The John Milroy Bunnahabhain 25 Year Old 1990

From The Malt Impostor
March 19, 2017 - 10:43pm
Tasting notes: This dram recalls my days as a sous-chef in that Michelin-starred restaurant that shall remain nameless. Midday prep was a chore, but Clarissa, the head pastry chef, often made us her own take on Pop-TartsĀ®, complete with orange creamsicle filling, a lightly toasted almond crust, and a healthy drizzle of Devonshire cream. And the coffee Angie was usually drinking in the next station over always gave off a faint hint of cinnamon that added to the redolence. Or at least I thought it was cinnamon in her coffee: I discovered that she was in the midst of a project for which she was sucking some untold number of Red Hots candies into perfect spheres. I never asked her what the final product was supposed to be, but upon learning of this project, I immediately set out to ask Angie on a date. The nose here is heady stuff–just like that setting and that discovery. One day Clarissa made homemade donuts in the place of her usual Pop-Tarts. That day comes to mind when tasting this dram, largely because the mouth here has a hole in it. Nonetheless, the donuts that day were freshly glazed and dusted with tiny [...]

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