States Join Lawsuit Challenging BACK DOOR Bailouts

From The Daily Bail
February 20, 2013 - 7:43pm

BEN AND MARIO UP IN SMOKE These Stoners are blowing some smokeThey're hiding the fact that they're brokeThe only contagionIs growth that they're stagin'It's time drugged-up sheeple awoke! The Limerick King *** Evening links. Eight States Join Lawsuit Challenging Back-Door Bailouts Amazon 'Used Neo-Nazi Guards To Keep Immigrant Workforce Under Control' Get Ready For A Fed Debate Over QE In March Selected Text Of Today's FOMC Minutes PIMCO’s Gross says Fed minutes hint QE could be ‘at risk’ Without Fed’s QE, the 10-year Treasury would yield 3% or more: Goldman Inflation warning: check out the spread between TIPs and Treasuries How the Shale Boom Is Reshaping The Tanker Business: Video Currency ETFs Are Getting More Interesting With PIMCO Launch Should Amazon buy Radio Shack for its prime retail space? Tesla posts quarterly loss, claims profits are in sight Anonymous Helps Researchers Link Hackers To Chinese Army Feds Buying Enough Bullets for '24 Year War' DHS Buys 21 Million More Rounds of Ammunition to Add to 1.6 Billion Already Bought   Very intense bonus clip: Caught On Camera - Guard Fends Off Armed Robbery With AR-15    

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