing campaign to be successful, you need to make sure it appeals to your target audience, both to achieve higher relevance for strategies like SEO, and to better hold attention from readers. If your target audience is made up of professionals, that means catering to industry considerations, including offering instructions, news, practical advice, and other materials that can improve their performance in a given niche.But professional audiences are evolving, using new technologies, working in different environments, and developing new demands. For example, according to Dialpad, only 19 percent of full-time workers spend 40 hours or more behind a desk per week. Our workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, working remotely and on the go, and our content needs to change to reflect that shift.How to Write Better Content for a Mobile WorkforceThere are three major changes to consider when brainstorming new content:Mobile devices are smaller and offer a different UI. As you've undoubtedly experienced in your own life, mobile devices tend to have smaller screens and more limited forms of interaction than laptops. This reduces the mobile experience and forces you to consider narrower, more precise forms of content engagement.Mobile workers have less time. If a worker is constantly mobile, they're probably traveling from meeting to meeting and trying to fit everything into a tight schedule. That means they have less time and are looking for content to meet their needs quickly. As Content Marketing Institute points out, some of the best performing mobile content is also the fastest and easiest to read.Mobile workers research immediate needs. When you consult your mobile device, it's probably for something you need immediately. Otherwise, it could wait until you were at a formal work station. That means your topics and your tone should be geared toward solving a problem as quickly as possible.Tips for ImprovementSo how can you take action to address these considerations? Optimize for mobile devices. Your site should already be optimized for mobile devices; if you aren't sure, you can always run a check using Google's mobile-friendly tool. Your site should be responsive, meaning it adapts based on the size and shape of the device viewing it, and all your content should load quickly and e...
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Google Display Network Targeting: Boost Top-of-Funnel Traffic for Uniform Audiences | Psychographic Hot House

Mar 17 2:29pm aimClear® Blog
Driving top-of-funnel traffic for any audience can be tricky, diverse or not. On the bright side, certain verticals allow you to tap into the wide range of targeting options in the Google Display Network (GDN). If done correctly, the GDN can be a great option for driving top-of-funnel traffic, as well as direct response. Understanding […]...
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Tips on Finding Website Optimization Opportunities for Your Business

Mar 17 1:00pm SEMrush blog
This post will outline a 3 step process on how to find website optimization opportunities to help the business HIPPO (Highest Paid Person‘s Opinion) and digital marketer in your organization, keep things in perspective and move the needle forward.
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Is the Mobile App Industry Dead? (Not Quite!)

Mar 17 12:03pm SEMrush blog
Instead of trying to create yet another blockbuster app, focus your attention on newer platforms that are going to be app-based, plus work on newer technologies.If you are clueless as to what new developer platforms and technologies could help your app industry stay afloat in future, here is a sneak peek and what‘s trending.
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#PPC News & Views: Friday, March 17, 2017

Mar 17 9:23am Clix Marketing PPC Blog
Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Friends! Welcome to this week’s edition of #PPC News & Views! From the Experts LunaMetrics Migrating Complicated Websites to Google Tag Manager: Check out this handy guide to making the jump to Google Tag Manager from hard-coded Analytics tags. 3Q Digital 5 Ways to Quickly and Efficiently Scale a Facebook Account:...
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Erin Go Bragh: How St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Were Shaped by Marketing

Mar 17 8:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
In Boston, just across the river from HubSpot’s headquarters, St. Patrick’s Day is kind of a big deal. There’s a parade. There’s a special breakfast for the who’s-who of local government. There are green bagels. And there’s a lot of beer. We like to think of that as a very traditionally Bostonian way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. And we’re not alone -- in Chicago, for example, they dye the river green.
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The Best 2017 Networking Events for Marketers

Mar 17 6:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
At some point in one's life and career, it seems that networking events have earned a bit of a shabby image. They seem to conjure images of awkward handshakes, bad wine and, if you're lucky, a stale cheese plate. And where's the appeal of that?...
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64 Affordable Small Business Marketing Tools

Mar 16 5:27pm Wordstream Blog Feed
Note: This post and the accompanying infographic were originally published by our friends at Hatchbuck. They are republished here with permission. Keeping all of your marketing ducks in a row is no easy feat for a small business owner. You most likely run a tight ship and don’t have the personnel or budget resources to shell out for countless expensive marketing tools. The good news is that there are plenty of affordable and effective tools out there to help you optimize your marketing efforts and compete with the big guys. We’ve compiled a list of 64 of our favorite small business marketing tools to help you avoid marketing madness. You won’t need all 64, and we’re not comparing apples to apples here. So find a few that work for your business and invest time and energy into maximizing them. Read more about each of these small business tools for analytics, content marketing, lead generation, SEO, PPC, email marketing and automation, design, project management, and social media below the infographic.   Now let's take a closer look at the tools in each category. Small Business Tools for Analytics Google Analytics Chances are you’ve heard of Google Analytics. It allows you to capture and analyze data on your web traffic and visitors. When used effectively, you can greatly increase your site’s user experience and increase conversion rates. KISSmetrics The KISSmetrics platform is perfect for SaaS businesses, allowing you to find out where your prospects are coming from, and mapping their journey on your website from prospect to customer. KISSmetrics gives you the important data you need to optimize your marketing channels, attract more customers, and get them to convert once they reach your website. CrazyEgg CrazyEgg’s heat mapping capabilities will give you insight into what visitors are doing on your website. It tells you where they’re scrolling, clicking, and more importantly, what they’re not clicking. With CrazyEgg, you can optimize your landing pages to make sure you keep visitors engaged and help them down the sales funnel. Hotjar Hotjar is an all-in-one analytics and heatmap tool that integrates with tons of tools like WordPress, Instapage and Unbounce. Hotjar’s setup is incredibly easy AND you can record web visits to see where your customers are clicking and focusing on your website. Intercom Intercom is a customer messaging platf...
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Can Live Chat Option Really Increase Your E-commerce Store Sales?

Mar 16 12:30pm SEMrush blog
Should your e-commerce store have a live chat support? Live chat is becoming a crucial factor for increasing conversions and winning loyal customers. But it also has a few drawbacks. Read this article to find out the details!...
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#385 Inbound Marketing with Mike Lieberman

Mar 16 8:50am SiteVisibility
In today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Square 2 Marketing’s President and Chief Inbound Scientist, Mike Lieberman to discuss Inbound Marketing. On the show, Mike discusses ...
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20 YouTube Tricks, Hacks & Features You'll Want to Know About

Mar 16 8:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
When people talk about today's most popular social sharing websites, YouTube often gets left out of the conversation in favor of sites like Facebook and Twitter. But don't be fooled: YouTube has a lot going for it. Although Facebook might be the largest social networking site, YouTube has the second greatest reach after Facebook in terms of general usage. It's also the second biggest search engine behind its parent company, Google.
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9 Creative Snapchat Ideas for Brands

Mar 16 6:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
Snapchat boasts 160 million highly engaged users who like watching and engaging with billions of photos and videos per day. Suffice it to say, social media marketers need to capture and maintain the attention of their followers. But how exactly do you make that happen?...
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The Complete Guide to Starting a Podcast for Agencies

Mar 16 5:00am HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
In a rapidly changing digital landscape, marketing agencies need to be ahead of the curve. Providing a diverse range of high-quality content is an integral part of a sustainable competitive advantage -- but agencies also need to be frugal and clever with where and how they invest their time, money and energy.
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