Soltado Tequila: Mexico, Packing Heat

From Dining
March 20, 2017 - 10:36pm
I was sent a sample bottle of Soltado Tequila about four months ago and actually laughed out loud when I opened the box. The notion of a true añejo Tequila (this stuff spends twenty-eight months in oak barrels, folks!) infused with Serrano peppers and Mexican canela (cinnamon) led logically to two questions: 1) Why mess with a properly-aged añejo? and 2) Why, period? Soltado is a Mexican brand that’s produced by all 80 of the agave farmers in Juanacatlán, a town in the midlands of the tequila-producing state of Jalisco. What possible marketing rationale could these presumably sane people have for doing this;  for making a Tequila that would seem, at least,

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