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Find Hundreds of Related Niche Questions with This Cool New Tool

Mar 7 7:28pm Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
Finding content ideas that could trigger real customer interaction and help you make a difference in your niche is tough, especially of you have to do it on a regular basis. Therefore I was so excited to discover this new tool from the creators of my beloved Buzzsumo. BloomBerry (in beta) helps researchers uncover the needs and concerns of their target consumers. The tool does this by finding the most... [Read More...] The post Find Hundreds of Related Niche Questions with This Cool New Tool appeared first on Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog.
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Making WhiteHouse.Gov Great Again: How Trump Webmasters Failed

Mar 7 3:41pm
Website relaunches and migrations are complex and risky SEO operations. If not done correctly, companies can significantly impact their site’s performance and rankings. In extreme cases, it’s possible to take an entire site offline and forfeit all previous brand equity in the search results. For a good illustration of the peril, look no further than […]The post Making WhiteHouse.Gov Great Again: How Trump Webmasters Failed appeared first on Searchmetrics SEO Blog.
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Rewarding Customer Engagement With Pre-Built Segments

Mar 7 2:37pm MailChimp Email Marketing Blog
When you’re a small business owner, embracing the unknown sometimes comes with the territory. But building a focused and effective marketing plan requires knowing a thing or two about your customers...
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Cheap Vlogging Camera: Canon G7X II? My thoughts

Mar 7 12:32pm Ask Aaron Lee
Looking for a cheap vlogging camera? Vlogging is popular these days thanks to superstars like Casey Neistat Purchasing a quality cheap vlogging camera can be a bit of a tough task, especially if you haven’t made an investment in this kind of technology before. And with so many different options available to pick and choose […]...
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Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Budget? (Even If Its Not Much)

Mar 7 11:04am Blog – Neil Patel
Whenever I consult with a company, no matter how big they are, they almost always ask one important question: “How should we spend our digital marketing budget?” This is a question that every business needs to be asking. There are hundreds of marketing tools out there, and it’s difficult to determine which ones you should […]...
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What We Learned in February 2017: The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

Mar 7 10:00am Distilled
It might be the shortest month, but there’s been a great deal happening in both the tech world and at Distilled in February. Continue reading >>...
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Get Youtube Subscribers: How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers

Mar 7 9:55am Ask Aaron Lee
Welcome to the first Get Youtube Subscribers series. What is Get Youtube Subscribers series you ask? Get Youtube Subscribers series is the first of several social media series that I’ll be launching in the coming future. The goal of this Get Youtube Subscribers series, or other social media series is to create REAL life case […]...
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Emoji appear in Google AdWords ads titles

Mar 7 8:45am Search Engine Watch
Emoji have been spotted in the wild in Google AdWords ads titles, giving rise to speculation that this option may be rolled out globally for all advertisers soon.
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Everything That You Need to Know About Yoast SEO 4.4

Mar 7 1:56am SEO Hacker Blog - Internet Marketing in the Philippines
Yoast SEO is one of the biggest WordPress plugins in the world and it has recently received updates for all of its available versions. Here’s everything that you need to know: What’s New, What’s Hot Yoast SEO’s premium version has always been able to connect with Google Search Console; this feature has been useful for […] The post Everything That You Need to Know About Yoast SEO 4.4 appeared first on Basic and Advanced SEO Tutorials and News - SEO Hacker Blog.
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Googles Related Questions Patent or People Also Ask Questions

Mar 6 5:21pm SEO by the Sea
When you search at Google, the answers you receive sometimes now include additional questions, that often have the label above them, “People Also Ask.” I was curious if I might be able to find a patent about these questions, and I saw that they were sometimes referred to as “related questions.” An article at Moz […] The post Google’s Related Questions Patent or ‘People Also Ask’ Questions appeared first on SEO by the Sea ⚓.
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Google: New Pages Can Rank for Competitive Keywords, With Caveats

Mar 6 10:38am The SEM Post
Can a new page rank well for a competitive keyword in Google?  The question came up about whether new pages could rank for competitive keywords or not in Google or if Google does something that makes it difficult for these newer pages to rank well for more competitive keywords. John Mueller from Google discussed this, […] The post Google: New Pages Can Rank for Competitive Keywords, With Caveats appeared first on The SEM Post.
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Challenges and opportunities for inbound marketing in 2017

