Stock Market Win Streak, Can It Continue?

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January 7, 2013 - 9:07am

NEW YORK TIMES January 5, 2013 By: Jeff Sommer ON May 30, 1982,  Cal Ripken Jr.  played a solid game in the infield for the Baltimore Orioles. He did it again the next game and the game after that and the next game, too. Ripken didn’t miss a game for 16 years. At first, no one noticed his perfect attendance record. But thanks to the obsessive data crunching of baseball statisticians, people eventually began to celebrate. That unbroken string of games turned into the Streak — 2,632 consecutive games, a run of lunchbox heroism that shattered the seemingly unbreakable, 2,130-game record of Lou Gehrig, the fabled Iron Horse of the Yankees. Baseball’s legions of statisticians have made it easy to track Ripken’s achievements — as well as those that are far more obscure. (Who held the Orioles’ club record for most consecutive games until Ripken broke it on May 4, 1985? Does anyo...

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