The Best Restaurants In The West Village

From The Infatuation Feed
March 20, 2017 - 11:37am
When you walk through the West Village, you’re bound to notice a few things. For example, “This neighborhood is way more charming than all the others” and, “There are a lot of Marc Jacobs stores.” You’ll also likely find yourself noticing that there are a ton of restaurants. There are a lot of restaurants in the West Village, and many of them are fantastic. Some just look like they’d be fantastic – remember, brick walls and hip, tiny wooden stools for chairs do not actually guarantee the food will be any good. To that end, here are the restaurants in the West Village that are absolutely worth your time. And when you’re done, check out our list of the best bars in the West Village.The Spots L'Artusi West Village 228 W. 10th St. 9.5 MAP L’Artusi is one of the few restaurants on The Infatuation with a 9.5 rating, thanks to the nearly always perfect Italian food, the excellent wine, the A-plus service, and the constantly upbeat scene. If you ever come across a reservation at L’Artusi, you take it. The Spotted Pig West Village 314 W. 11th St. 8.5 MAP There’s some irony to the fact that possibly the most quintessential New York restaurant of the past decade is actually a British-style gastropub. However you slice it, there’s no better place to drink, eat an incredible burger, and feel great about your life.

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