Mar 6 8:47am Search Engine Watch
It's not easy to create a successful inbound marketing strategy, but it still offers great opportunities once marketers understand its potential.
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Why Mobile First Means Thinking Beyond the Browser Heres Why #108

Mar 6 3:04am Stone Temple Consulting – Digital Marketing Excellence
Does a mobile first world really mean the death of the browser? Are screens as we’ve known them a thing of the past? Are the days of online information residing at fixed URLs connected by links coming to a close? In this episode of the Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Mark and Eric explain... Read More >...
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How to Get 128 New Email Subscribers Per Day

Mar 5 8:55am Blog – Neil Patel
You know the saying “the money’s in the list.” It’s the idea that the bigger your email list, the more power you have. I can testify that it’s 100 percent true. When I first started out as a digital marketer, I had no list. Nada. As a result, I wasn’t making any progress. Eventually, things […]...
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Germany Facing Mass Blackouts Because The Wind And Solar Wont Cooperate

Mar 4 2:59pm HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
Germany’s energy network nearly broken down in January because of poor execution from wind turbines and sun based boards, as indicated by information from a noteworthy exchange union. Wind and sunlight based power plants failed to meet expectations in January, 2017, as a result of shady climate with almost no wind, setting the phase for ...
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How to Improve Your Rankings with Mobile-First Indexing

Mar 4 11:18am Blog – Neil Patel
SEO is all about one thing — helping the right people find the right stuff online. This has been my obsession for more than ten years now. I want to figure out the best ways to do just that. Not many people realize this, but a few years ago, I felt like I had hit […]...
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The End of DMOZ: Weekly Forum Update

Mar 3 4:00pm Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
Welcome back to another update from our amazing communities! If you took a break from the news this week then, phew, you missed a lot! But don’t worry, we can get you caught up. DMOZ, a household name among SEOs, will be shutting down on March 14. Google has been busy as well – they released some new benchmarks for mobile bounce rates and discovered a new vulnerability in Microsoft... [Read More...] The post The End of DMOZ: Weekly Forum Update appeared first on Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog.
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Heres What You Need to Know About the New AdWords Extensions

Mar 3 9:00am HigherVisibility
As you may have heard, Google AdWords has two exciting new extensions released in beta: Visual Sitelinks and Promotions Extensions. Because they are in beta, they are not officially rolled out and are therefore not fully available to AdWords users just yet. At this time, advertisers have to request to be whitelisted to participate in […]...
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Bing Adds Pokestop Nearby to Restaurant Filtering Options

Mar 3 8:33am The SEM Post
If you are a Pokemon Go player, you will be happy to know that Bing has added a new sorting option for their restaurant filtering – filtering by nearby Pokestops. When you search for a nearby restaurant, either by location or by restaurant type, they have added a new filter from the drop down menu […] The post Bing Adds “Pokestop Nearby” to Restaurant Filtering Options appeared first on The SEM Post.
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The Best Rules for Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Business

Mar 3 8:31am Ask Aaron Lee
This is a guest contribution from Tom Jager from Awriter.  Social media is an incredible tool for enhancing your business. They have become marketing giants that provide direct access to more than 2 billion people. There are many other benefits of these platforms for business but they can be obtained only in case if their power […]...
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How to Turn Your Personal Blog into a Business

Mar 2 3:19pm Blog – Neil Patel
Everybody and their brother has a blog these days. And everybody wants to turn their blog into a gold mine. I remember the day I started my blog. I was running a marketing consultancy. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I wanted to grow revenue passively instead of trading hours for dollars. Even […]...
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Study: How valuable is it to have keywords in your domain URL?

Mar 2 1:46pm Search Engine Watch
A new study by, whose findings were shared exclusively with Search Engine Watch, has set out to investigate the relationship between the top ranked websites in various industries and the inclusion of keywords in their URLs.
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Let Firebase help your next digital campaign development

Mar 2 10:13am Blog – iPullRank
What is Firebase? “Firebase is a mobile and web application platform with tools and infrastructure designed to help developers build high-quality apps.”  —- Wikipedia. So what tools and infrastructure does... The post Let Firebase help your next digital campaign development appeared first on iPullRank.
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Google: How Bounce Rate Increases With Longer Mobile Load Times

