SharePlanner Reversal Indicator: Losing Interest

From SharePlanner
February 20, 2013 - 2:21pm

Reversal Indicator is in full-fledged Bear we just need the markets to be While the dip-buying continues for the simple purpose of holding this market up an nothing more really, once they lose interest, It is highly likely that what will come is a strong sell-off in the markets. The last time we saw a sell-off go for more than 5% was back in October-November, which almost feels like a distant memory at this point. Since then, it has been on a tear, but for much of this month, while we may be still moving higher, it comes in one quick burst at a time, and then settles back down again. The market is moving/drifting higher simply because it refuses to do the opposite (give that comment some thought before you completely dismiss it).  As a result. I'm likely to curb some of my long exposure here soon, and perhaps even add a new short position.  Read more...

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