Some Thoughts On LinkedIn Endorsements

From Leigh Drogen - Seeking Alpha
January 29, 2013 - 11:37am

LinkedIn Endorsements are going to be an incredibly powerful data set as the feature continues to spread throughout that network. But it's always interesting to see some of the backlash against data sets like this that people perceive as flawed because the intelligence layer has not been added on top of it yet.Why do I love to hear the backlash? Because if no one cared you wouldn't hear it, you would just hear….. silence.The other reason, because all of the complaints tell the story of what intelligence layer on top of the feature needs to be built. There's nothing like your users complaining that your feature is incomplete and telling you how to complete it.So what is LinkedIn (LNKD) taking knocks for? Primarily that people don't see the value in just looking at someone's profile and seeing how many people have endorsed them for a skill. TheComplete Story »

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