Mar 2 9:40am The SEM Post
Google released some new stats related to mobile page speed and how it impacts bounce rate as the time to load the page increases.   We have heard many Googlers talk over the years about how an increased load time leads to increased bounce rate, and this new data is based on a January 2017 analysis […] The post Google: How Bounce Rate Increases With Longer Mobile Load Times appeared first on The SEM Post.
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Getting Brave With Testing and Triggered Automation

Mar 2 9:27am MailChimp Email Marketing Blog
The pains of buying a used car need little introduction. There’s the trial of finding the right one, followed by the tribulations of haggling, financing, and the worry that you’ll end up with a dud. But Carspring, the United Kingdom’s first online pre-owned car dealership, promises to pair you with the perfect car without the anxieties of all the vehicular speed-dating. The startup has automated a customer journey that’s designed to make the entire process as smooth as possible.
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Comparing keyword research APIs: Spyfu vs SEMRush vs Serpstat and more

Mar 2 8:44am Search Engine Watch
Many tools provide access to their APIs, aiming to facilitate routine work for specialists. APIs can make SEOs’ lives much easier by ... read more...
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How Many Pages Should Your Website Have? Hardcore Marketing Video

Mar 2 8:17am Stone Temple Consulting – Digital Marketing Excellence
So an SEO walks into a store to buy a pair of pants… Hey, that’s not just any SEO, that’s our CEO and lead author of The Art of SEO Eric Enge! And that pants salesman looks suspiciously like Stone Temple Senior Consultant Brian Weiss! Anyway, Eric just wants a simple pair of pants, but Brian... Read More >...
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Bing Adds Larger Coupon Codes to Brand Knowledge Panels

Mar 2 8:04am The SEM Post
Bing has decided to step up their coupon code game by introducing new larger coupon codes in brand knowledge panels in their search results. Bing first began testing these coupon codes on a limited basis back in April 2016.  The new version is much more prominently placed and noticeable than their previous version.  These are […] The post Bing Adds Larger Coupon Codes to Brand Knowledge Panels appeared first on The SEM Post.
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Organic Digital Marketing Channels & Messaging

Mar 2 4:54am Blog – Builtvisible
In the first post I put forward the following proposition: Your brand is just the collected memories that person has of interactions with your company. Assuming that is accurate, that means that marketing is, at it’s core, nothing more than creating memorable communications between brand and customer. Whether or not the message sticks is therefore […] The post Organic Digital Marketing Channels & Messaging appeared first on Builtvisible.
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Google iOS App Now Support AMP Alongside Other Changes

Mar 1 11:11pm SEO Hacker Blog - Internet Marketing in the Philippines
Google’s iOS app now finally supports AMP in the search results. It’s been about a year or so since AMP became more widely spread and finally, Google’s iOS app now supports the much-desired feature. Essentially, this means that Apple users now have access to the instant-loading pages whenever they browse the net. Some concerns that […]...
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Make no mistake: content errors harm your brand and SEO

Mar 1 11:48am Search Engine Watch
How to optimize for audience trust. Plus, four tips for dealing with mistakes that can kill your brand's reputation.
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Google AMP Drives 7% of Top Publishers Traffic

Mar 1 10:04am The SEM Post
Ever since Google launched AMP, as their answer to a lightweight and fast way for searchers to view webpages, many publishers have been slowly adopting it.  And when Google announced that it would be coming to the “ten blue links”, even more websites decided to adopt it.  But many weren’t sure just how popular it […] The post Google AMP Drives 7\% of Top Publisher’s Traffic appeared first on The SEM Post.
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3 ROI-positive ways to segment your remarketing audiences

Mar 1 9:23am Search Engine Watch
Everyone knows that remarketing is an efficient method of bringing back users to get them to convert. But are you being smart about your remarketing efforts? It’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor; segmentation is a huge part of the picture.
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How to Embrace Being Agile as a Small Business

Mar 1 8:55am Distilled
When I first started working in marketing it was for family members with local businesses. Their websites were less than 50 pages and they weren’t complicated. Continue reading >>...
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Using Segmentation to Improve Click Rate and Increase Sales

Feb 28 3:44pm MailChimp Email Marketing Blog
MailChimp’s list segmentation is a powerful tool that allows campaigns to be sent to targeted segments of subscribers. These segments can be based on interest groups, demographic data, e-commerce activity, and other subscriber data. While segmenting isn’t necessary for every campaign, it can significantly increase 2 important campaign success metrics: click-through rates and e-commerce orders generated.
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How to Leverage Mobile Interstitials Without Destroy Your Rankings

