Special Offer - WaterBob Bathtub Water Storage

From Chris Martenson Blogs
December 26, 2012 - 6:30pm

The ReadyStore is offering Peak Prosperity readers this week a 5% discount on the WaterBob Emergency Bathtub Water Container.  The WaterBob is a great tool for storing 100 Gallons of water when an emergency strikes or when a potable water shortage is anticipated. To take advantage of this special offer, visit the following link and use Discount Code PEAKWATERBOB. Offer valid till January 1, 2013. Here are a few featured highlights of the WaterBob System. Fits Standard Bathtubs | BPA Free | Up To 100 Gallons Keep Your Family Prepared When faced with a natural disaster, fill up your WaterBob and you’ll have up to 100 gallons of safe, clean drinking water. Purchase One for Each Bathtub in Your Home You can never be too prepared. Keep your family safe with plenty of clean, fresh water to drink. Easy to Use Simply lay the 100-Gallon Emergency Bathtub Water Container in your batht...

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