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2016-2017 The good, the bad, the ugly...and then the good again!

From Eau C Squash
March 9, 2017 - 3:01am
In the 2014-15 season, Derek and I decided to start a new team at level 2. Both of us felt that we just weren't playing enough to play level 1. We recruited Kyle Fiolka and Kyle Porter from Bankers and Vicrum Vaidya from our level 5 team. We weren't sure how we would do, but we won level 2, beating bankers hall in the finals. I made the decision to not move up to level 1. So we played level 2 again the 2015-16 season...again we won. We beat the Winterclub 5-0 in the finals. I probably won't ever forget my finals match against Alex Moir who had an 18-0 record going into the finals. And 4 of those wins were against me, plus he had played me once the year before and won that match as well. So Alex was by far the best player at level 2. I had lost to him twice at level 1 and twice at level 2. Every game in every match was close and we both know we have to work really hard if we wanna wi

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