Feb 28 11:00am Blog – Neil Patel
On my website, Quick Sprout, I used to have a popup. The reason I used this popup was simple: Conversions! I used it to drive signups for my SEO analyzer, to boost my mailing list subscriptions, and to build my Facebook fan page. It was ridiculous how those popups converted! I’ve made a bunch of […]...
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We Analyzed 1.3 Million YouTube Videos. Heres What We Learned About YouTube SEO

Feb 28 10:53am Blog – Backlinko
We analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos to better understand how YouTube’s search engine works. Specifically, we looked at the correlation between ranking factors — like views, comments and shares — with YouTube rankings. We learned a lot about YouTube SEO. And I’m sure you will too. Here is a Summary of What We Discovered: 1. … The post We Analyzed 1.3 Million YouTube Videos. Here’s What We Learned About YouTube SEO appeared first on Backlinko.
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How will Googles new Ad label impact marketers?

Feb 28 9:03am Search Engine Watch
Google started testing a new ‘Ad’ label in January this year, and late last week it was confirmed that this will now be rolled out globally.
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Google: How to Optimize Podcasts for SEO

Feb 28 8:27am The SEM Post
Podcast optimization for ranking in the Google search results isn’t a topic that comes up very often.  And John Mueller gave some excellent advice on SEOing for podcasts. The question came up about whether or not it was a good idea to simply have podcasts all listed on a single page, specifically within an iframe.  […] The post Google: How to Optimize Podcasts for SEO appeared first on The SEM Post.
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Adding Sitelinks Search Box Schema for Site Search in Google Search Results

Feb 28 8:09am The SEM Post
For some sites Google will show an added feature in the search results – a sitelinks search box, so that searchers can do a secondary search just for results on your own site.  But not all sites show the search box, which appears to be linked to both site quality and searcher intent – if […] The post Adding Sitelinks Search Box Schema for Site Search in Google Search Results appeared first on The SEM Post.
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AMP Content Links Spread Outside of Search Results

Feb 28 3:06am SEO Hacker Blog - Internet Marketing in the Philippines
AMP is quickly becoming the platform of choice for many websites. Many distribution apps now link to AMP content and it is optimizing and changing the way people use the internet – and this change is definitely good. AMP was designed, primarily, to load content faster. In terms of code, it’s technically simpler to do […]...
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Goal Tracking Essentials for Local Businesses

Feb 27 12:58pm SEO Inc Blog
Online Goals Any Local Business Can (and Should) Track to Improve Their Digital Presence Goal and conversion tracking in Google Analytics is helpful for any business. For local businesses, however, it’s critical. Understanding where your business is coming from can help you create loyal customers and make more sales. When starting any digital marketing campaign […] The post Goal Tracking Essentials for Local Businesses appeared first on SEO Inc. Blog.
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How to get started with 360-degree content for VR

Feb 27 11:11am Search Engine Watch
Once a time and resource-heavy exercise, creating and embedding 360 degree imagery has become much cheaper and easier over the past couple of years.
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How to Plan Social Media Content

Feb 27 10:58am HigherVisibility
Social media is one of the most cost-effective, easy to use, and impactful tools that every business has access to. Social platforms provide a channel of direct engagement between brands and their audiences, facilitating a consistent and interactive form of digital marketing. If used effectively, a strong social media presence has the potential to broaden […]...
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When bad stats are a good thing

Feb 27 10:03am Blog – Builtvisible
Up and to the right. That’s what a good outcome looks like in any form: share prices, annual profit margins, social followers, website traffic. My sense of dread when seeing our stats fall off a cliff last year is therefore understandable, despite knowing this was part of an intentional plan. In reality, this decline in […] The post When bad stats are a good thing appeared first on Builtvisible.
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Content Distribution Checklist: How to Make the Most of Your Content Creation Efforts

Feb 27 9:30am Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
Creating interesting, engaging content is just par the course for anyone involved in marketing, website development, or pretty much anything else on the web these days. Whole careers are launched on blogs, and if you are able to capture the continued interest of readers you can pretty much solidify a place in Internet history. But writing content isn’t really the whole problem. Most of us can generate something that will... [Read More...] The post Content Distribution Checklist: How to Make the Most of Your Content Creation Efforts appeared first on Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog.
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So what is growth hacking, really?

