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The Anaheim Ducks Stare Down Defeat

From Kuklas Korner
May 19, 2017 - 8:39am
from Mark Whicker of the LA Daily News, Explain that one. Explain how you can tame the tumult of Bridgestone Arena for over two periods .Explain how you watch all that work melt away while half your team is playing musical chairs in the penalty box. Explain how you watch Filip Forsberg, clever and infuriating and always there with the blade at your throat, tie it inside the final minute and send you toward overtime with your skates stuck in the mud. Explain the Ducks. They were staring at one of the most bitter losses in their playoff history, and that’s no exaggeration. They were also staring at a 1-3 deficit in the Western Conference Finals. Instead, Corey Perry sent the puck toward the net, where Nate Thompson and Nashville’s P.K. Subban were. Thompson said he didn’t feel it hit him, which meant it bounced off Subban’s stick blade and past Pekka Rinne. The Ducks won and lost and won again, 3-2 in overtime. It only counts as one victory, but it ties a series that resumes Friday night in Anaheim and has miles to go, and probably three more games, before it sleeps. “It’s something that this team has done all year,” said Kevin Bieksa. “I can’t say enough about the way we came in here after that third period. We were calm. Nobody was panicking.” continued

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