Smaller companies surprised with excellent performance in 2012 but what about 2013?

From MindfulMoney :: Mindful Money
January 27, 2013 - 7:00pm

 While not every acorn grows into an oak, and a stagnant economy makes it tricky for many smaller companies to thrive, those that stand firm during financial turmoil may have the qualities to produce stellar long-term profits. “Those that have survived this far are in a far stronger position than many of the larger companies,” says Darius McDermott from Chelsea Financial Services. “They have benefited from being specialist businesses that are still in demand, and they are ‘fat-free’ and run very tightly when it comes to cost.” The potential of the sector was demonstrated in performance last year, as despite ongoing economic woes the IMA UK Smaller Companies sector topped the list, returning 22.61 per cent, with the IMA European Smaller companies returning 22.41 per cent.  Adrian Lowcock, senior investment adviser at Hargreaves Lansdo...

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