The Bar Greatest Hits List: The 26 Best Bars In Los Angeles

From The Infatuation Feed
April 20, 2017 - 11:37am
It seems like every other weekend there’s a new place everyone’s drinking at in Los Angeles. Whether it’s an outer space-themed speakeasy downtown or a three-story dance club hellzone in Hollywood, staying on top of nightlife in this town is a full-time job. But still, nothing beats drinking at a classic. So we compiled a list of our all-time favorites - those bars we find ourselves returning to again and again. They’re the standbys that make LA what it is. In other words - the Greatest Hits. If you live here, you should be drinking at all of them. If you’re just visiting and already tired of the Santa Monica pier, get out and try as many as you can. Some are strip-mall dives, some are high-end cocktail bars, and some are somewhere in between. All of them are essential Los Angeles watering holes. Looking for new bars that are actually cool? Consult our Bar Hit List. We have a restaurant version of the Greatest Hits List too.The Spots The Roger Room West Hollywood 370 N LA Cienega Blvd MAP Perhaps because you can only find it under a tiny neon sign in the courtyard of The Largo theater on La Cienega, The Roger Room isn’t always the first place you think of to grab a cocktail. But it should be, because this little spot has some the best ones in West Hollywood, if not Los Angeles. The place isn’t big, but the crowd is cool and mostly comprised of people who know how to drink and comedians waiting to go on at The Largo (read: also people who know how to drink). Get the Spiced Mule or the absinthe-infused Green Fairy, sit and talk to bartenders who will actually talk back to you, and realize you’ll probably never go anywhere else again. Photo: Jakob Layman Clifton's at Night

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