Feb 27 8:50am Search Engine Watch
In 2010 Sean Ellis, entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor and now CEO of GrowthHackers, coined the term “growth hacker” as someone whose every strategy, every tactic, and every initiative is attempted in the hopes of growing. But that’s pretty vague, right?...
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Google: Optimizing Images for Google SEO

Feb 27 8:13am The SEM Post
How much does Google understand about images you add to webpages?  Does Google still need all the relevant “extra” optimizations site owners use, such as descriptive file names, alt names and appropriate keywords in the links to the images?  Or can Google figure it out through image recognition? The question came up in today’s Google […] The post Google: Optimizing Images for Google SEO appeared first on The SEM Post.
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Why Google Is a Modern Marvel Heres Why #107

Feb 27 3:04am Stone Temple Consulting – Digital Marketing Excellence
Google search is truly one of the great marvels of modern technology. We can ask it almost any question, and in less than a second get a well-ordered list of potential answer sources. But how does that happen? In this episode of our Here’s Why digital marketing series, Eric Enge pulls back the curtain and... Read More >...
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How to Create Amazing Articles Even If You Suck at Writing

Feb 26 11:00am Blog – Neil Patel
If you read any of my blogs, you’ll know that I write a lot about writing Why? What’s the big deal? Why am I obsessed with this topic? On the personal side, I write about writing because, well, I really enjoy the topic. There’s another reason. When it comes to sucking at writing, I’m right […]...
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How to Create a 11,284-Member Facebook Group When You Have No Followers

Feb 25 12:49pm Blog – Neil Patel
Have you ever been part of one of those big Facebook groups, and thought “Wow. It would be cool to create something like this myself.” I was in that position myself a few years ago. I was part of a massive Facebook group with tons of interaction, valuable discussion, and engaged members. It places were […]...
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Need Ideas? Where to Look for Blog Topic Inspiration

Feb 24 9:00am HigherVisibility
Inspiration and motivation always seem to be the first things to go when you’re burnt out on blog writing. Trying to flesh out some content ideas, staring at the computer screen with disdain, wondering if there’s anything to say that hasn’t already been said…sound familiar? If so, then it’s probably time to revisit where and […]...
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Google Switches All AdWords Ad Tags to Outline Style in Search Results

Feb 23 1:17pm The SEM Post
Google has officially swapped out their regular green “Ad” tag in the search results to the newer outline version many had seen in testing over the past few weeks. A Google spokesperson confirmed the change to The SEM Post. We routinely test potential improvements to the look and feel of our search results page. After […] The post Google Switches All AdWords Ad Tags to Outline Style in Search Results appeared first on The SEM Post.
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How Neil Patel Managed to Write 4294 Blog Posts

Feb 23 10:35am Blog – Neil Patel
People always ask me how the heck I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. And how I’ve written thousands of blog posts (4294 to be exact). I usually tell those people that blogging is like any sort of long-term relationship. Some days are great. Others aren’t so great, but you’re in it for the long […]...
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What I Learned During my First Year at an Agency

Feb 23 10:11am Blog – iPullRank
There’s no play-by-play guide you can follow to be a successful account manager. It takes a mix of emotional intelligence, business acumen, a hefty dose of communication skills and good... The post What I Learned During my First Year at an Agency appeared first on iPullRank.
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How Bees Wrap Calls Customers to Action

Feb 23 9:40am MailChimp Email Marketing Blog
The idea for Bee’s Wrap came naturally to Sarah Kaeck, who lives on a farm with her family in Bristol, Vermont. As a gardener who grows most of the vegetables her family eats, she feels a deep connection to the environment and was looking to make a small change in her own life that would ...
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Hotel SEO: Five steps to optimizing hotel deals and listings

Feb 23 8:47am Search Engine Watch
To improve the traffic to your hotel website, leading to more revenue for your business, every hotel must ensure that they are properly set up to be visible on search engine results pages (SERPs).
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Email Subject Lines: 3 Tips to Boost Your Email Readership

Feb 23 7:46am Online Internet Marketing News, SEO/SEM Updates, Web Marketing Promotional Updates
You have invested in a brilliant marketing and content team to come up with a great email campaign for your...
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