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The 10 Best Facebook Advertising Features Right Now

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April 18, 2017 - 7:42am
Facebook advertising: We now know it bolsters the reach of your organic posts, and using the planet’s most ubiquitous social media platform to drive leads or sales also has its perks. Engaging ad formats. An unrivaled suite of targeting options. Enough campaign types to help you achieve virtually any marketing objective. They all add up to one thing: massive advertising opportunity for businesses of all sizes.   This is not a hot take: it’s consensus. Facebook’s 1.8 billion users spend about an hour per day bouncing between Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Whether you sell shoelaces or legal services, there are people using the platform who might someday become your customers. IF they know you exist. Luckily, Facebook makes it relatively simple to a) identify your ideal audiences and b) incite conversions through aesthetically pleasing ads. With that said, here are the top 10 Facebook advertising features you need to be using if you want to reach your future customers today. #1: Carousel Ads Visual content and storytelling are the flavors of the month, and Facebook has found a way to combine both two elements with Carousel Ads. Think of them as the twisty soft-serve of digital marketing. You can use Carousel Ads to explain the features of a product you sell (or an entire collection), showcase your brand’s USP, or highlight a promotion you're running. Using this Facebook ad type, you can leverage: Up to 10 images or videos Headlines (for each image/video) Links A Call to Action Check out this example from Target. The retail giant encouraged people to scroll through its Carousel Ads to preview a new colorful range of products: all of which can be purchased online or at your local Target. I especially dig the way the model appears to walk between the frames of the video; Facebook describes this as “immersive panoramic.” I’d simply call it a kick-ass way to stand out from the competition. Show off your creativity, highlight what makes your brad unique, and boost engagement metrics: what’s not to love? #2: The Facebook Pixel There are a handful of certainties in life. Death. Taxes. The Patriots winning the Super Bowl. Oh, and if you’re not using the Facebook pixel, you’re wasting your time. Folks, you need to use the Facebook pixel. It's how you measure conversions, optimize your ads and targeting, and gain insights about the Facebook use

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