The Drouet VSOP Cognac Grande Champagne, 40.3\%

From The Malt Impostor
March 14, 2017 - 1:10pm
Tasting notes: Warming this unexpected treat of the Drouet VSOP Cognac Grande Champagne, 40.3\%, in my hand further rewards my patience by trumpeting unambiguously that acidic green apples are being sliced nearby with a rosewood-handled Damascus steel blade. They’re being cut in a clean linen closet that doubles, in the back, as the Moth Queen’s palace. There’s a controlled and somewhat surprising fire, as if your waiter unannounced brought out a subdued cherry pumpernickel flambé. As longtime readers of our site blessed with near-photographic memory may recall, my first spirit love was cognac. I bowed out from it when soaring prices left me behind. Thus, as this simmers on my tongue like Picasso strumming a calypso beat on a Flamenco guitar—with steel drum accompaniment; thanks André Breton!—I’m Proust-like sent back to my (imaginary) days wandering the Latin Quarter, writing modernist poetry, drinking cheap wine in cafés and good cognac in the salons of my friends. That is to say, I get grilled lemons on brisket—how iconoclastic, Leo Stein!—with an acorn reduction sauce over burnt caramel ice cream. The finish sends me forward into a Jules Verne future, and my consciousness is thereby stretched thin; plucked by Picasso, reverberating along my [...]

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