Times Square Meets Downtown St. Louis?

Mar 19 4:03pm Downtown St. Louis Business
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Columbus, Ohio, a very attractive city with a dense, walkable downtown.  While exploring the city I noticed this interesting building across the street from the Ohio capitol:Just above the street level retail space are two tickers containing news updates.  Above them are two video ribbon boards, and there is a large video billboard on the roof.  These signs were all in operation 24 hours a day, and really made the corner feel lively - a touch of Times Square in Central Ohio.As I continued to walk about the city, I noticed maybe tickers on maybe two or three other buildings, including the headquarters of the Columbus Dispatch......and the Key Bank buildingThis got me thinking how tickers and video screens could easily spruce up certain parts of downtown St. Louis.  Our many garages would seem to be great candidates - I...
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